Take it easy

Justin had never been that obsessed with a girl. Bad luck this girl was Katherine, the coolest chic at school.


2. The concert

-Oh my god! Each second is a second closer to meeting him. I can't wait. I'm so nervous i can feel butterflies in my stomach. Is this normal?

Jenny was really excited about the m&g, but she was getting on her sister's nerves.

-I'm going to see Justin in less than half an hour. I'm gonna smell Justin in less than half an hour. I'm gonna touch...

-Okay, i think i get it.

-Oh, i was thinking a loud.


Katy was making mental plans of leaving in the middle of the concert when Jenny wouldn't notice. She was starting to regret having agreed to go. She felt like meeting up with Mike, her 'nearly boyfriend' at that moment. She wanted to see him.

-Katy! Come on! ten minutes for the M&G.

Katy walked quickly across the crazy fans queuing up uselessly for the M&G they hadn't bought. Jenny was even more excited than a few minutes ago.

-So we're going to meet him?

-Kind of. 30 seconds per picture and then we leave. I've bought two separate M&G's so we won't be in at the same time.

-I give you mine, you can take two pictures. -Jenny seemed to be thinking about it, but finally refused.

-No. I want you to take one.


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