Take it easy

Justin had never been that obsessed with a girl. Bad luck this girl was Katherine, the coolest chic at school.


3. M&G

Jenny was exiting the room which she had just entered a minute ago. She was crying.

-Tell me you weren't crying in the picture. -Jenny ignored the question.

-He called me 'babe' and 'pretty girl'...

Jenny hugged her sister tightly, emotions falling down her cheeks. Her dark blonde hair smelled really nice. It was her shampoom Katy noticed.

-It's your turn. -She said it softly, still crying but less loudly.

Katy walked in and saw Justin talking to someone on the other side of the room. She stood there for a few seconds when he finally spotted her. He smiled. 'Damn he's cute', Katy thought. He crossed the room towards her and grabbed her hand. Katy instantly pulled back. He wasn't used to that reaction.

-I can walk alone, you know?

-Oh, thought you might need some help... you know with those high heels i thought you were gonna fall. -Katy, automatically looked down to see what she already knew she was wearing. They were her highest high heels, he was still taller than her though. Of course she wouln't trip over, she had been to so many parties during the past years, wearing high heels to all of them.

-Ha-ha -Katy said, not laughing, clearly annoyed by the situation.

-The blondie that was just here is your sister... she is a belieber and made you come here... am i right?

-Smart boy -She said sarcastically.

-Cool girl -he continued.

They took the picture, it was a strange one. He put his arm around her. It felt awkward. Katy was leaving the room when she stepped on something and fell hard on the ground. This couldn't be happening to her, she was so embarrased. Justin was laughing behind her.

-Do not say a word! -She said angrily, as she stood up and left the room.

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