Take it easy

Justin had never been that obsessed with a girl. Bad luck this girl was Katherine, the coolest chic at school.


1. Chapter 1

She could have gone to the cinema with Mike, she could've hung out with her friends, she could've even stayed at home watching a movie, instead Katy had to go to Justin Bieber's concert. 

Why? Because her sister had paid her to go. Her mother had told Jenny, she would only be allowed to go if Katy accompanied her. It was hard work but Jenny managed to convince her. Jenny was only a year younger than Katy but she seemed much younger. She was small, with dark blond short hair. Her pale blue eyes made her seem cute. She had a normaI weight, but it was never enough for her. Having Katy as a sister wasn't easy. Jenny admired every single part of her sister, wanting to be like her. With her perfect long, light brown hair which became blonde during summer. Her green eyes. How tall she was, and how good clothes looked on her.

Katy never understood Jenny's obsession with Justin Bieber. Her room was full with posters of him, she couldn't be a day  without listening to his music. She had even paid Katy 50 euros for her to go to the concert. It was the Bieber fever. 

The sisters usually got along well with each other, except for the times when Jenny 'burrowed' Katy's shoes or her clothes or even her makeup... They had fights from time to time, but they loved each other. 

For that occasion, Katy had lended her the clothes and the shoes because she knew how special that day was for her, even if she didn't quite understand it.

-You're gonna love him!
-No I'm not.

-Yes you are! He's so handsome and hot and...

-Okay so tell me, why do we have to go now if the concert doesn't start for two hours?

-Oh, i bought M&G tickets for both of us

-M& what?!

-Nevermind, you'll see... you're gonna love him!

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