Bad and Good

Anna Kingston, new girl at weak grove high school. She meets Harry Styles the school's bad boy, in an unexpected way. She and him hate each other, But then again opposites attract, right?



1. Arriving





While sitting in the back of my parents car i listen to my playlist mostly containing All Time Low,Passenger,and Panic! At The Disco, trying to drown out my sorrows of leaving my friends behind and moving to an all new country,and town.

You see my father got transferred to another work job thing, and due to that we had to move to Holmes Chapel,Cheshire,England from Sydney,Australia.Big Change. I just hope i won't be one of those weird foreign students. Well I sure don't look English, i'm 5'4, i'm naturally tan, i have dirty blonde wavy hair that goes to the mid section of my back, i have eyes that change to blue to green to grey, naturally pink cheeks and I weigh 106 lbs. My parents keep saying cheerful things to make me excited we're going to be at Holmes Chapel in less then 10 mins but i couldn't give to flying shits about Holmes Chapel. When we were pulling up to our new neighborhood i could already see the moving truck and big men taking everything out of it.When the car stopped, i got out and turned to the house it was huge, the front door had to doors and big windows next to them, and from the looks of it a balcony in one of the rooms. I ran as fast as i could to the room with the balcony, and on my way i told the moving guys to take all my stuff in there. When i got to my new room i went straight to the balcony, on the balcony was a folded piece of paper it said:

Be careful.

''Why the bloody hell do i have to be careful?''i asked myself. That was when i realized there was a balcony right next to mine, it seemed to be occupied of crack and beer bottles ''oh, great.''i huffed.

I was about to go back inside when i heard the other balcony door open and a teenage boy ask ''new?'' shit. i turned back around and was almost at loss for words, the boy had brown curls and shades covering his eyes,and the most flawless features ''yeah.'' i answered. ''hmm, new toy.'' he whispered ''i'm not gonna be a damn toy.'' i commented ''good to know.I'm Harry.'' he told ''and i'm Anna, nice to meet you i guess.'' i greeted ''you too, i go to the private school up north where are you going?'' he asked ''um i think i'm going there too.''i answered his question ''How old are you?'' ''oh i'm 16, you?'' i questioned back ''i just turned 17'' he replied ''Anna Alyssa Kingston, come down here and help with boxes!''i heard my mom yell from down stairs ''bye Harry''i waved ''Later Anna'' he waved back then went back into his own house.




Hey!I'm Forever, this is my first fanfiction so please don't hate on it.Sorry for the short chapter,next chapter will be longer i promise. ILY



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