The Spirit of the Wolf

I wrote this when I was Ten so don't judge please. I thought I would publish it just because. It's really about a silly dream I had.


2. The beginning

I used to have a mate his name was eric and he was the alphas son. One day a pack bigger than

ours came and killed the alphas and Eric died with them. I was next in line to be alpha so I became 

the alpha. By this time the pups I had with Eric were all grown up and high-ranking. My sister and

Zachary were taking care of there pups. Rose is my best friend and Zachary is my brother. We would

go out hunting and bring enough back for a feast. Peter and I, the alpha who took over the pack, were

happy enough together. The moon of the rising sun, which we use to celebrate the new pups in the

pack was here although I had none to celebrate, so, instead I celebrated with Rose. my mind 

wondered every day of how life could get better and that it would be a happy time for every body, 

little had I'd known that life would soon get much worse...

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