Can't stay away (Harry Styles Fan-fiction)

"Why does he keep coming whenever he hear's I'm coming?" I looked over and he was still staring at me. "Maybe he can't Bring himself to stay away from you."


4. She's so cute when she's sleeping (Harry)


I spent the rest of the night at my apartment. I can't believe Liam did that after just meeting her. I know I might have over reacted a bit but still. I walked upstairs to my room and flopped onto the bed. I layed there for a while then my phone started to ring. I pressed the answer button and put the phone to my ear. "Hello?" "Hey Harry it's Niall." "Oh hey. What's up?" "Nothing really. I was just wondering if you could come give some people a drive home." "Like who?" " Well there's Ashley, Sophie, Zayn and Kate." "Ok, i'll be there soon. bye." I hung up the phone before he could say anything else. I got up off my bed and walked downstairs. I got my stuff and walked to my car. I checked my phone for the time, it was 2:36 am. As I walked over to my car I felt a chill go down my back, should have brought a coat. I got into my car and drove back to the party.

*At the party*

I parked the car on the road next to the front lawn. There weren't as many people here as there were yesterday. I walked into the house and headed for the couch. Niall walked over. "Hey Harry. There all on the couch so you can just go get them and take them all home." He said then walked away. I walked over to the couch and they were all there talking. Kate and Sophie looked over. "HARRY!!!" They both said and laughed. I smiled and walked over to them. "Hey girl's. I came to bring you home." Kate yawned. "Good, I'm tired and some of the guys here are freaks." I laughed and put my hand out. She took it and stood up, followed by Sophie. Then Liam walked over. "Kate love, are you leaving?" She looked over and smiled. "Ya I'm tired so I'm leaving." He laughed. "Ok love. I'll see you tomorrow." He said then kissed her forehead. I clenched my jaw. He pulled away and smiled, then walked away. "Shall we leave?" she giggled and nodded. We all walked out to my car. I sat in the front with Zayn, and Kate, Ashley and Sophie sat in the back. I dropped off Zayn and Ashley so it was just me, Kate and Sophie. I pulled up in the parking lot and stopped in front of the door. I looked in the back seat and Kate was sleeping. I smiled and Sophie giggled. "i'll wake he.." I interrupted her. "No it's ok I can carry her." She nodded and climbed out of the car. I got out and opened the car door and lifted Kate out. I started walking down the hallway and she snuggled her head up against my arm and smiled. I smiled and kept walking. We reached her room and Sophie open the door. I walked over and put Kate down on the bed. I stood to walk away but Kate grabbed on to my sleeve and moan. I smiled, bent down and kissed her forehead. She let go and smiled. I stood up and headed to the door. I looked back over at her. she so cute when she's sleeping. I walked out and closed the door behind me.





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