Can't stay away (Harry Styles Fan-fiction)

"Why does he keep coming whenever he hear's I'm coming?" I looked over and he was still staring at me. "Maybe he can't Bring himself to stay away from you."


8. Movie night (Katelyn)



He pulled away and I smiled hugely, so did he. He has such an amazing smile. I pick up my book bag and grab his hand. Our fingers entwine and we walk out. We make our way to his car when I saw Liam standing in the parking lot. 'Fuck' I think to myself, I have to talk to Liam about this. He starts walking over then looks at our hands. He frowned. "Sup Liam." Luke said smiling. Seeing him smile makes me smile, I couldn't help it. "What the fuck?" Liam said obviously mad. I let go of Luke's hand which made his smile drop. "Liam I need to talk to you." He sighed. "Fine." He said. I kissed Luke on the cheek and said "I will be right back." He nodded and I walked over to the side of the parking lot with Liam. "What the hell Kate, what about us?" I sighed and looked down. "There never was an us Liam, it was one date. That's it. I'm sorry but I like Luke." I could see Liam getting mad, he started to shake his head and he walked off. I walked back over and entwined my fingers with Luke's and he smiled making me smile. We walked to his car and left to go to his house.

*Skip car ride*

We arrived at Luke's house. He got out of the car and quickly ran over to open mine. I smiled. "Thank you." i said and kissed his cheek. We walked up to his house and he unlocked the door. He lived alone so it was quiet. He lead me into the living room and we sat on the couch. "You house is really nice." I said looking around and observing things. "Thanks." He said while staring at me. "Do I have something on my face?" I said touching my face. He shook his head and put his hand on top of the hand that was on my face. "No, your just beautiful." he said making me blush. he leaned in and so did I. Our lips touched and started moving in sync. Then the door opened but I was to busy to notice. We heard someone clear there throat and we looked up. There was 3 guys standing there smiling at us which made me blush. "Thanks a lot guys." Luke said and I giggled, they started to laugh. Luke shook his head in disappointment and stood up. I stood up and wrapped my arms around his arm. "So Luke, are you going to introduce us?" One of the guys said, he had pink and purple hair. "I don't know. Should I?" He said looking at me and I couldn't help but giggle. "It's up to you." I said and he nodded. "Fine. Guys this is Kate. Kate this is Calum, Michael and Ashton. They are the rest of my band." They came up and had a group hug around me making me laugh. "So you guys are in a band?" They all nodded. "A super cool band with a bunch of hot guys." Ashton said and winked at me, I giggled. "Back off, shes mine." Luke said and kissed me on the cheek. They started practicing and I sat on the couch watching. They are really good. I was watching them when all of a sudden my phone started to ring. It was Niall. I walked into the kitchen and answered it.

N=Niall  K=Katelyn

K: Hey.

N: Hey Kate. Wanna come to the movies with me, Jade, Sophie and Harry?

K: Only if I can bring some people

N: Sure, see you there then?

K: Yup. bye.

N: See ya.

I hung up and put my phone back in my pocket. "Who was that." Someone said from behind me making me jump. I turned around to see that it was Luke. "Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." He said and kissed me on the cheek and put his hands on my hips. "It was Niall. He wanted to know if I wanted to go to the movies with him and some friends. He said I could bring you and the guys." At that point the others walked into the kitchen. "What is this I'm hearing about the movies?" Calum asked and walked over to the fridge. "We have been invited to the movies by Kat's friends." They started cheering. "Awesome, let's go!!" Michael said and ran to the door. We laughed and headed to the door. We all pilled into Luke car. Me and Luke sat in the front and the other guys sat in the back.

*Skip car ride*

We arrive at the theater and we all got out. I looked over and saw Niall's car so I knew he was already here. We walked in and they were standing by one of the hallways. We walked over and Niall said. "Sup Kate." I gave him a quick hug. "Hey Ni." I said and walked over to the others. "Kate!!! How was first day of clas-. Oh, who is this?" Sophie asks nudging my shoulder and pointing to Luke. "Oh, that's right, you two haven't met. Sophie this is my boyfriend Luke." When I said the word 'boyfriend' Harry's eyes shot over to me. "And Luke this is my room mate Sophie." I said and they shook hands. "What about you and Liam, I thought you guys had a thing?" I could see the hurt in Luke's eyes and I shook my head. "Me and Liam just didn't feel right the way me and Luke do." I said and we all smiled. "You really think we feel right?" Luke asked looking into my eyes. "Yes, of course I do. Why would you think otherwise?" I asked looking into his eyes. He put his hands on my cheeks, holding my head up. "I don't." He said making me smile, he smiled and smashed his lips onto mine. We heard some "awe's" making us smile in the kiss. We finally pull away and start smiling. "You guys are so cute!!!" Sophie said while clapping her hands. Everyone was smiling except Harry. "And who are these guys?" Niall asked. "Oh that's Ashton, Michael and Calum, there in Luke's boy band." I said and they all shook hands. "Oh my god, I know you guy's. Your 5SOS. I go to all your gigs." Jade said going up to Ashton. "Look's like we have a fan." Ashton said winking at Jade making her sigh. "Hey, watch it man. She's mine." Niall said pulling Jade away from him. I laughed. "She's not the only fan." I said looking at Luke. He smiled and kissed me."I think we should go before the movie starts." Harry said with a straight face. "Fine, let's go." Sophie said and we all headed into the screening room. We walked in and all took our seats. The order we sat in was: Calum, Michael, Ashton, Jade, Niall, Sophie, Harry, Me, Luke.  I don't know what movie we are watching but I know it's a scary movie, Niall chose it. The movie started and the lights went down, I grabbed Luke's hand and he squeezed it. I smiled at him and he smiled back. It was the middle of the movie and I jumped and grabbed someones hand, i didn't realize it was Harry's hand. I looked over at Harry and he was looking at me. "Oh, um..  Sorry." I said and pulled my hand away slowly. "It's ok." Harry said smiling, I smiled back. Someone in the movie screamed and Harry and I both grabbed each others hands and kept squeezing it. 

*Skip the rest of the movie*

The movie ended and me and Harry were still hand in hand. The lights came on and I realized I still had Harry's hand in mine. I pulled away making him frown. I stood up and Grabbed Luke's hand. "You ok sweet heart?" Luke asked squeezing my hand. I nodded "Ya I think i'm just getting over my heart attack that movie gave me." I said making him laugh. "Ok, what do you wanna do now?" He asked while heading to the parking lot. "I want to get some ice cream!!" Calum whined making us laugh. "Ok fine, we can go get ice cream. Then we are going home." I said as we got in the car. "ok mom." Ashton said all sassy. I laughed and we headed to an ice cream shop.

*Skip car ride*

We pulled into the ice cream shop and Calum jumped out and ran in. We laughed and got out of the car. We walked in and Calum had three scoops of three different kinds. We walked up and ordered our ice cream. Once I turned around I saw the one person I didn't want to see again today. Liam. "Umm, babe can we leave?" I asked Luke. "Why, I thought you wanted to eat here." I pointed to Liam and he sighed. "Ok, I'll go get the guys." Luke said and walked off. I stood there waiting and Liam walked up to the desk and noticed me. "Oh, hey Katelyn." He said with a fake smile on his face. I sighed. "Liam I don't want this to be weird between us." He sighs and looks at me. "Want what to be weird?" He asked with and annoyed look on his face. "When we talk, or see each other in public." Luke walked over and put his arm on my shoulder. "Luke." Liam said looking at Luke. "Liam." he said then the other guys walked over. "Who are they." Liam asked pointing to the guys. "They are in Luke's band." I said and they nodded. "Ya, um.. we gotta go." I said and grabbed Luke's hand making Liam tense. "No we don't." Michael said and I grabbed his arm. "Yes we do." I said and walked out to the car. We all got in the car and had a silent car ride.

*Skip car ride*

We pulled into Luke's drive way and we all got out. We said good bye to the other guys and me and Luke walked in his house and sat on the couch. I sat down and yawned. "Tired?" Luke asked and I nodded and laid down on the couch. Luke picked me up bridal style and carried me to a room. He tucked me in and kissed my forehead. "Night beautiful." He said and headed to the door. "Where are you going?" I asked and yawned. "To bed." He said and turned to face me. "No, stay here." I said and he laughed. "Ok." He took off his pants and shirt and laid behind me. "Night baby." He said and kissed my shoulder. "Night." I said and closed my eyes. He wrapped his arm around my waist, I turned and snuggled up into his chest. I closed my eyes and fell into a heavy sleep.





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