Can't stay away (Harry Styles Fan-fiction)

"Why does he keep coming whenever he hear's I'm coming?" I looked over and he was still staring at me. "Maybe he can't Bring himself to stay away from you."


6. Co-author

Hello My Little Kitten's!!! I was thinking earlier today about my story's and all the time I have to plan and publish each chapter and my idea's for the next story that I will be starting soon. And well I decided to have a little contest to see who wanted to be my Co-Author to help me from going insane with my idea's. ( I swear while I was write a chapter I mixed it up with my other story and almost published some random ting with a bunch of different names and everything in it.) So if you would like to become my Co-Author, well you have to be a fan. These are the things you must include to enter the contest:

1: You have to be a fan.

2: Name

3: Age

4: Some idea's you might use in the story if you were my co-author


And that's all it take's. Please don't forget to favorite and like.

I love you all my little Kitten's


Love, Keziah xxx ; >

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