Who does she love?

So I invited her over the other day... We've been friends for about 10 years now and I was going to tell her how I feel about her. Until Niall my bestfriend walks in and they instantly fall In love. He stole her from me. Will I ever get her back?




Ring...ring...ring... Ugh not again! My phones been going off for the past 20 minutes. Ring...ring...ring... I guess ill just answer it. "Hello?" I said trying to keep my eyes open. Hey cutie aren't you coming over today? My bestfriend Justin asked. We've been knowing each other for 10 years now and I've never met someone as amazing as he is. "Yeah I told you I was coming over at 1:00 babe." Well it's already 2:00 you're late he said sounding kinda annoyed. I looked down at my phone to see the time "shit" I can't believe I slept this long. I'll be there in about 20 minutes kay? "Okay love you". "Love you too." I hung up the phone and rushed to my messed up bathroom it had clothes all over the floor but I don't really care I guess I'll just let my mom clean it. So I know it sounded like me and justin were going out right? But we're not. Thats just how close we are. we always tell each other we love you and all and call each other's cute names. Anyways I grabbed my straightener and started straightening my long my brown wavy hair, put on all my makeup but just a little bit like mascara and eye shadow, then did all the usual stuff I do like my daily routine. And headed out the door. I got in my car and got to Justin's house in 5 minutes. He lives in the neighborhood next to mine so it's not that far away. I got out my old torn up car and walked in Justin's house. I don't need to knock because he's like family he doesn't mind if I just walk In. "Hey baby sorry I'm late" I said while Justin turned around and looked at me.


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