E.H. Compatition entries for the once in a month comp

this is for my entries for E.H. Weaver Nightshades Monthly Conpatition.


2. March compatition- The Three stages

Time has passed and I know I can't get him back. I stare at the picture and wonder where he is though I know he can't come. The flowers everywhere and the page that I have written just because it is important to me and it calmed me but this time my writing is dead. Just like he is now.
" Daddy why" I asked As I stared outside the curtain looking out and ready for the performance that I had practiced hours for, but yet I feel not ready as I can tell that, if I wore mascara, my makeup is running as silent tears streamed down my face. The importance is performing perfect for you, writing for you, not forgetting you. Forever remembering you for this is whom I am, your daughter.


In memory of my dad Mark Snodgrass Feb 2014 becouse he is the one that helped with my most important things that I had writen down, performing, writing and now your passing.

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