Selena's Little Sister

Carmen Gomez, 18, most people know her as 'Selena Gomez's little sister'. She's a girl who's defiantly not afraid of trouble and that's what separates her from her perfect sister, who has the perfect life, with a perfect voice, a perfect career, and a perfect boyfriend....Justin Bieber.


6. Whoa

Justin's POV

I had been expecting the call from Selena's mom that Selena was sick, so I just drove around with the tour bus. When Sel's mom called me I just went to the hotel within no time and made up some stupid excuse. I checked up on her and then went to Carmen's room...just to jack with her.

Now we're in Selena's room and she looks terrible.

"Whoa." Carmen whispered as she looked at Selena, who was passed out on her bed. She was a light shade of green grey and she is breathing very heavy....maybe I shouldn't have given her those pills.

"How you doing baby?" I walked over to Selena and pushed away a strip of hair that was in her face.

"Mmmmm." She moaned and slightly opened her eyes. "I-I...just tired." She struggled to say.

I gave her a kiss on the forehead and turned around to see Carmen standing there with her mouth opened just a few centimetres. I smiled at her shocked face.

Carmen's POV

"Whoa." I say. Selena looks so grey and sick. I've never seen a sick Selena like this.

Justin walked up to her and mumbled a few things to her and she moaned.

"I-I...just tired." She tiredly said to him. He gave her a kiss on the forehead and turned around to me. He smirked... I closed my mouth, I must look like a complete idiot.

"She's just tired." Justin whispered to me.

I nodded my head, still phased with Selena and how terrible she looks and must feel.

I turned around and almost ran into my mom.

"Whoa, watch out there Car." She said to me, using my old nick name.

"Sorry.." I say and shake my head. "I just need some air."

"Okay, do whatever. I don't need two sick girls to look after." She smiled and looked at Justin, who was behind me.

"Thanks." I said and then walked out of Selena's room and to the elevator.

It opened and there were to girls on there way down to the pool in their bikini's.

I gave them a quick smile and stepped in the elevator. The expressions on their face quickly changed. I turned around and saw that Justin had followed me on to the elevator.

"Oh my god." The blonde chick whisper to the brunette.

I pressed the lobby button and the doors closed.

"Hi Justin." The brunette giggles.

"Hello." Justin flashes a smile.

"You should come and swim with us...or hang out with us...were lots of fun." The Blonde seducivly says to Justin. I can already tell she is trouble.

Justin chuckles. "I'd love to, but not today."

I rolled my eyes...he's such a player.

"Well, we'll be waiting." She inched closer to him. You don't know how much I want to slap the fuck out of that hoe and say 'Fuck off with your blonde ass.' ....but why should I care. I don't even like Justin.

He smiled at them and then the elevator doors opened. I walked out first and Justin followed me.

The girls went the other way to the pool.

"I know you want to go swim with them." I said and then the aromatic doors opened up for me.

"I'm sorry your jealous." He said. I stopped dead in my tracks and turned around to face him, by this time we are outside and the wind it blowing in my face.

"Me?! Jealous?! Of you?! No!" I crossed my arms and turned back around. I shook my head so a pice if hair that was in my face would blow to the side.

Justin laughed.

"I don't see how you find this all amusing." I say facing the other direction of him.

"I don't, it's just that your so cute when your frustrated with me." He laughed.

"Well then I must be cute all the time." I joked still looking forward and not at him.

"You are." He said. I turned around to look at the two legged player. He had his tattooed arms hand in his pocket.

"Why do you do this?" I ask him, then crossing my arms.

"Because." He simply replied.

I looked him deep in the eyes. Waiting for a real answer.

"You hungry?" Justin asked, breaking my stare. I squinted my eyes and shook my head...I guess I am kinda hungry.

"Don't try to change the know you were flirting with those girls, and you also know you have a girlfriend." I louden my voice.

"I'm not trying to change the subject, I know I have a girlfriend and I'm really hungry." He said grabbing his stomach like he was so hungry that he was in pain.

I rolled my eyes and turned around to start walking to Justin's car.

"Where're you going?" Justin called from behind.

I kept walking to his car and then opened the unlocked front door, and got in. When my ass hit the seat I slammed the door shut. Justin was standing where I left him and then he began to jog over to the car. He got in the drivers seat and started the car.

"So I take that as a yes?" Justin said as he backed the car out of the parking place.

"Mhm." I mumbled and then got out my phone to text my mom that I am out with Justin.

We drove in silence for 5 minutes straight and then Justin's tatted up arm turned on the radio.

"Talk dirty me *trumpet part* Talk dirty me *trumpet part*"

The song played on the radio and Justin sang along and looked at me, while singing all of the rap part...and all the dirty words that they bleeped out.

I shook my head and smiled looking away from him. Then his hand...his fucking hand rested on my thigh. I looked down at his hand. He kept singing.

His fingers played with the ripped part of my jeans. I pushed his hand away, but he held on and kept playing with the wholes.

"Justin." I whined pushing harder.

"Talk dirty to me." Justin sang along and looked at me.

He kept his hand there and it would move closer and closer... So then I just-

"STOP!" I yelled at the top of my lungs and smashed the power button on the radio to turn it off. I huffed and crossed my arms. Justin moved his hand off my thigh by this time.

"Gees it was just for fun." Justin said putting both hands on the steering wheel.

"For fun?" I asked disgusted with him.

"Don't deny that you like it." He smirked.

I rolled my eyes. "You need to keep your hands off of me." I stared out the window.

"Whoa, Carz." Justin said using my other nick name, the one that my friends use.

"Don't call me that." I said with sass in my voice.

We stopped talking for the rest of the awkward car ride...

A/N: guys 😭...Justin's 20 now, like I'm gonna cry.

Comment, love you guys!! 😘💕

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