Selena's Little Sister

Carmen Gomez, 18, most people know her as 'Selena Gomez's little sister'. She's a girl who's defiantly not afraid of trouble and that's what separates her from her perfect sister, who has the perfect life, with a perfect voice, a perfect career, and a perfect boyfriend....Justin Bieber.


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And if any of you are wondering, this is a Justin Bieber fan fiction, but I think you already know that, so I'm going to shut up now.

Enjoy! 😚

Carmen's POV

"Shit!" I whispered to myself after the 15 millionth time I fail the game 'Flappy Bird'. I can't even get passed 2...I suck.

I turn off my phone and throw it on the couch, that is inside of Selena's tour bus. I'm going with Sel on her tour for a while, my parents and Selena both think it's good for me to get away from my 'trouble maker friends'. So for now I'm with Selena, and whenever they let me go back to my friends, I'll go.

I walked over to the mini fridge and grabbed a water.

I looked into the mirror as I took a long drink of the chilling water.

My new black leather couchie shorts make my ass look good, and my cut off tiger shirt completes the whole look. I flipped my long dark brown hair back and started posing like I was a model in the mirror.

The door to the bus flew open. I put my hands to my sides as quick as I could. It was Sel.

"Hey, werk it gurrl." She teased as she walked in. I rolled my eyes and laughed under my breath.

"Whatcha doin'?" I asked as I watched her walk back into her room, on the bus, and get out a dress.

"We're going out to dinner." She said as she stripped into her bra and panties.

I walked into her room and sat on the bed. "We're going to dinner?" I asked confused.

"Yes." She said nudging my shoulder.

I crossed my arms and legs....I gave her the stare, I know there's a catch.

"Okay, you, me and Justin are going to dinner." She said with a sigh to her voice. I rolled my eyes a little. Justin's a perv and all he wants is drugs and sex from my sister. He always gives me weird stares and I swear one time he asked me if he could buy some drugs off of me. I just don't get how me goody goody two shoes sister would go for a 'my kinda guy' bad boy.

I sighed and nodded my head saying "okay.". A smile grew on her face.

"Great, I'm going to take a shower quick and then Justin will come pick us up." She said and then walked into her bathroom and started the shower.

I picked up the dress that she is going to wear tonight.

Purple ruffled, one strap dress. It's passed the knee cut.

I laughed at how my sister dresses sometimes. But that's my 21 year old sister for you.

I set the dress back on the bed and walked back out to the couch where my IPhone 5s is laying.

I grabbed it and began to play flappy birds again.

*plays it for 10 seconds*



*deletes the game*

*throws phone to the side with a huff*

*thinks about grabbing phone*

*hesitates to grab phone*

*grabs phone*

*re-downloads the game*

*waits a minute for the game to load*

*game loads*

*has a mini celebration*

*opens the app*

*loses on the first try*

*exits the game*

*goes to Instagram*

I click on my feed and I got 1k more followers and likes and 500 comments. This is normal for's pretty much Selena's fault. And all the comments are just crazy Selenators saying "TELL YOUR SISTER WE LOVE HER!!!!!" ugh that can get really fucking annoying.😒

I see that someone tagged me in a photo, I clicked on it and it's a selfie of Justin.

'Picking up my bae and her sis' the caption read to his picture. I rolled my eyes, I'm always just considered the 'sis' or the 'little sister' of Selena.

I liked the photo and went on Miley's Instagram page.

I found old selfies on her page of me and her. Miley is my baby, if I was a guy I would bang her and she said the same about me. We're not lesbian for each other, we're just really good friends. Even though Sel doesn't approve of me hanging out with her....I still do.

I spammed Miley with likes and laughed at how annoying I must be.

"Whatcha laughing about?" The voice came out of no where and made me flinch and droop my phone.

I looked up...there standing tall and thin with carmal colored hair shaped into a queef and saggy pants with a white t-shirt....there stood Justin.

"Dick." I said as I picked up my phone off the ground.

"Hmhmm," he laughed a little and walked into the bus.

"Where's Selena?" He asked. Then automatically taking a handful of my skittles that were on the counter.

"Hey!" I said getting up and running over to him. "Those are mine!" I grabbed his hand and tried to pry it open. He took his hand away and put them all in his mouth. I gave him a stare as I watched him eat them.

He had a smirk on his face and he grabbed my butt and drew me close to him. I stared into his eyes and he stared down at me.

"Nice ass." He whispered. It's not the first time Justin's tried to seduce me.

I scrunched my nose. "Your breath smells like fruit and alcohol." I patted his chest and back away from him.

Justin put his hand over his mouth and smelled his breath, then realizing his breath smells like shit he pulled out a piece of gum and put it in his mouth.

"So where's Sexy?" He asked referring to Selena.

"Right here." I said gesturing to myself.

"Yeah right," he said sarcastically.

"She's in the shower." I said.

"Mmm," Justin pervertively smiled.

"Ew." I said under my breath.

He walked back into her bathroom. I could hear Selena giggle...I sighed, I wish I had a boyfriend.

I got back on my phone and began to play another addicting game, 'Candy Crush'.


"Okay," Selena said and I looked up at her with Justin literally right behind her. She look really good in the dress, only she can pull it off.

"K." I say and then turn off my phone and stand up to look in the mirror.

"You look great." I hear Justin say. I turn and see him staring at me and my ass.

"Yeah, thanks." I say looking at Selena, but she didn't notice Justin starring at me.

I walk out of the bus first and then I had to say it.

We all walked out to Justin's silver Fisker Karma. He opened the passenger door for Selena and then came over to my side really quick before I could open the door.

"You know that outfit of yours turns me on right?" He asks.

I raise my eyebrow. "Oh, really, does it now?"


"Well don't count on anything." I say and then open up the door and slam it on his face. I looked out the window at him and I saw him as he whispered 'Damn' and then straighten up his shirt.

He opened up his car door and got in. I saw Selena's hand slither over to his. She smiled at him.

"I love you." She whispered.

"Love you too." He said back.

I rolled my eyes in disgusted of him. One minute he's grabbing my ass and telling me I turn him on and the next he's holding my sisters hand and telling her he loves her. He's such a player.


Hi, thanks for reading the first chapter! The next chapter will be out whenever enough of you guys say I should update. Comment... Ok, love you.

P.S. Go read one of my books called 'JustinTime' thanks.

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