Selena's Little Sister

Carmen Gomez, 18, most people know her as 'Selena Gomez's little sister'. She's a girl who's defiantly not afraid of trouble and that's what separates her from her perfect sister, who has the perfect life, with a perfect voice, a perfect career, and a perfect boyfriend....Justin Bieber.


5. Hotel

Carmen's POV



"Carmen?" The first thing my moms says when she picks up the phone.


"Hi mom, nice to talk to you too." I say sarcastically.


"Well I just wasn't expecting a call from you. Is everything going okay?" She asked.


"Actually no." I say looking back at Sel, who was snoring in her room, fast asleep.


"What do you mean? What's wrong?" She rushed me.


"It's Selena, she doesn't feel well. I think the only medicine that will cure her is Mommy love." I said trying convince her to come comfort Selena. I mean I don't want to deal with sick Selena, and trust me I've didn't go down very well.


She laughed. "Okay, just tell the driver to pull into a hotel parking lot."


"Okay." I say and then put her on mute to go tell the driver to pull into the hotel parking lot.


After I tell the driver, I un-mute my mom. "Done."


"Okay, be there in 10 minutes." She said.


"Okay bye." Then I hung up.


You might be wondering, "how can she get to Selena's tour bus so fast?" Well it's because she's on tour with Selena, just in a different van. She follows close behind us. Plus she's Sel's Manager or as some of you prefer to her as 'Momager'.



We pulled into a really nice hotel and wait there for 10 minutes and then the door swung open. It was my mom.

"Hi sweetie, where's Selly?" She asked and I pointed back to her bedroom.

Then my mom took off in her direction.

I sat here for what seemed to be forever and then finally my mom came back out.


"It was nice of you to put the cold cloth on her head." She said and then sat next to me.


"Yeah, I learned from the best." I smiled.


She smiled too. "Well, I think I'm going to call off a week or two of Selena's tour and let her rest."


"Is she okay?" I asked worried, we've never had to call off a whole 2 weeks.


"Yeah, I think she's just home sick and car sick. So we'll stay here at this hotel and then I'm going to take Selena home tomorrow." She said and stood up, I did too.


"What am I going to do?" I asked with a smirk, hoping she would let me go back home with them and hang out with my friends.


She crossed her arms and shift all her weight to one leg. "You can come with us."


A smile grew on my face, from one cheek to the other. "Really?!"

"Yeah, but" she put her finger up. It's never good when she adds a 'but'. "you have a time limit with your 'friends'."

I sighed. "Fine...whatever." I say and then walk out of the bus, aware that I am still in my pj's, and into the entrance of the hotel.

People gasped when they saw me, I just sat down in a chair and waited for my mom and Selena to come in.


They walked in and Selena looked like she was drunk. I laughed at the sight. Some squealing girls ran over to Sel, and started to wave camera's and paper in the air.


"Not today girls." One of Selena's body guards told the girls and then all turned around in a pout.


I got up and walked over to my mom. She was getting the room key, when she got it she handed it to me.

"Room 469 on the 4th floor." She said and I rolled my eye's at the number.


I walked to the elevator and pressed the button, it lite up.


The door opened, its empty, yes. I silently celebrated and pressed floor 4. When I reached the floor the halls were empty, not a person to be seen. I walked down the hall and looked at each number 465, 466, 467,468, and..469,, I'm to dirty minded.


I slide the key into the key entrance and the door unlocked.


1 king sized bed, a random chair, a shower, toilet, T.V.....I could live with this room.


I walked over to the bed, that had chocolates on it, and laid myself down on it, I grabbed the T.V. remote and turn it on. It automatically was on Disney channel.


"Wizards of Waverly Place...yay." I sarcastically whisper to myself. I always love watching Selena when she was younger. She looks a little like me....but I have way better style then she did. I turn the channel to 'Nick'.


"And we'll be right back with some more Sam and Cat." The advertiser announcer says and then it went into commercial break. I sighed, there's nothing to watch. You might be thinking, why doesn't she just find another channel, that's not a kids channel? Well I don't like watching really anything else but those to channels.


I turned it on some channel that played music and laid my head down on the pillows.


I hummed along to 'Stay' By Rihanna. Then there was a knock at my door. I stood up and looked out the peep whole to see who it is. My mom.


I opened the door. "Where's Sel?" I ask.


"She's taking a nap in her room, which is where I am staying. Room 348." She pointed down the hall.


I nodded my head.


"Here's your bag." She handed me a bag that I packed for Selena's tour.


"Thanks." I grabbed the bag from her and threw it inside my room. "So what are we going to do the rest of today?"


"Well Selly has to sleep, but whatever you want to do," she began. "here." she added. I bite my lip trying hard not to talk back in rude tone.


"Okay." I sighed.


"I'm going to go back to my room, if you need anything just come down." She says and began to walk away.


"Okay." I said and then shut the door. Yay, Ioooovee hotels. (note sarcasm)


I brought my bag to my bed and opened it up. I pulled out a pair of pre-ripped skinny jeans and a crop top. (you pick what the crop top looks like, I can't think of any (: )

I put my clothes on and put my Pajamas back in my bag.


I decide to text one of my best friends. Emily.

Text to Em 😘:

Hey bby. I get to come home tomorrow....don't get to exited :)

I pressed send and threw my phone to the side of the bed. It could be a year before she texts me back. Not because she's ignoring me, it's because she's always getting herself into trouble no matter where she is. So therefore her phone gets taken away by her strict mother.

I laid my head back down on the pillows and wait to here my phone buzz.

'Knock knock' there was a knock at the door. I got up to see who it was. I looked threw the peep whole....Justin?

I opened the door.

"Justin? What are you doing here?" I asked annoyed.

"Well your mom told me Selena didn't feel good and the hotel address.... So I just decided that I would come down. And check up on Selena." He said and put his hands into his pockets.

"Then why aren't you over in Selena's hotel room?" I asked.

"Why are you asking so many questions?" He joked. I put on a straight face.

"I was just over there and she is sleeping. So my second option is to come over here and hang out with Sexy number two." He put up to fingers and chuckled.

I rolled my eyes and let him walk in.

"How did you get here so fast?" I ask as I close the door.

"I was out, so I just drove here and it didn't take very long." He said simply and laid down in my bed. He pulled out his phone and began to play a game.

"What the fuck? Get out of my bed!" I demand and try to push Justin off the bed, but fail at it.

"There's enough room for the two of us.... What's a king bed without a queen?" He sang in his perfect, yet annoying voice and patted the side next to him.

I roll my eyes. "In your dreams." I say and then grabbed my phone. Justin's hand wrapped around my wrist and he held onto me.

"I dream about you. All the time." He whispered in my face.

I scrunched my nose and yanked my wrist away from him. "Ew...never in a million years." I say and walk over to the chair and sit down in it.

"Hey, Never say Never." Justin laughed at me. I rolled my eyes once again at his stupid remarks.

'Buzz' my phone buzzed in my lap and it was an iMessage from Em. I gasped and opened my messages.

From Em 😘:

AHHHH!! Carz I can't wait to see u!!!!

I laughed at her message. Then I clicked to reply to her.

To Em 😘:

I can't wait to see u too boo!! 😘

I clicked reply and smiled.

"Who you talkin' to?" Justin voice came out of nowhere. I looked up and saw that he was eating the chocolates that were on my bed.

"No one." I said and squinted my eyes in frustration at him.

He threw the wrapper to the side and leaned up on his elbow...*cough, cough* sexy...

"Well it has to be it your boyfriend?" He he smirked at me.

"No." I huffed and turned my head away to blush.

" long as it's not a boy." He said and then turned on the T.V.

What does he mean 'as long as it's not a boy' … whatever, he's just stupid.

I got up from the chair and walked over to the door.

"Where you going?" Justin asked. I turned around.

"To check on Selena." I say and then open up the door. I heard the T.V. turn off and then foots steps over to me.

"I'll come." He said.

"Didn't you just check up on her?" I ask, trying to make an excuse so he doesn't have to come with me.

"Yeah, but I'm going wherever your going." He smiled at me and put his hand on my waist. I pushed his hand off and walked out of the room, Justin followed.


I knocked on the door and my mom opened it. We both walked in.

"Whoa." I whispered. Its the only thing I could manage to say.

A/N: sorry for the mix up on chapters, that was my fault....keep read and tell others about this book....but you don't have you! 😘

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