Hard Life of a Southern GIrl

Kate looses her imidate family at a young age and her aunt she has been living with has to go to war so therefore she is put in a foster home will she find happily ever after?


6. The date and Devotion war

Today is Saturday and it is 4:30 and Johns getting me for our beach date at 5:30.So I went and got dressed I wore my white dress with a brown belt with brown flip flop like shoes and curled my hair.By the time I got finshed with that it was time.I said by to Sadie and Chris and they said where are you going?I said on a date quietly.A date and you didnt tell us um I thought I did and they said no you didn’t.Sadie says who with I said John.They said the preachers son!I said yes were going to the beach as we were talking John ringed the door bell.I politle went and opened the door.I said hey John come in Sadie says yall look so cute togther! John said thanks and I smiled.John wore a white shirt from polo and my white dress we looked perfect.Sadie wanted a picture I kinda didnt want to but John said sure and Sadie asked what about you kate? I said sure.We smiled and put his arms around my waist and we smiled and Sadie snapped the picture!I said by to Sadie and Christopher and they said by sweetie have fun! I thought in my mind I am so embarssed and John said are you ready to go?I said yes i am We walk down the stairs holding hands and when we got to his car he let go of my hand and walked in front of me.Being a polite gentleman John was he opened the door.I said thank you and then he shut it then he hoped in on the drivers side.I said sorry about my parents there embarassing sometimes.John said don’t worry about it mine can be embarrasing to.At that time we got to the beach we took are shoes off and started walking.I started telling John what happend to my mom and dad and everyone else.He said sounds like you have had a hard life.I said I have had a hard life but i’m a southren girl&a god girl things will get better and they have gotten better.John saidThe good thing is even know you had a hard life god will not give you more than you can take he might let you bend but will not let you break.I smiled and my eyes sparkled and he stopped and held both of my hands and said Will you be my girlfriend?I said yes!We started walking again and John said maybe you should write a book one day called hard life of a southren girl.I said yea im a good writer.He said we have been walking on the beach for hours lets go get some pizza.I said that sounds great! So we went and ate when were finished we left and headed back to my house.When we got there he opened my door as usaul and hugged me and we held hands and walked up to the door and walked in.John kissed me goodbye i walked in with a smile on my face.Sadie goes I know that face from anywhere!You had your first kiss! I said yes excitedly! I went and got a shower and went to bed.I woke up the next morning to get ready I looked in the miror my hair was a mess.So I got in the shower and i got out and got dressed I decided to just leave it curly.When I went in my room I looked in the closet and grabbed my boots and my pink dress with my brown belt.I walked upstairs and grabbed a donut and some coffee.Then I heard the door bell ring.Of course it was the door with the rest of the donut in my mouth.John said you must be hungry I said kinda.We went toward the door and as we where about to leave Sadie said have a good day I said thanks. We went to the car and we smiled and held hands and we got in the car. When we got to school we went to the principal to ask about the devotion.John said Ms.Langley Kate & I would like to start a devotion club here at school. Mrs.Langley said No because other people have diffrent beliefs then you do.It can offend them and more. John sighs with sadness and Mrs.Langley said You are dismissed from my office.John&I walked out and he grabbed my hand and said we will win this battle.As we were walking to homeroom we were still holding hands.When we got to my homeroom he kissed me and said he loved me made me like I was the only girl in the world.After he kissed me we both smiled and hugged each other I am way shorter than him so yeah people were looking and said aww its adorable! and all.So I walked in homeroom and sat down by Kaiden and she goes I know that smile from anywhere you just got kissed.I said Yes! Kaiden was like aww!He makes me feel like i am the greatest girl he could ask for. Kaiden was like yall are so sweet together! I said  Yeah and John walked in with a piece of paper and turns out they changed his schedule.He gave the piece of paper to the teacher and she said welcome.At this point I smiled really big!:D We had to stand up and he said I am finally with my girl!He hugged me and smiled down on me and said I love you that just made my heart hole.I said I love you too.He asked if I wanted to watch movies after school at his house.I said sure i will text Sadie and tell her and im sure she will ok it.                           The bellringed and we walked to class holding hands and him making me laugh.We walked in english were that girl Veronica was it turns out Kaiden told me Veronica was his ex girlfriend so she was jealous.John&I walked in holding hands and Veronica made a sour look and I just smiled we sat in a group together by each other.When Veronica comes over and gives John a note that says “John I want you back Im way prettier than Kate and you know that i still love you”John writes back “Im happy with Kate she is my girl.&It’s goanna stay that way she is beautiful in my eyes” John turns toward me and I read it and I lay my head on his shoulder and say aww john and he kisses me on the check.John said I wouldn’t trade you for the world!<3 I said John what a loving thing to say.He got up and gave the note to Veronica and her mouth flew open in shock and we laughed!John and I started on our work and when we got finished we got to go to the library and we got books and sat on the couch and cuddled.At this point I felt so loved by John I couldn’t quit smiling.Sadie finally texted back I could and  John said that we were going to watch them at his house and going to have dinner somewhere special. I said aww! I said can I go back to my house and get something nice to wear and he said yeah.So it was time to go home so we went to my house.Of course I told him he could come in he sat on the couch and I went to go get dressed.I got a shower just left my hair curly and went to my closet to pick something.Out and when I did I found white legings and a white shirt with a greyflower on it and some gray boots.I put them on and headed up stairs to find Christopher and John talking about me.I kept walking up the stairs and supposly John and Christopher weretalking about how pretty I was and how perfect we are together. When John told me that I was like aww!It made my Heart smile!Of course Sadie wanted more pictures so we took two John put his arms around my waist around me.Then Sadie took a picture of him hugging me and him bending over to kiss me.For the record that was my favorite picture and it became my background and it became Johns too.I said we got to go after she snapped the pictures.Sadie said bye have fun you too!We said we will When I closed the door John said I was light as a feather I said no i am not he goes you wanna bet I said yeah.He reached his arms out and carried me down the steps I was Holding on for dear life on his neck with my arms around.He said Babe i am not going to drop you.When we got to his car he opens the door and puts me in the seat and said told you were light.I said Whatever and he kissed me I wasn’t expecting it but he did and I just kissed back and he said I love you babe!I said I love you too John!(: He shut my door and got in the driver side and put his car in reverse and then put it in drive and started holding my hand.Then he told me we were going to a nice restraunt and I was going to meet his parents.I said your parents John said yes they haven’t really meet you yet.I said Ok but John I don’t look nice enough to meet them.John said Kate you look Beautiful babe.Im like really hun He bent over to kiss me and we did. Yes we got to the restraunt and John came and opened my door and helped me out.We held Hands and went inside we smiled when we got in there his parents were sitting at a table and we sat.John said Mom & Dad this is Kate and I smiled and waved they said.Im Jaylee & Blaine we have heard so many wonderful things about you from John.I said yeah and John said Mom and Dad Kate goes to church with us.They said Oh I said yeah I am Sadie & Christopher’s adopted daughter.They said oh they have told me much about you.I said yeah then the waiter came.Said hear is your menu’s what can I get yall to drink. Ms.Jaylee&Mr.Blaine said coke & John&I said sweet tea. John smiled and scooted closer to me and we held hands. Jaylee said she knew there was a girl involved when he was being gone constantly.I said YEs Mame i am that girl.Mom & Dad Kate is the best thing that has ever happend to me dating wise.They said what about Veronica John said Veronica didnt love me she used me for James my best friend.Kate doesnt use people she is thoughtful and beautiful.I said John that was so sweet honey.HE said anything for you babe I hugged him and laid my head on his shoulder and he kissed my head. Jaylee and Blaine Smiled then the waitor came back with our drink and took are order.John said he would pay for my meal and i said ok I couldnt finish a big steak by my self so we shared.Everyone thought it was the cutest thing ever.After that we left and went to Johns house to watch movies John told his parents we were going to watch movies and we decided to watch them in the living room so his parents wouldnt get suspicous. I got so scared at one point i hide my head on Johns Stomach and wrapped my arms around him.HE said Babe you ok and I said i am scared he told me to come sit in his lap so i did.HE said I have you Kate with his big oh Muscele like arms around me.I said honey its all good when im with you.We kissed like for two minutes and then he had to get up and use the restroom and I sat there alone.With themovie paused.John came back and played the movie we laid on the couch me on one side and John on the other and I decided too get up and go sit by john on the Lounge we cuddled and Hugged and Kissed.Not even five minutes Later we were both asleep his arms around my stomach.His parents walked in three hours later and said awwww! they both feel asleep they called sadie and told her I was aloud to sleep over for the night because we feel asleep on the couch sadie bought me clothes and snapped a picture and sent it to me.The next morning I woke up to the smell of sausage and realized Johns arms were around me and we sleep together on the couch.I said Oh my I ran in the kitchen applogizing to Mrs.Jaylee She said its ok kate me and your parents had a good laugh last night when they bought you clothes.Jaylee said im not mad it was an acciedent. John woke up saying he thought he heard the sound of my voice and said tierdly kate I said it’s me baby.HE goes what are you doing here this early babe. Jaylee said John yall fell asleep watching a movie so she just slept over i am not mad he goes no we didn’t and jaylee showed him a pic and said see. He said oh my gooodness! We got up and ate breakfeast outside.Started talking about last night how we both feel asleep and we dont know how we feel asleep. John said that i feel asleep and I said no you feel asleep. I was like it doesnt matter baby.

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