Hard Life of a Southern GIrl

Kate looses her imidate family at a young age and her aunt she has been living with has to go to war so therefore she is put in a foster home will she find happily ever after?


1. The Challenges I faced

 It all started when I was born when I was still in my mother’s womb.She had something go wrong with her kidneys so they had to do a C-Section.After she gave birth to me she got to hold me for 5 minutes and then her kidneys callapsed. The following week my mother was burried were she was from which was Tallahasse,Florida.As for me I was passed onto my father the day I turned three years old he went to the rail road tracks  to work. As he was laying down rail road tracks a train was coming straight at him he was having a massive heart attack. He tried to move  but he could not the train couldnt stop it was going way to fast and it killed him instantly!So then I was passed off to my Aunt Elizabeth I lived with her for two years so I was five. She was called to go back to the army and was going to serve in Afganastain as one of our troops.So then I was passed onto to my god parents Jenny and Logan Langlen. I Lived with them till i was 14 years old.They died in a plane crash it was terrible when  I found out I cried for days.I was then sent off to a foster care home in Miami,Florida.As all the other kids I was the oldest and all of them looked up to me.I didnt fell like I should have been looked up to I have had a mesrible life all the people i cared about were takin away from me.

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