Hard Life of a Southern GIrl

Kate looses her imidate family at a young age and her aunt she has been living with has to go to war so therefore she is put in a foster home will she find happily ever after?


5. School

I woke up the next morning excited and thrilled.I looked in my closet looking for something cute to wear.I found a brown &white polka dotted sleveless shirt and a white skirt and a white cover up and a i found some brown shiny flats and i straightened my hair.I went into the study room to get my new vera bradley backpack.To find a note from Sadie saying Have a great day! Im so glad your our daughter!And john will be here at 7:30! I smiled and thought that was so sweet! At this time it was 7:25 as I went to Shut the door he drove up.He gave me a complimant how I looked very pretty today and I said you look nice too.As we drove up to the school John parked the car and I said John im scared! He said dont be we have all classes together!Im like ok. So we got in to our first class and I sat by John.This girl walks in the room her names Veronica and tells me your in my seat.John said no one sits there!Veronica pushes me out of the seat and I landed on the floor and to make it worse she poured coke all over me.John being a gentelman helped me up!I standed up and had tears running down my face.The teacher walked in and I ran out crying John chased after me.I turned a corner to find the nearest restroom.When he caught me by the arm and said Kate it is ok she is just an idiot.God Loves You your a sweet caring girl.I only met you yesterday but your amazing your touching my life already.I said that was really touching John.John asked if I was ok and I said Yes and then he hugged me.I had an extra set of clothes in my bag.John said ill wait out here i said ya.I went and changed and brushed my hair and I keep my brown flats on but i put on my jean dress.I walked out and he smiled and took my hand and held it all the way back to class.We walked in holding hands and the teacher said grab a partner were learning a dance.The day went on John invited me to a devotional with him tonight.I said I would Love too.We got in the car and drove away John said dont worry girls are just jealous how pretty you are.By that time we got to my house and he said lets do the devotion here I was like ok.He said wait here he grabbed his bible and came around to my door and opened it.He helped me out and we walked togther up the house.I said Saide Christopher Im home and John&I are doing a devotion in the hangout/screeningroom.They said thats fine We walked down stairs togther holding hands.We got to the hangout room he goes wow you have a big house.I said yeah we let go of hands at that point and we sat on the couch.I said ill be right back im going to get my bible.I got back and sat beside him and he put his arm around me.We read from Acts1:8 and Matthew 28:19-20 about how to be a light in our town and school.I said you want to watch a movie he said yeah so we went to ask my parents and they said yes! So we watched a Comedy movie he put his arm around me.When it ended he asked me if I wanted to go out and walk on the beach tommorow at 5:30.If we wanted to start a devotion club on thrusday.I said yes that would be great.

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