Hard Life of a Southern GIrl

Kate looses her imidate family at a young age and her aunt she has been living with has to go to war so therefore she is put in a foster home will she find happily ever after?


3. My New Home

We got to the house of my foster parents and they took me to my room.It was huge I was down stairs and they were upstairs. I had three rooms to my self one room was my study room where i did my studys.The other room was the hangout/screening room.The other room was my room I never seen anything like it. I had a water bed a beautiful cover that was brown & blue paisley and a 50 inch flat screen tv and I didnt really get this one the verse for 1timothy 4:12 on one of my walls.As soon as i knew it Sadie said it was time for bed and we were going to church tommorow.I said yes mame and i went to bed.

I got up the next morning to sadie saying sweetie wake up. With a smile i got up and got a shower and wore a beautiful pink and white paisley dress with some white high heels and curled my hair.I walked upstairs to tell them i was ready to find Christopher up there with a cup of coffee and he had a suit on.I said Christopher im ready for church.He said wow you look nice for church Sadie comes out and says you look very pretty.I said thankyou Sadie thank you for buying me new things.I hugged sadie and smiled.She goes lets go to church we got up in the car and headed to church.As we drove up I had butterflies in my stomach.I was scared what people would think of me.

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