Hard Life of a Southern GIrl

Kate looses her imidate family at a young age and her aunt she has been living with has to go to war so therefore she is put in a foster home will she find happily ever after?


4. Church Service

I walked in the doors and sat in a pugh by Sadie and Christopher.People greeted me at the door and inside.When we singed the songs in church I was quiet. When it was welcome and greeting time in the church I met a boy and girl.There names were John and Kadan they said welcome to our church.We are so happy your here and they hugged me.John after he hugged me looked me in the eyes and said wow.Then he shook his hair i have to admit he was cute but i have no time for boys right now.Im still adjusting to my surrondings.So at the end of church I was walking and I almost fell down john caught me by my waist.He looked at me and smiled and asked if I was ok and I said ya and i stared in his beautiful hazel eyes.Then he asked what school are you going to.I said “LANE High School”he said I go there I will pick you up at seven thirty.I said ok thanks!When we got out of church.We went to a restraunt and it was fancy.When we got there the preacher came and turns out john was the preachers son.I was very suprised! We prayed before we ate and John sat by me.So the preacher said lets all hold hands in prayer and john sat beside me when we touched hands he smiled.I smiled back maybe this foster thing will all work.What i learned in church service today is that gods always there when i need him.He will never leave or forsake me sometimes u need to meet god half way.So there is a god and he is always there for me.God I want you too come into my heart and be my lord and savior.I was so happy I did a devotion that night.I went and got a shower smiling and Then put my warm comfortable fleace pajama’s on!I prayed and then I smiled thinking about John.

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