Hard Life of a Southern GIrl

Kate looses her imidate family at a young age and her aunt she has been living with has to go to war so therefore she is put in a foster home will she find happily ever after?


2. Adoption Day

Today was the day me Kate Smith gets adopted! It is May 5th,2012 I just got the info that I was being Adopted today.They told me to go pack my stuff so I went I packed  my clothes and the picture of my mom and dad.I looked at the picture and sheded a tear and said I miss you mom and dad I know you are in a better place.We will be togther again one day I love you Rest In Peace. Then there was a knock at the door and I wiped my face and said please come in.It was my Aunt Elizabeth she just came back from Afganastan she goes I havent seen you in 10 years Kate.I said Iknow I missed you Aunt Elizabeth! Kate Aunt Elizabeth said Im moving to New York to watch the the new towers.At that point my heart was pounding And I started crying and my heart felt like it broke in half.I wiped my eyes and said Aunt Elizabeth im Being adopted today.Aunt Elizabeth grinned sadly and said Kate you cant just live your life here in a foster home.I have to set you free I will be back soon email me.Aunt Elizabeth kisses me on the head and said I love you I will see you soon.She walks out the door crying.Then Ms.Anna walked in the directer of the foster home and said your new foster parents are here I will send them up and you take everything you want sweet heart.I said yes mame and smiled and when she was clearof the room I froned I miss Aunt Elizabeth already.Im starting to wonder is there a real god I can pray to. I was remembering about the conversation me and Ms.Anna had when I came to the foster home. I walked into the bathroom to grab my things and walked back out and there was a book on my bed that said HOLY BIBLE. I looked around and opened it and it said To Kate Smith From:Ms.Anna&Your Friends at the Foster Care Center.I looked inside and there was a page that Ms.Anna wrote on.It said Kate you were a blessing to work with here at the foster care center.You touch my life and many others this is our gift to you.Love,Ms.Anna& the Foster Care center. I looked at it and smiled and there was a knock on the door and i shoved my bible in my suit case.I politle said come in and it was my new foster parents.They said hey kate were your new foster parents.Im Sadie &  Im Christopher we are so happy to be your foster parents. Sadie asked if I was ready to go and i said yes but can you give me a few minutes.They said sure and Sadie said we will be down stairs waiting Christopher said see ya in a little bit. At this point i didnt know what to do and i said maybe there is a real god.He has plans for me not to prosper me or give me harm.I standed up grabbed my suitcase and shut my door and went down the stairs. There my new foster parents were standing they said there is our kate.I said ya it is me excitedly.Christopher said let me get your bags and take them to our car.I smiled and shook my head and smiled again. I hugged Ms.Anna and all my foster brothers& sisters.It broke my heart to leave them but I had too this might have been my only chance to go.I said i love yall and will come back to visit.We got in the car and drove away. 

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