~Larry Stylinson~

Louis struggles with a drinking problem and the addiction to chaos and parties. He also struggles with the never ending drama of covering up his boyfriend Harry Styles. The one thing keeping Louis from losing himself completely is that curly headed weirdo from Cheshire.


3. 3

The sun shined bright through the window, a warm day trying to push it's way into Harry and Louis' bedroom. There was a knock at the door.

"Go get that." Louis said sleepily

"You go get it." Harry whined

"It's your hotel room." Louis said Harry grumbled and got out of the bed disappearing. Louis smirked to himself.

Louis heard the door open but no voices. Curiosity took over sleepiness and Louis slipped on pj pants and poked his head around the corner gripping the door frame with his small dainty hand. Harry appeared to be arguing with the visitor. Then Louis remembered. He had a "date" scheduled with Eleanor. He rushed out and moved Harry away from the door, of course there stood the stereotypical white girl. Eleanor stood grinning at Louis Starbucks in hand and her tight clothing. Eleanor never did anything for Louis. No attraction at all.

"Do you really have to go today?" Harry whined

"Yeah.." Louis said Harry sighed

"Just come in while I get dressed." Louis said Eleanor stepped in observing the flat. Louis walked into Harry and His bedroom and walked into the closet, He picked out a simple dark blue tshirt and black jeans with his black vans. He turned around and saw Harry watching him change.

"Hey! Perv!" Louis chuckled he smiled at Harry, Harry returned it.

"I hate having to share you." Harry said

"It's hardly sharing." Louis said

"It is sharing." Harry pouted Louis gave him a look.

"Everything will be okay." He told Harry. Harry nodded and planted a sweet kiss on Louis' forehead.

Louis walked out and met Eleanor.

"Ready?" She asked

"As I'll ever be." Louis said as he walked out he created a finger gun held it to his head and pulled the trigger all without Eleanor noticing, Harry chuckled.


Eleanor had dragged Louis right to Starbucks.

As they walked put Paps were there and some fans. Fans didn't bother them much on LA.

They walked into a mall and Louis noticed some fans coming in. They watched, Louis knew he should be acting all cute and cuddly with Eleanor right now but he didn't nudge from he spot leaning against a post.

"Almost done babe don't worry." Eleanor said sending him a smile the fans whispered

"Kay." Louis replied getting giggles from the fans.

"Oh, hey girls." Louis said acting like he just noticed them, he walked over to them. (Anything to get away from Eleanor.)

"Hi Louis." They all said happily

"How are you guys doing?" He asked

"Amazing now thank you." They said

He sighed a few things and took some pictures.

"Did you know Harry is in LA too Louis?" One of them asked Louis tried to suppress his smirk but he could feel it slipping.

"Is he?" He said and Eleanor came over.

As they walked away he heard the fans presumably all Larry shippers say something about her spending her pay check. Louis couldn't help but get a giggle out of it.

"What are you laughing at? That was so rude." She snapped at Louis in the line.

"Relax, they're just teenage girls."

"No. They're bitches."

Louis scowled.

Eleanor was EXTRA annoying today and it was really starting to get on Louis' nerves.

They walked out of the store and the Paps and fans were lined up. Louis slowed in front of a group of fans and Eleanor kept tugging.

She pulled at his hand roughly.

"Can you stop doing that? It's really annoying." Louis snapped at Eleanor and realized what he had said all the fans were trying not to laugh.

"Want a picture love?" Louis asked a fan Eleanor lowly sighed Louis tore his hand from hers subtly.

Louis took pictures with 3 fans and offered for another when he heard Eleanor sigh and sip her drink. He turned around looking at her through a cold glare, out of camera shot view.

He left the fans and Eleanor tried to take his hand again.

"Don't." He said


When they got back to Harry's apartment Louis didn't bother saying goodbye to her. He shut the door and heard her click down the hall on her heels.

"Bitch." Louis muttered

"You're back!" Harry said coming in from the kitchen.

"Mhmm." Louis said

Harry walked over and kissed his forehead.

"C'mon I'll make something for dinner."

-next day-

Harry and Louis curled up on the couch the next afternoon a bowl of popcorn between them, Harry switched on the gossip channel.

The stories of celebrities they got a good laugh out of some of them. The next one however.. It wasn't funny at all..

"One Direction's Louis Tomlinson and girlfriend Eleanor Calder headed for spiltsville?? Some fans and paps captured photo and video of the couple outside the outlet mall. First looking happy and giggling but then things took a turn for the negative..

Louis look aggravated with Eleanor as they exited the mall. Eleanor didn't look too happy herself." They brought up a video from my paps camera and it was Louis, it showed what Louis remembered perfectly the glares and the ripping away of his hand followed by the "Can you stop? It's really annoying." Louis looked over at Harry who looked intent in watching the screen. Louis covered his face with his hands.

"Some fans took to Twitter celebrating the news throwing the images back and forth using hashtags such as "#LarryStylinson", "#ElounorIsOver" and others. Most were inappropriate slang..." Louis tuned out. He was screwed. So was Harry.

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