Behind closed doors

She was beaten, tortured and bruised, but she's not going to let them get away with it.


1. My story

Curled up in the corner, I winced, staring up at the evil eyes of my father. Of course, I knew what was coming to me, but I didn't want to face it. He clenched his fist, it then soared into my face repeatedly. He then spat at me and stormed out the door. Probably to go to the pub and drink until closing time. I had a few hours to do something about this. Slowly, I raised myself up and caught a horrible sight of my bruised face, black, blue and bleeding. But that would have to wait, I didn't care anymore about the bullies, who call me nasty names, trip me up, hate me to death and even about the Facebook page trying to get me to kill myself. All that matters is that he would pay, feel my pain, get what he deserves. I wasn't going to be the one to die, The knife wasn't pointing at me, the pills weren't going in my direction. At that moment, I hatched a brilliant plan. I knew where he kept his medication, his pills and bottled medicines. Of course he was expecting me to make him a lovely dinner for when he got home in the night. Lovely for me but not for him. Heating up yesterday's Irish stew, I added in my own special ingredients. Sleeping pills. All 25 of them in the little bottle he kept them in. They were crushed up and added in to his bowl. While he was asleep I could strike.I got a knife out of the block in the cupboard, sharpening it until it couldn't be sharpened anymore. With a menacing grin on my face, I knew I was free at last.

He slammed the door behind him. ''WHERES MY DINNER?'' He hollered. '' Here you go daddy'' I said, pushing the bowl of tampered stew over to him. He ate it in 30 seconds and then fell asleep in 30 seconds. I felt a pang of victory, as I grabbed my knife and drew it into his black heart, dragging it down until his stomach opened. ''Mmmmmm'' I said as I feasted on his organs, blood dribbling down my face. It gave me the feeling of satisfaction, I knew he wasn't going to be my only victim........

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