Behind closed doors

She was beaten, tortured and bruised, but she's not going to let them get away with it.


2. Little Amy's pain

With the same knife in  my hand I sat, sharpening my teeth into mini triangles. Catching a glimpse of my reflection, I smiled menacingly at myself. The thoughts of the horrors and pain soon to come excited me. Soon, I found myself outside the top bedroom window of house number 46. With the curtains opened, I stared at little Amy Fisher who was just about to fall asleep. Yummy... I thought. As I pressed my cold, pale skin against the window, I let out a shriek. The loudest you could ever hear, the shriek that would make your heart jump with fear. The one I had perfected for ages and ages. The one that woke Amy, crying and cuddling into her teddy bear. But where was mummy and daddy?..... Tied up in the shed, that's where. Amy screamed and screamed at the sight of my unclipped nails, my lid-less eyes and my ripped nightgown. Smashing the window, I ripped into her, her face froze in horror as she slowly and painfully slipped away. I had a wonderful time snacking on her little heart and lungs. I was merciless, a beast, a monster but I didn't care. Their pain was my pleasure....

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