Love Song

Allison is a shy and sweet girl. she tweets on of her songs to Justin Bieber when her friend Claire tells her to do so. from there on her life takes a dramatic change with her boyfriend changing for the worst, her career starts to grow, she writes more and more songs, she gets new friends and old friends stay the same.

*this story contains a lot of 16+ subjects*

this story is also on wattpad. I started to write this story for a friend, I am not much of a fan, but i don't hate him either. if you see anything wrong, i'm sorry, but please keep in mind that i actually try to do research and i try to tell the right things. if not right please tell me maybe i can change it and otherwise it's fiction so use a little imagination.


1. prologue: the beginning



I was sitting in my room with my friend Claire. We were discussing whether or not to send my lyrics to him, him being the one and only, Justin Bieber. Claire is my one really close friend. She’s just awesome. She’s got blue hair and she wears these really high heels all the time. She’s nuts. I honestly can’t understand why she wears them. She’s also a dress addict, wears new dresses all the time. 

“Jeez, Allison! Just send him the lyrics already! You’ve been staring at his profile for too long! Press send now, or I’ll do it for you!” Claire said. 

“What if he doesn’t like it? What if he thinks I’m just another wannabe? What if Jason finds out?”

“He is mad if he doesn’t like the song. If he thinks you’re a wannabe there’s not much to do about it. And I’m pretty sure Jason will never find out, I mean, he never goes onto Twitter anyway.” 

“Okay. I’ll do it..” my finger hovered over the ‘send’ button. “No, I can’t. I’m too afraid. You press the button?” I said to Claire. I just couldn’t press it. Claire leaned over and pressed it. There was no going back now. 

“Shit! You actually did it! I’m going to die if he sees this!” I yelled dramatically at her. 

“Jeez, Alli, you’re not going to die! Have a little confidence girl! You’re a very good writer and the best singer I know,” she said to me.

I fell back onto my bed. What did I just do? What did she just do? Why did I have to tell her about the song?

“Do you think he’ll read it?” I asked her.

“Yeah of course he will read it! I will kick his butt if he doesn’t!”

We kept talking for quite a bit. Suddenly my mobile phone buzzed.


Jason <3: Love, could you come over? 


Jason is my boyfriend since two years now. He’s really bossy. He has blonde hair and brown eyes. He has a lot of muscles and can easily lift me up. I fell for him because of his looks, but now I love him for his character. Claire doesn’t approve of him very much. They honestly hate each other. 

“Jeez, is Jason texting you to come over again Alli?”

“Yeah. I think I should go to him.” 

“You should just break up with him. That boy is no good and if you become famous in the future he won’t do you any good,” Claire said to me.

“Well, I still have to go to him, do you mind? You can stay here if you’d like?” I said to her.

“I do mind you going there, but there’s nothing I can do to stop you, so just go. I’ll wait here,” she said. 


Alli: I’m coming. I’ll be there in 5.


Jason <3: no x’s?


Alli: Sorry! I won’t forget it again! xx


Jason <3: Okay love, see you soon.


I ran downstairs and grabbed my coat. I walked towards my bike and drove as fast as I could to Jason’s. I knew he hated it when I was late. When I arrived, I took a deep breath and rang the doorbell.


(A/N I will try to post 1 or 2 chapters a week i have already some chapters finished, but i'm in editing so it will go slow. also i hope you guys liked the beginning! don't be afraid to give feedback! i love feedback, because i can learn from it. this is my first story so i still can learn)

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