Love Song

Allison is a shy and sweet girl. she tweets on of her songs to Justin Bieber when her friend Claire tells her to do so. from there on her life takes a dramatic change with her boyfriend changing for the worst, her career starts to grow, she writes more and more songs, she gets new friends and old friends stay the same.

*this story contains a lot of 16+ subjects*

this story is also on wattpad. I started to write this story for a friend, I am not much of a fan, but i don't hate him either. if you see anything wrong, i'm sorry, but please keep in mind that i actually try to do research and i try to tell the right things. if not right please tell me maybe i can change it and otherwise it's fiction so use a little imagination.


33. chapter 32: bad and good

Chapter 32


- Claire’s POV -

I woke up again. I felt a little nauseous but it had become less  as I came closer to my second trimester. I was 2 months and a few weeks pregnant now. I started to show a little but not too much. I just laid back. Blake wasn’t here yet. He had had a nightshift at the station. He would be home by nine. I felt a little restless so I tried to sit. As I sat I saw a little blood on the sheets. Where did that come from. Maybe I had scratched myself while sleeping. I didn’t think much of it and sat. I grabbed the book of my nightstand and started to read. It was the fault in our stars by John Green. I thought it was a great book.

I heard the door open and Blake came in. He looked tired. He just threw all his stuff down and came to me. He gave me a kiss.

“hey honey how are you feeling”

“I’m okay”

 He laid beside me and went to sleep. This what our days would normally look like if he had a nightshift. He would sleep next to me while I sat and read a book.

I felt some cramps in my stomach but they went away so I just read on. I thought maybe the baby moved.

As the day progressed I had on and of little cramps. No real pain. Just cramps.

Blake woke up at 3 PM. He brought me lunch in bed and sat beside me.

We were talking about our lives.

“Claire what do you want from life?”

“I don’t know I think I would want a husband and children one day. And I want to be a fashion designer.”

“that are nice dreams. I would want a wife and children”

“how many children do you want?”

“I think something around four or so”

“really I would want the same amount”

I felt this hard pain go through me.

“aaa ouch” I doubled over in pain.

“honey what is happening” Blake sounded alarmed.

“aargh ouch stomach cramps ouch ouch”

“you mean the baby?”

“yeah aaargh ouch!” the cramps became worse and it was now more one long cramp. It kept hurting.

Blake lifted me of the bed and as I looked back I saw a huge spot of blood on the sheets. I had bled more. He looked even more alarmed as he saw the blood to. He ran to the car with me in his arms and drove to the hospital like a maniac. My cramps got worse and I felt like shit.

When we arrived he ran to my side lifted me and ran in the hospital.


Doctor’s came running to us. I got laid down in a bed and the doctor’s pushed Blake away.

“no Blake” I cried and screamed.

He was pushed out and had to wait outside.

The doctor did an ultrasound and told me there was no heartbeat. I had had a miscarriage. I didn’t know how to feel. I was happy the child of my rapist and torturer was out of me but at the same time it was a human being. I didn’t want it but that didn’t mean it didn’t deserve to live.

Blake came back in and hugged me.

“the baby is dead” I said to him.

“and how do you feel about it” he asked me.

“I don’t know I’m happy but sad at the same time”

“it will be okay Honey” he hugged me and sat with me.

“I have to call Alli to tell her”

“well here is your phone” he gave me my phone and I called Allison.


“hey Alli”

“hey Claire how are you?”

“I don’t know I’m in the hospital I had a miscarriage”

“seriously what? Are you okay? How do you feel?”

“I’m okay”

“Allison you’re up now!” I heard someone say to her

“are you sure you’re okay? I will call you after the concert. Love you Claire!”

“love you Alli and good luck!”


She hung up and I turned to Blake again.

I was happy he was here with me.

He is my rock.


- Allison’s POV -


Claire had a miscarriage. Woah. Didn’t see that coming. But at least she’s no longer pregnant by the stupid ass Jason. I quickly made another cut and went on stage. I was overwhelmed by the fact that Claire had a miscarriage. I started to sing Why not us and after that I started insecure. In the middle of insecure the world started to turn around  me. I felt weak in the knees. My head felt light. Out of nowhere the world around me became black. I felt myself fall onto the stage and heard the silence of the audience that was shocked by what happened.

Next thing I remember is that I opened my eyes in the hospital.

“good you’re up” a doctor said to me.

“you have an extreme case of exhaustion and you have cuts on your arm can you tell me what they are from?” the doctor asked me in a condescending tone.

“I haven’t slept good in ages” I said

“well that explains the exhaustion what are the cuts?” he said

“wait what cuts?” I heard a voice say that came around the door.

“Justin what are you doing here you should be on a date with Taylor”

“well Taylor and I broke up before I came here, it was allowed by management before you ask. They said I could choose my own girl now. But tell me about the cuts”

The doctor lifted my sleeve and showed him my arm.

“you said they were from cooking, but from cooking you don’t get that many cuts and you’re a really good cook so you shouldn’t have cut yourself so often. Is there something you’re not telling me?”

I cried he was right. I wasn’t telling him the truth but I didn’t want him to worry. I didn’t want him to know how depressed I was.

“doctor get out she won’t tell me if you’re here” Justin yelled to the doctor.

The doctor left the room and Justin came close. He held my hand.

“please tell me Alli”

“I-I-I was unhappy and I felt really bad and then you started to date Taylor and I saw it on TV and I kind of really like you so I was upset and so I ran up to my room and I saw the razor and I thought just to relieve a bit of my inner pain and when I cut it felt so good. At first I was mad at myself for doing it but it felt so good. And then your first kiss with Taylor was the next time I cut and after that cutting was easier so I cut more and more just to feel the peace in my head and I didn’t mean to let you know it because I don’t want you to worry about me I’m a big girl and I can save myself and nobody knows and please don’t tell anybody” I talked really fast in hopes that he wouldn’t hear all of it. He looked at me with shock in his eyes.

“Y-y-you like me?” he asked

“yeah” I blushed.

“I really like you too Alli. Will you go on a date with me?”

“yeah” and I blushed even more.

“please promise me you won’t cut anymore Alli”

“I will try not to cut anymore”

“just talk to me if you feel the need to cut”

“I will and Justin thank you for being here”

He blushed. I was finally a bit more happy.


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