Love Song

Allison is a shy and sweet girl. she tweets on of her songs to Justin Bieber when her friend Claire tells her to do so. from there on her life takes a dramatic change with her boyfriend changing for the worst, her career starts to grow, she writes more and more songs, she gets new friends and old friends stay the same.

*this story contains a lot of 16+ subjects*

this story is also on wattpad. I started to write this story for a friend, I am not much of a fan, but i don't hate him either. if you see anything wrong, i'm sorry, but please keep in mind that i actually try to do research and i try to tell the right things. if not right please tell me maybe i can change it and otherwise it's fiction so use a little imagination.


27. chapter 26: the concert

Chapter 26 - Allison's P.O.V. - We were backstage for our concert. We sat there to wait and get dolled up. Justin was first so I just sat there playing with my phone. I decided to send out a tweet to my fans. hi guys! hope we will have fun at the concert tonight! see you there x I got a lot of answers right away and some told me about their VIP tickets and they would be so excited. Then suddenly… @taylorswift13 good luck @thisisAllison !! I will be there to enjoy it! Taylor Swift just tweeted me. I had my tiny fan girl moment. “Allison, you are up for styling hair and make-up.” I walked to the chair and sat down. “Okay, so tonight we will do a black Smokey eye and some bright red lipstick because tonight will be awesome!” The make-up artist started to apply my make-up and the hair woman did my hair. It was in curls on my back it looked really good. Then my clothes were getting done. I wore a dress. It hugged my figure and was loose enough to dance in. Amelia told me I could to a dance for Justin tonight to surprise him. We had chosen which song of his I would dance to and we had chosen an outfit. It was a bra with studs on it and a pair of shorts. And some really high heels. But all of this meant I would have to get changed really quick in between songs. Which was fine. My hair and make-up were done and I had my dress in which I would begin on. I walked back to Justin and sat on his lap. “Hey, babe, you look good,” he told me. “You’re not that bad either.” "Justin and Allison to the stage, now!” A stage manager yelled to us. We walked to the stage entrance and looked at each other. "Good luck, Justin.” "Good luck, babe. Can I get a kiss on my mouth for good luck?" I laughed. He remembered the last time he asked for a kiss. I quickly pecked him on the lips. It was good that my lipstick was kiss proof because otherwise Justin would have had red lips. We walked on and our concert began. "Hello New York City! This is the lovely Allison and I am your one and only Justin Bieber! Allison will start off the night with a new song. So, here is Allison with Good Enough!” Yeah you You told me I was ugly I wasn't gonna get any other boy Yeah you you told me I was worthless I wasn't useful in any way And you you never listened You made me cry I shouldn't have believed you You told me I was never good enough You told me I couldn't get another love You told me I wasn't anything you love You told me I wasn't good enough Yeah you you told me I was stupid I wasn’t gonna get any smarter now Yeah you you told me I was shapeless I wasn’t shape full in any other way And you you hurt me so much You made me mad I shouldn’t have believed you You told me I was never good enough You told me I couldn't get another love You told me I wasn't anything you love You told me I wasn't good enough You made me hate myself You made me hurt myself You made me cry myself to sleep And you made me pinch myself You made me cut myself You made me cry myself to sleep You told me I was never good enough You told me I couldn't get another love You told me I wasn't anything you love You told me I wasn't good enough You never loved me You never hugged me You always hurt me You didn’t care You could have loved me You could have hugged me You could have nursed me You could have cared You told me I was never good enough You told me I couldn't get another love You told me I wasn't anything you love You told me I wasn't good enough Good enough Good enough I ran off stage to the dressing room after my song was done. Justin would sing one song and then I would dance to his song for him. I quickly changed my outfit and walked back to the stage entrance. I saw that Justin was starting to introduce his next song so I walked on stage signaling to the public that they should stay quiet. I walked to Justin and poked him in his sides. He jumped a little and yelled like a little girl. I started to laugh. “Allison, what are you doing on stage and why did you poke me?" he whisper yelled at me. "I'm dancing in your next song and I wanted to surprise you and I did! Yay!” “Oh, well then. People, this is All That Matters!" Justin sung the first word and I started to dance against and with him. My hands slid over him. Over me. Over my body. My hips moved in the rhythm of the song. My ass grinded in his crutch. I could hear his breathing getting faster and thought ‘yes it works’. His hands started to do something on their own. His hand slid all over my body and stopped on my hips. Then the song ended with me pressed against him. "You were doing this on purpose, it's good you have three songs now because I need to get rid of something thanks to you,” he said to me as his mic was turned off. He walked of stage and I got my mic handed to me. "Hello New York! I hope you guys liked that. I will sing some songs you might already know by now. This is Why Not Us.” I sang Why Not Us, the Boy-Girl Song and Insecure. And walked of stage to find Justin. We had five minutes till we had to be on stage again. “JUSTIN, WHERE ARE YOU?” I yelled through the area. "IN THE BATHROOM!” he yelled back. I walked to the bathroom and entered without thinking. “Whoa," I said. I quickly placed a hand before my eyes. I couldn't help but peek a little through. “Hey, babe, I'm sorry but I have to get rid of it,” he said to my closed eyes. "You can look if you want,” he said in a tone that suggested I would be to afraid to do so, so I put my hand down and looked. He blushed as a reaction to my staring. I walked closer to him. “Justin, will it go faster and better if I kiss you?" Knowing we had only a few minutes left and I didn't want to torture him I thought I would help. “Maybe." That was enough for me. I walked to him and kissed him on the mouth. I quickly opened my mouth and he deepened the kiss. In the meantime he still worked to get his 'problem' away. He started to breath a lot faster and his hand moved faster up and down. He moaned in the kiss and out of nowhere he came. “Justin! Now I am all dirty! Help me clean up!” "Sure. Thanks for doing that, I needed it.” "No problem! Now help.” He grabbed some toilet paper and started to dap his stuff off me. It was all over my legs and chest. Justin was cleaning my legs and I cleaned my chest. It still felt sticky, but I didn't have time to take a shower. “Justin, Allison, you are up in one minute, come here now,” a really stressed manager said. We walked to the stage and got on. We finished our concert and when it was finished I ran into the bathroom, screaming. “YEAH, FINALLY! GET THIS STUFF OFF ME!” Justin laughed at my reaction and walked to the wardrobe and changed into his outfit. I took a long shower and washed myself completely. Then the door opened out of nowhere. Justin came walking in. I was still behind the shower curtain, but he stayed inside. “Justin, leave the bathroom, I am still in here and I need to dry up and change.” “I am not stopping you. You have seen me naked, I want to see you.” “Justin, I saw you on accident and I really don't look that good.” "I won't leave without seeing you,” he was being a stupid stubborn ass. I sighed deeply and walked out I quickly grabbed a towel and prayed that he wouldn't have seen anything. "You are beautiful, babe, and I can say that I have seen my fair share of naked woman.” I slapped his arm and pushed him out of the bathroom. I locked the door and started to dry and change into my clothes. I walked out and we went back to the tour bus.
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