Love Song

Allison is a shy and sweet girl. she tweets on of her songs to Justin Bieber when her friend Claire tells her to do so. from there on her life takes a dramatic change with her boyfriend changing for the worst, her career starts to grow, she writes more and more songs, she gets new friends and old friends stay the same.

*this story contains a lot of 16+ subjects*

this story is also on wattpad. I started to write this story for a friend, I am not much of a fan, but i don't hate him either. if you see anything wrong, i'm sorry, but please keep in mind that i actually try to do research and i try to tell the right things. if not right please tell me maybe i can change it and otherwise it's fiction so use a little imagination.


21. chapter 20: the dream

Chapter 20


We sat in the car for what seemed like hours. Then we arrived at our bus. It was huge and on the side were these signs. The signs said Allison and Justin Bieber. We climbed out of the car and walked towards the bus. Luke and Amelia waited there for me and Scooter waited there for Justin

“Hey, girl! You ready to see your bus?” Amelia asked.

“Totally!” I answered. We went in and my mind went totally blank. The bus was huge. It had a living area and a kitchen area. Then there were the stairs which let us to a second floor. Upstairs were two doors. Two bedrooms were there. I claimed the one on the front of the bus. Then I went back down. I went through the door that was hidden behind the stairs and I saw it was a bathroom. It was huge. It had a shower and enough space to put all of mine and Justin’s products. I went back to the car and got my bags. I went to my room and started to unpack stuff. Then they announced we would leave so I went back down and sat in the living area. Justin and I shared the bus. Nobody else drove with us.

“Can you cook?” Justin asked.

“Of course I can! I have lived on my own.”

“Can you please make dinner?”

“Can’t you cook then?”

“Nope. I live on pizza and Chinese food when I’m on tour.”

“Gross! I’ll get to it.” I got up and walked to the kitchen area, which was quite a hard thing to do considering we were on the road. I went through the cabinets and decided I would make a soup for us. I got all the ingredients and went to cook.

“Smells good, Alli!” Justin yelled from the living area.

“It’s almost done, if you could set the table please! Oh, and ask the driver if he wants some too?”

“I will do that!” I went to finish the soup and then put the pan on the table. I poured Justin and myself some soup.

“The driver said he would come to get some at the next stop.” We started to eat and when we were finished I started to take things back to the kitchen area.

“Wait, Alli! I want another cup!”

“Here you go.” I poured him another cup of soup. “You like it so much you had to have two cups?” I asked.

“Of course!” After I had put the soup away I went back to Justin.

“Justin, you give the driver some soup when he comes to get it? You’ll just have to warm it a little. Five minutes in the microwave is enough. I’m going to go sleep now, I’m exhausted!”

“Okay,” he said with his mouth full of food. I walked up the stairs and went to my room. I changed to my pajamas. They consisted of a pair of short shorts and a very old T-shirt. I crawled into bed after taking my pill and fell asleep quite soon.


The boys came towards me. Greg was the first one to walk up to me. 

Babe.. looks like were going to have a little bit of fun..

He came closer and closer and suddenly grabbed my thigh with his firm grip. He came closer and closer to my private place.

“No.. Please don’t do this! I’m not ready yet!”

Youre ready when I tell you youre ready. Boys, lets go upstairs so we can tie her up to the bed and have some fun? Babe, up the stairs now! Jason said.

He dragged me towards the bedroom. Once there, he threw me on top of the bed. He started to grab some rope and then yelled at me. At first i couldnt hear what he was saying.

Take off your fucking clothes, slut! he yelled. It came through to me. I didnt know what to do.

Do you need us to help you? Greg said. I shook my head telling them no. I went to untie the waiters uniform and let it fall off of my body. I stood there, naked between all these horny men and I didnt know what they were going to do to me.

Lay down and spread your arms and legs for me now!

I went to do as he said. He tied my wrists to the bed first, before he went down and pulled me a little more down. I couldnt move my arms anymore. Then he tied my legs. I couldnt move at all.

Boys, you can go further. Jason told his friends. Alex, Greg and Michael came over.

Alex, her right boob is yours to do with as you please. Michael, same, but you have her left boob. I am taking her pussy. Greg said. Jason went to sit on a chair and look at us.

Alex came to my right and started to roll my nipple between his fingers. To be honest, it did feel good, but it was so unwanted. I wanted to save myself for someone special and now they are going to take it. Why wasnt I more of a fighter? I closed my eyes in hopes that I could just block it all out.. Michael sat down on my left. I heard him whisper.

Boys Im more of a sadist.. I hope she likes pain.. Thats all I can give her..

Be careful with her though.. you dont want to get Jason mad.. Alex answered.

Suddenly I felt a hard pinch and screamed it out. “aaa ouch!” That didnt feel good at all.. It hurt so bad. It was my boob, they have nerves you know.

Then I felt this wet thing between my thighs coming up to my private parts. I went to look with one eye and saw that Greg was licking me.

My left boob became sucked on and every now and then it became pinched. My right boob was only sucked on and sometimes Alex would roll my nipple. I think from Jason's friends I would like Alex the most, because he is at least nice. And suddenly Gregs tongue reached my private parts.

It felt so good even though the pinching hurt a lot. I started to moan and suddenly I heard Jason get up from his chair.

Boys, shes not supposed to like it at all. You are way to soft for her. I will show you how its done. I felt the three boys get up and felt Jason sit down. The First thing he did was bite my nipple. He slapped me in the face once again, then he hit me on my thighs. Out of nowhere he then pushed his dick into me. It hurt so bad. He took my virginity. He went to push again and again. I looked down only to see he didnt wear a condom. Great! Now I can get pregnant with his child! Just what I needed.. He went on pushing and pushing until he was done. Then he called for Alex, Greg and Michael.

Greg, you go first.. then Michael and then you, Alex, because you have the biggest dick of all of us. No condom is needed. he said. Jason walked out of the room and yelled over his shoulder.

Remember to tie her loose before you go, Alex. and tell her to go home and freshen up after that!

Greg came towards me. I peeked through my eyelids and saw he had a dick that was smaller than Jason's. I giggled quietly.

What was that, bitch? Did you giggle? Was it because my dick is small? I stayed quiet. Girl, answer me now!


Okay girl, now youre going to get it. Michael get that toy bag of yours that you left here! Michael left the room to get his so-called toy bag. Five minutes later he came back.

Okay, Greg, what do you need?

First I want you to gag her.. After that I want her to get nipple clamps and a butt plug. Lets see if she dares to giggle at me the next time..

Okay.. I will do that for you. Michael came close with this thing and placed it in my mouth. Okay, now I cant either talk, giggle or yell. Then he placed the nipple clamps. It felt like they were biting my nipples off. Then he went down with a carrot shaped thing. He let Greg lift me a little off the bed and then he pressed it against my ass. Hell no! Hes not going to push that thing inside me! I started to wriggle, but Michael hit me in the chest. I was shocked by this force and he used my shock to push in the butt plug. Oh my. It hurt so bad.

Go ahead, Greg. Fuck her.

Greg pushed his dick inside me, but with my butt filled with this butt plug he felt enormous. It hurt so bad. After Greg also shot his sperm inside me, it was Michael's turn. He just plainly pushed in his dick and started to fuck me really fast. After a while I got used to the feeling, so it didnt hurt anymore. I think he noticed it because he started to pull my nipple clamps to hurt me some more. Then he just started to push again till he was done and came. Then he and Greg left the room to go and talk to Jason. The toys were still on and inside me. Then Alex came closer.

Dont worry Alli, I will make sure youll like it. I will untie you first.. He pulled away my gag so I could talk.

“Please don’t fuck me, I don’t want to do it anyways!”

I have to in order for them to still like me.. But I will be careful and I will make sure you get some of it too. Keep in your breath, this is going to hurt a little. He took of the nipple clamps. I dont know whats worse. Getting them on or getting them off. It hurt really badly, but it get better when Alex started to suck on them.

“Thank you, for caring enough to at least don’t hurt me physically..”

No problem, babe, I will get that thing out of your butt now. You will have to help me though..

I lifted my butt off the bed and he quickly pulled out the damn butt plug. Then he started to suck my nipples again until I started to moan. At least he is being gentle. This is not what I imagined my first time to be like. Then he started to lick down and more down. Down my tummy to my private place. He started to finger me and it actually felt good.

You will come before I take you.. he said to me. He started to work harder and after a while, I came. It felt so good. It was amazing. Even though it was through this unwanted thing. It still felt good. Then he started to push in me with his really big dick. It didnt feel good. He was too big for me.


“NO!” I woke up, screaming and trembling. I was sweating from fear and then I started to cry. I thought I was done with these stupid dreams.


Justin’s P.O.V.


I heard a loud scream from Alli and didn’t hesitate to jump up and run to her. I saw her sitting on her bed, shaking and crying. I quickly went to her and hugged her close to me. She flinched when I touched her and that was when I knew she had dreamt about her rape. I held her until she calmed down.

“Want to tell me about it, babe?”

“It was the rape again… I couldn’t wake up and I was so hurt and then it felt good, but how could it feel good when I didn’t want it? Why did I like it? He was right, I am a whore, a worthless slut, I don’t deserve to live,” she said and then she started to have a panic attack.

“Allison! Look at me. Breath with me, babe,” I said to her. She looked at me and started to do as I said. She calmed back down again and looked at me.

“It is quite logical that your body reacts to what somebody does. Your body might like what they did, but that doesn’t mean you did.”

“I know, but it’s hard to remember that.”

“You will learn to accept it. Always remember that you are not a whore nor a slut and you do deserve to live.”

“Thank you, Justin! Could you maybe just hold me for a while till I am asleep again?”

“Sure.” We lied back down and I rubbed her back and held her till she was asleep. I kept staring at her. Why did she have to go through this? She is so sweet and perfect. I knew I really liked her, I might have fallen for her already. What brought these nightmares back? She got rid of them a few months back. She was doing so much better. Then I saw her phone light up. I grabbed it and saw it was a text from an unknown number. I opened it and read it.


FROM Unknown:

Bitch, I got your bitch, you will see that I took my revenge.


There was a photo attached to it. I opened it and saw that it was Claire and she was bound to a bed. I also saw about ten people around her. I quickly send the text to my phone and made sure it said unread on her phone. I slowly got up and wrote a note for Allison.


Hey babe, I have gone back down. I have to speak with Kenny (he is my security man).

Sleep well? Love, Justin


I went back down and texted Kenny that we had to talk at the next stop. He texted back saying that we would.


(A/N hey you guys, I have some busy weeks coming, but I will still post 3 times a week if I remember. so help me remember please! and let me know what you guys think! next chapter will probably be sunday. now I'm off to the beach to enjoy the sun have a nice day! 24-3-2014 update: hey sorry you guys! It will probably be another before I get new chapters so it will be a wait this week)

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