Love Song

Allison is a shy and sweet girl. she tweets on of her songs to Justin Bieber when her friend Claire tells her to do so. from there on her life takes a dramatic change with her boyfriend changing for the worst, her career starts to grow, she writes more and more songs, she gets new friends and old friends stay the same.

*this story contains a lot of 16+ subjects*

this story is also on wattpad. I started to write this story for a friend, I am not much of a fan, but i don't hate him either. if you see anything wrong, i'm sorry, but please keep in mind that i actually try to do research and i try to tell the right things. if not right please tell me maybe i can change it and otherwise it's fiction so use a little imagination.


20. chapter 19: texts

Chapter 19


Allison’s P.O.V.


We arrived at Justin's place. It was huge! He let me out of the car and into his house. It was a typical bachelor-look inside. Everything was earth tones. It was cleaner than I had expected. 

"I have a cleaner,” he said as if he was reading my mind. "I'll show you around,” he said. I walked behind him. We left my bags in the living room. "So here is my gym,” he said. I peeked in and saw he had multiple machines.

“Cool!" We walked further.

"Here is the guest room number one and through that door is the laundry room. I never go there." We walked upstairs. "This will be your room." I peeked in and saw it was huge and it had a really nice bed. Probably king's size. It had a walk-in closet and an attached bathroom. Justin had already walked further. "You coming, Alli? This is my room and the most important room in the house. Through those doors are more guest bedrooms and Chaz's and Ryan's room." The tour inside was over, so I went to get my suitcases and then went to my room. Once in there I began unpacking a few things and thinking. I decided to text Claire.


TO Claire:

 Hey, Claire! Justin’s house is so awesome! It's huge! It has a pool! You should come visit me here! xoxo


I got a text back saying she would be over in a few.

"Justin Claire is coming over in a few!” I yelled through the hallway.

“Okay! I will see that she will be let in!" he yelled back. Then my phone shook again, telling me I had another message.


FROM Unknown:

You bitch thought you could get away from me. I'm coming for you and your friends!


I was kind of frightened by it, but thought it couldn't be much so I deleted it. Then Claire arrived. She came up to my room and helped me unpack a few things.

"It's still so weird being friends with someone famous. I mean, all those people want to be friends with me because I know you and all these boys ask for your number which I don't give them of course, but you know, and I get all these paps that ask about you and I don't tell them anything, but it's just freaking weird!" she said and finally took a breath.

"I'm glad you don't tell them anything and I hope you don't mind it."

"It's just FREAKING AMAZING!” she yelled. I laughed at her response. Then Claire had to go home. She was here already for hours. I went down to find the kitchen and saw nothing was cooked. I grabbed some things and started to cook spaghetti Bolognese. It was pretty easy to cook. Justin walked in. The tension got back around us.

“Hey, babe, whatcha cooking?"

"Spaghetti Bolognese.”

"I love that!"

"That's good. You go set the table, dinner is almost ready.” He grabbed plates and forks and spoons and set the table. I poured him some food and also myself. We sat next to each other as we started to eat. I suddenly felt a hand on my thigh. I didn't think much of it so I just let it be. His hand started to slide up. I grabbed his hand and placed it in his own lap.

“Why, babe?" he whined.

"Because I'm not your babe and I feel uncomfortable.”

"I'm sorry Alli!"

"It's okay.” We quietly finished dinner. When we were done I went upstairs. There I let myself go. I started to cry. When Justin's hand was on my thigh he reminded me of Jason and I remembered the hitting and kicking and the rape. I cried more and more and I became louder with my cries. Justin came running in.

"Alli, what's wrong babe?"

"I remembered Jason and the rape…”

“Oh, come here.” He hugged me and I felt safe so I started to cry less and less. When I was done crying I fell asleep in his arms. I was half asleep when I felt him lift me and put me to bed.

"Sweet dreams, Alli. I know you can't hear this, but I really like you and I care a lot for you and I might already love you,” he whispered to my ear. I felt him kiss my forehead and then I fell totally asleep. My dreams were filled with Jason hunting me down and Justin telling me I love you. When I woke up I wondered if it all was a dream. I looked at my phone and saw I had another text.


FROM Unknown:

I said I would get to you so don't think I won’t.


There was something attached to the message and I opened it. It was a collage of photos. One of me and Justin in his kitchen last night when he had his hand on my thigh. And one from me and Claire whilst we were unpacking. This creep was stalking me. Thank God we were going to leave for tour today.

I packed the last things and went to wake up Justin.

“Justin! Wake up!”

“Mmm," he mumbled. "Five more minutes, please?” he pleaded.

“No. Get up now or I drag you out of the bed.” He jumped up and out of bed looking at me as if I were crazy. Then I realised he wasn't wearing any clothes. I had seen him shirtless before, but totally butt naked I hadn't.

"You're naked.”

"I know.“ A blush crept up my cheeks. I quickly made my way out of his room and ran across the hall. I called Claire.

“Claire! I just saw Justin naked!”

“What? How did you get him to do that? You didn't sleep with him, did you?”

“No! I was waking him and apparently he sleeps naked.”

"Oh. Does he look good? Does he have a nice you-know-what?”

“Yeah, he does. What's nice for a you-know-what?” I blushed while saying it. What if Justin heard me?

"We will discuss this later when I have my photos with me.”

"We have to leave now, Claire, bye!" Oh, and if you didn’t know yet, Claire is a bit weird. She has pictures of naked men just because she likes to look at them. I don’t know where she got that from.

“JUSTIN! WE HAVE TO LEAVE NOW!” I yelled. He came running down and then the adventure began. Justin and I left for tour.


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