Love Song

Allison is a shy and sweet girl. she tweets on of her songs to Justin Bieber when her friend Claire tells her to do so. from there on her life takes a dramatic change with her boyfriend changing for the worst, her career starts to grow, she writes more and more songs, she gets new friends and old friends stay the same.

*this story contains a lot of 16+ subjects*

this story is also on wattpad. I started to write this story for a friend, I am not much of a fan, but i don't hate him either. if you see anything wrong, i'm sorry, but please keep in mind that i actually try to do research and i try to tell the right things. if not right please tell me maybe i can change it and otherwise it's fiction so use a little imagination.


18. chapter 17: meeting

Chapter 17


It became later and Justin still hadn't woken up. I still looked at my screen in expectation of him waking up. He started to mumble and moan. I think he is waking up.

“Justin, Justin, Justin, wake up!” I said to the screen. He still had his eyes closed. "Let me see those beautiful eyes, Justin.”

“Allison, what are you doing on my bus?" He still had his eyes closed and clearly wasn't very awake.

“Justin, open your eyes, I'm not on your bus.” He opened his eyes.

“Oh, this explains why I could hear you, but you're not here."

“Yeah, you guess."

"You look like you have been awake for hours.”

“Actually, I have. But I have to go now."

“Oh, well, bye babe.”

“Bye.” I logged off Skype and went to my car. I drove to the city to meet Amelia in her office. It was hard to find with all those little streets. I finally arrived.

“Hello, I'm here for Amelia Rose.”

"You are Allison! Aaahhh! Okay… Focus, yeah, I will tell her you're here…” she kind of fan girled. I had fans!

“Hey, Allison.” Amelia walked through the door. "If you can follow me? Do you want something to drink?"

"I would love some tea…”

“Emily, make sure it arrives,” Amelia said to the girl that had fan girled. We walked to her office.

“Okay, Allison, I have their deals on paper here. I have already said I think you should go with Syco.” I looked over the deals, not understanding one bit of it.

“Amelia, I don't understand a bit of it, but I trust you and your vision for me so I'll just go with Syco.”

"You should understand them before you choose, but I'm glad you trust me that much. "

"I will just go with Syco. I will read it again later. Can you make sure everything gets settled?"

"Yeah. We will make you a star!” I walked out and went to a cafe.


The record deal got signed and I started to record my album. I also did a lot of interviews. Six months later, my album was finished and I was wanted to perform everywhere. I guess we got me famous. Justin and I got close and we Skyped and called each other every minute we could. I was doing my first big concert tonight so I was a little anxious.


FROM Justin:

Good luck, babe. I know you're going to do well. I will be watching through television xoxo


TO Justin:

I am nervous as hell. Thanks for supporting me and getting me here. Xoxo


I walked on stage to be greeted by a loud crowd.

"Hello everyone! Who's ready?” I got an answer in the form of screams. I started my playlist. First was Why Not Us.


After my concert I got hugged by Claire and Amelia.

"You did great!" they both screamed. I was in my joy place. I was happy, then Amelia dropped the bomb.

"We have to go meet with Luke, you know, your handler at Syco, he said he had some news…” We went to Syco and waited to meet Luke.

“Hey, girls.” He gave me a hug and gave Amelia a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I secretly suspect him for falling for Amelia.

"What's the news you had Luke?” Amelia asked.

“First, sit down girls.” We sat down and waited.

"Since you have your album finished and all, we want you to go on tour,” he said. I started to scream. "But that's not all. You are doing a tour together with the one and only Justin Bieber. It seemed right to do because he is the one that found you…”

"I am going on tour with Justin Bieber... I think I am in heaven.”

Luke laughed. “Yeah, and we have Justin here today so you two can meet. I know you have talked, but you have never met so that's going to happen now."

“No! I'm not dressed for that!”

"You look pretty nice if I may say so?” I heard someone say behind me. I turned around and saw Justin standing there.


“Hi, Allison.” He walked to me and hugged me tightly. “I guess we're going on tour together,” he said. I was still shocked about the fact that we had finally met.

(A/N hey you guys! hope you liked this chapter! let me know what you think! next chapter probably on sunday!)

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