Love Song

Allison is a shy and sweet girl. she tweets on of her songs to Justin Bieber when her friend Claire tells her to do so. from there on her life takes a dramatic change with her boyfriend changing for the worst, her career starts to grow, she writes more and more songs, she gets new friends and old friends stay the same.

*this story contains a lot of 16+ subjects*

this story is also on wattpad. I started to write this story for a friend, I am not much of a fan, but i don't hate him either. if you see anything wrong, i'm sorry, but please keep in mind that i actually try to do research and i try to tell the right things. if not right please tell me maybe i can change it and otherwise it's fiction so use a little imagination.


16. chapter 15: meeting the manager

Chapter 15


Claire and I went to bed. Tomorrow was the big day. I would meet Amelia Rose. I was thrilled about it.


My dreams were filled with happiness about my meeting tomorrow and after all the happiness was put in it I went back to the normal cries for help and pain because of my rape. I still had a lot of pain from it. I was emotionally scarred. And after the beating nothing got better. Even though I was a free woman he still bothered me in my dreams. I can only translate the feelings in songs.


The next morning couldn't come fast enough. We woke up and started to get dressed. I wore a dress of Claire’s. It was black with purple dots to match my hair. With the dress I wore my combat boots to give my outfit a bit of edge. Claire wore the same dress only with blue dots to match her hair. She wore these killer heels with her dress.


We ate breakfast. Well, I drank a cup of tea and Claire ate my entire fridge. After that we went on our way to the la Bella Familia. We had to drive for two hours to get there. Whilst driving, we listened to the radio and sang along. Finally we arrived.


We told the waiter who we were and he lead us to the table. I thought the waiter was pretty cute. He had short dark hair. He had a few muscles but not very much. He was not very tall, but his face was really cute. Amelia Rose was at the table already. We hugged and kissed each others’ cheeks. We said our greetings and sat down.


“Hello, Allison. You are so much cuter in real life, I am so glad you chose me to do this for you.”

“Hello, Amelia. You look just like I thought you would.” She had long blond hair, but not in a trashy or barbie way. She was tall and slim. She had this really sophisticated look to her.

"Tell me a little about yourself. Who are your inspirations? Who do you look up to? What's your favorite color? What kind of food do you like? Do you have a boyfriend? How did you get my name?"

"Whoa, a lot of questions. Well, my inspirations are Justin Bieber, One Direction, Little Mix, Paramore, Lana Del Rey and such. I look up to all of them and to my friend Claire." I hugged Claire. "My favorite color is purple as you can see from my hair. I like Italian food so this is the perfect setting for me. I used to have a boyfriend, but I broke up with him.." There fell an awkward silence.

"Why did you break up with him?"

“Well, he kinda beat me up so I ended up in the hospital and he kinda raped me with three friends of his…” I started to cry.

“Oh, honey, that sucks.” Amelia enveloped me in a hug. “Well, how did you know my name?" she asked after I calmed down.

"Justin gave it to me.”

"What Justin?"

"Justin Bieber.”

"You know him already?"

“Yeah, he arranged the recording for me and got me on the radio.”

“Whoa, that's sick!"

"I know, right? And after I came back from the hospital I had three record labels already that called me for a deal."

"Which ones and what did they offer? I will get you the best deal ever!"

“Oh, Universal, Syco and Lalaland. They all offered me so much that I can't even remember. I will send you what they told me. You go get me what you think is best for me. I trust you on this.”

“Thanks. I will make sure of that. And another question, do you have more songs ready? I want to start recording. And we have to schedule some interviews. Do you think you're up for that?"

"Hell yeah! I want to get started."

“Well, then I will call you for our next meeting when I have sorted everything.”

"Thank you very much.” We stood up and paid the bill and Claire and I went back home. In the car we talked.

“Allison, I seriously can't believe that you will be famous."

"I know, me neither.”

"But you are really good. Let’s call Justin with the news?” She pushed the button to call him.

“Hey, this is Justin.”

“Hey Justin, Alli and Claire here, you are on speaker phone, we are in the car.”

"How did it go? Did you pick someone?"

"It went great, Justin. I went with Amelia Rose. She is so great and sweet and she at least wanted what I want.”

"What did the others say?”

"The first one wanted to change me. The second was just not ready I thought and the third wanted to get me famous by being a porn star. Not my kind of idea…”

“Seriously? Well, then I am glad you chose Amelia Rose. She is indeed very nice. Shall we Skype when you get home?"

“Yeah, sure, I will text when we get home.”

"Okay babe, gotta go, bye.”

“Bye, Justin.” Claire hung up and started to scream.


"I know, Claire.” I was very calm. We finally got home after two and a half hours. I grabbed my laptop and turned it on. I went to get my phone as Claire logged on to my Skype. I quickly texted Justin.


TO Justin:

 We are ready for Skype when you are. Bye babe xoxo


I decided to tease him by saying babe.


(A/N hey so another chapter! next will be tuesday! I hope you guys liked it. let me know what you think! your comments and hearts inspire me! love you guys!)

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