Hidden secret

Darcy is a normal teenage girl. Well not very NORMAL , she didnt know her OWN secret that her mother hid from her when she was a baby. What happens when darcy moves away from London and weird stuff starts to happen. Is there any other people like her? read on to find out what happens to Darcy


2. Chapter Two

Monday. New school. New start. I think as soon as I wake. There is nothing else today. I stand and walk towards my closet and start to look through it , nope nope nope nope. The stuff was all wintery and god was it warm outside! I sigh and just agree with a pair of jeans and a crop top with a white fluffy cardigan over it and pull on a pair of white converse. I go down the stairs after grabbing my hand back. I grab an apple.

"Bye dad!" I shout while making my way outside taking bites out of the apple. Once out of the gravel path of the forest I make my way onto the main road walking down it. Suddenly a car comes zooming by me making whatever papers I had in my bag fly out and knock me onto my backside. The car suddenly stopped and someone climbed out quickly I got up grumpily and sent a few growls towards him but when I see him my face when straight he had bright blue eyes and glossy brown hair and he was tanned. I thought my mouth was opened and I checked for drool. I put my hand on my hip acting angry looking at him.

"You know there is such thing as a driving limit!" I shout looking down at all my now wet papers. Great. Just the one puddle in winter it had to fall in it! Just flipping great!

"I know , I know." He mumbles kneeling down to pick them up I kneel down with him and help putting them in my bag. "So where are you off too?" He asks standing up straight and looking at me.

"I'm going to school. To learn. And you know what. My only damn directions are now wet!" I say with a huff. He rolls his eyes.

"Winter high?" He asks and I nod. "C'mon I'm going there too. I'll drive you." I sigh and nod , getting in a car with a stranger, not a good idea but it's the least he could do like pfft knocking me on my backside! Just wrong. He guides me over to his truck (very old looking from the front) and I sigh climbing in. And soon we were off to winter high (my new school)

Once I left Nathan (I found out the hotties name like yay!) I wandered into the school and had to go to pupil support to get a new time table. Now I was just waiting on one. Waiting... Waiting... Waiting... Time ticking.. Time ticking... Time ticking... *sigh* I walk about until someone comes out handing me the time table I smile gratefully and walk away to my first class. Maths room: D2.01 once I enter my math class the teacher sets me I front of the class to introduce myself (how embarrassing , right?) after I 'introduced' myself I scrambled to the seat he had shown me.

"Hey Lola." I hear a grumbly voice beside me. I slowly turned my head slightly scared about who could know my name. Like I only just got here and wait I said it in front of the class. DUH! I turn and see its Nathan.

"Oh, hey Nathan." I whisper and look down at the textbook someone had handed me. Well at least I know the hottie *cough* I mean Nathan is in one of my classes. Wonder how many more. Ha. Just here and already drooling over a boy. Typical Darcy Rock.

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