Hidden secret

Darcy is a normal teenage girl. Well not very NORMAL , she didnt know her OWN secret that her mother hid from her when she was a baby. What happens when darcy moves away from London and weird stuff starts to happen. Is there any other people like her? read on to find out what happens to Darcy


3. chapter three

"Darcy!" I hear a shout from down the stairs and I groan turning so I'm laying on my stomach.

"Darcy!" He shouts again.

"Coming." I suppose I shout it louder than I'm supposed to. I stand and quickly shove on jeans and a black shirt saying 'rock chick' across it. I grab my school bag. And rush down the stairs. A plate with toast sits on the table waiting on me. I look at my dad and smile I mumble a thank you and start eating it quickly.

"Darling you look as if you could eat for Britain." He chuckles and I nod making my way out if the house. I make my way down the grubbily path and stop at the edge of the main road making sure there is no cars. I walk along the side of the road until I hear a loud engine and pull in a bit to let it pass. But it doesn't pass. I look behind me confused and notice it's the same truck from yesterday. "Darcy!" Nathan shouts. I turn around fully and he waves his hand out the window motioning me to come over. I do as told and get into the truck. "Do you live in the witches house?" He asks out of the blue.

"The what?" I look at him confused.

He glances at me for a few seconds then back at the road. "The house in the middle of the woods. The witches house."

"Oh yea.. Why..?" I ask looking out the front window.

"Isn't it scary?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well that house has been standing there for ages and weird stuff always happens in it , it's been there since the 1750's a very long time Darcy." He shivers and I shiver.

"Nothing has happened yet." I mumble looking at my hands clasped only legs.

"Yet Darcy. Yet." He makes a ghost notice and laughs while we drive into the school parking lot. He parks and I scramble out and make my way to where my registration class is. As soon as I reach the science corridor the bell goes and I rush for the class. With a sigh I take the seat up the very back once everyone (I hope) is seated. I sit at a desk with 3 girls around me and the three of the gossip away while I just sit there staring at my hands.

"Hello, my name is Marlene." The girl says beside me smiling , I point to myself mouth slightly ajar. "Yes silly. You." She giggles and holds out her hand and I shake it. "And you are?"

"I'm Darcy." I say smiling.

"Girls." She calls for the other two of them and they look with big smiles on their faces. "That's Cat." She points to a slim girl with red hair. "Olivia." She's points to a pretty girl with blonde curls. "And this girls ,is Darcy." She giggles and we all exchange waves.

"Hi." I whisper and they all smile.

"Word got around that a new girl is staying in the wicker house." Olivia whispers.

"That's me..." I sigh looking down.

"Oh darling! You're not joking are you?!" Olivia gasps.

I shake my head, "I live in the wicker house in the middle of the woods , it's not so bad. It was kinda freaky on the first night but even though I've only been in it for a day it's not so scary now." I say smiling.

"I always need to walk past that place when I go to my horse riding. Sometimes I actually beg my mum to drop me off further up. It gives me the heiby jeebies." She shivers. "And not the good kind."

"When you're ready Olivia." The registration teacher announces and goes on with the register leaving a blushing Olivia looking down at her hands.

"I can tell. Me and you. Are going to be really good friends." Marlene whispers beside me I nod smiling at her as the classroom starts to be full with people saying 'here'

BIOLOGY CLASS WENT BY IN A DASH Nathan was in this class also. And as I wrote my last word on the price of paper the bell went off. During the class. Me and Marlene kept looking at each other. I pack my stuff away then make my way over to her desk.

"Well that was easy." I mumble.

She looks up at me shocked. "How?!" She gasps. "that was the hardest thing ever. And you say that was easy and you just got here ! Are you a prodigy or something?!" She shouts , making people turn to give her weird looks and she just waves them off.

"No. I've learned everything we are learning just now in classes." I state as we walk out of the classroom. "Before I left I had taken a test on that stuff." I laugh a little while we make our way to the lunch hall.

"You should be a tutor." She laughs.

"Nah. Sooner or later I will be learning something I don't know." She nods and we stand in the line in silence.

"so where are we sitting?" I ask after we were out of the busy cafeteria.

"We sit in a room in the Spanish bit. It's quiet. And we normally have a carryon . Come on!" She grabs my arm and pulls me towards a red corridor. She let's go of my arm and pushes the door in to hear giggling and shouting and debating. "and this is what happens everyday since we all met." She giggles and sits down in a chair and randomly joins in the conversation with Olivia and Cat.

"Word says that Nathan and Caroline had another fight today." The whole room gasps.

"what ,really?! Again?!" Marlene says in shock.

"Yup again." Cat groans.

Marlene turns around to look at me. "Do you know of Nathan? " she asks.

I nod slowly, "well I think is he the boy with dark hair and is quite tanned?" I ask and she nods "yes I know him."

"Okay well he has a girlfriend and she's one of the cheerleaders. And they are always fighting. All the girls fall for him. Literally diving at his feet when him and Caroline have a fight. And they never seem to break up. So then all the girls go back to stalking him from a distance." I nod.

"So basically what you're saying is nearly everyone is in love with his and him and his girlfriend always fight but never break up?" I sum up and she nods "you should've just said that then." I laugh a little and they all giggle while nodding.

I LAY IN MY BED WITH MY HEAD STUCK into a book I was reading. "Darcy." My dad whispers softly and nocks on my door.

"Come in dad." I sigh sitting up on the bed after closing my book. He enters and comes to sit on the edge of my bed. "What's up?" I ask smiling. His face glowing with the glow of my lampshade on my bedside table.

"I'm going to stay with Brian and David tomorrow. It's to look for things and I need to go for a night." Brian and David were this gay couple but my dad loved them to bits and I really know them as Uncle Brian and Uncle David. They're brilliant I have known them since I was very young. "You said you met a few friends today didn't you?" He asks and I nod. "Invite them down to have a sleepover I don't really want you sleeping here yourself. Considering we've just moved in."

I nod. "I'll ask them tomorrow dad. " I say smiling.

"Well goodnight darling. I'll be here when you wake up. " he stands leans down to give me a kiss on my cheek and smiles walking out the room closing the door behind him. I pick up my book to finish the last of the chapter. Once I finish the chapter I put my bookmark into the book shut in. Turn off the light then slowly start to fall asleep.

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