Hidden secret

Darcy is a normal teenage girl. Well not very NORMAL , she didnt know her OWN secret that her mother hid from her when she was a baby. What happens when darcy moves away from London and weird stuff starts to happen. Is there any other people like her? read on to find out what happens to Darcy


1. Chapter One.

I sat looking about as we drove past the forest.

"London..." I sigh thinking about all my friends. Now I was gone. They didn't have to bother about me. Only a friend less.

"C'mon Darcy, cheer up." My dad said turning around smiling, "Don't be like that darling." He sighed and continued to drive as the lights went green.

"I know dad.. I just miss London. I did grow up there." I sigh and wipe a tear that escaped my eye, why was I crying? I couldn't remember. I watched as Dad took the car up a bumpy road that lead into the forest.

"Just up there is our new home." He said with a smile as he pointed to the large cottage in the middle of the woods. "That's where we are going to live, for what I hope a long time." He chuckled and stopped the car pulling it in front of the house. I looked at it. It was definitely old. The chimney was falling apart.  This 'house' needed a lot of work done. I pulled my suitcase out with me with a groan. I looked a little closer. Well it WAS alright from the front. I then took a look around the back and yep it still needed a lot of work done still. Nothing like some good DIY. Dad opened the door and I followed him. I coughed a little as I walked in, It needed some dusting. Something else to put on the list... Nearly everything was made out of wood. The floor was wooden. Some of the roof was wood. But apart from the mess of the house it was beautiful and it would be definitely beautiful when me and my Father got to work in the dump. "I thought you would like the room up the stairs on the left, Its got a beautiful view." My father said as he vanished into the kitchen to start unpacking the utensils. I climbed the stairs following his instructions. I gasped as I walked into the room. God! it was beautiful. Just a little bit of TLC would make this room perfect. I pulled open the curtains and looked outside. My window lead onto the woods, A beautiful part of it To Be Honest. The green leafs stood out and the wild roses lay there peacefully, not disturbed. A smile escaped my lips.

"Maybe living here wont be soo bad." I mumble and put my suitcase on the bed putting my jeans into one drawer and my shirts into another the same with my underwear. "Nothing else to do but go help dad." I sighed as I slid the suitcase under the bed and made my way down the stairs. I walked into the kitchen looking at my dad at his confused face I giggled. "Dad what's up?" I ask as I stand beside him.

"Nothing Darcy. Just I'm a little confused." He looked at the box, "I'm sure this is the kitchen stuff but ya know its got the living room stuff in it," He chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck giving a shrug. "Now I just need to find the kitchen stuff," He smiled and started pulling open the boxes looking for the Kitchen utensils. He found them and we started to put then in the drawers. "You'll like Winter Darcy," He said as he turned to look at me, "You'll find it quite homey I hope." He gave me a smile as I hugged him.

"When do I start school?" I asked, I needed to start studying for my exams. I wanted to get into a good college when I left.

"This Monday," He kissed my head and continued to unpack.

"This Monday.." I repeated and gave a nod also and a long sigh and continued unpacking also.

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