Not A Player (Liam Payne)

"Why are you afraid?" he asked, coming closer to me. "I-I'm not" I stuttered. He stared into my eyes and came even closer that our foreheads touched. "Prove it."


3. Chapter 3

~~He looked at my lips. I blushed as he smiled at my lips. He looked up at my eyes. "Um..." he said. I started getting goose bumps. I closed my eyes tightly, afraid of what he was going to do. I felt what felt like a hand, rub up and down on my thigh. I opened my eyes and looked at my thighs. I saw Liam's hand, going from above my knee joint, stopping at my inner thighs. "Don't be afraid" he said, looking at me. I tried to avoid eye contact but his eyes were hard to resist. I found myself looking at his letterman. His letterman jacket looked sexy over a whit, see-through tank top. He noticed I was looking and looked down at his chest, with half a smirk on his face. He looked up and so did I. "I just wanted to-" Liam started. He didn't finish. He leaned in slowly. Next thing I knew, his lips were pressed to mine. They felt warm and soft against mine. The kiss was slow and passionate. He pulled apart but kept our noses touching. "Wanna me to be your bully?" he pants with a smirk. I nodded. He pressed his lips against mine. He rubbed up and down my thigh with one hand and the other cupped my cheek. His hand stop halfway from the knee joint to my inner thighs and gripped my pants. He released the kiss and stood up. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me up with him. He pulled me closer to his chest and pressed his lips back to mine. He rubbed both hands down my back and slipped them in my jeans and panties. I moaned against his lips. He squeezed my ass roughly. I moaned against his lips. He released his lips and squeezed my ass, rough and hard, one last time and slipped his hands out. "We can't finish if I don't have your number" he smirked. He slipped his hand in his back pocket and pulled out his phone. He handed it to me and I typed my number in. "Don't even think about telling anybody" he said  and walked towards the locker room door. I waited a few seconds and quickly ran out of the boys' locker room. I walked down the hall to see Sarah. She was standing with her back rested against the locker, holding six books in her hands. "There you are" she said and sprinted over to me. She handed me my three books. "Nikki, we're going to miss 2nd period" she said and I followed her down the hall to Mr. Hansley's math classroom. Out of all the teachers in 9th grade, Mr. Hansley is my favorite. Was Liam interested in me?


A/N: Sorry it's been a while, school is driving me crazy!!

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