Not A Player (Liam Payne)

"Why are you afraid?" he asked, coming closer to me. "I-I'm not" I stuttered. He stared into my eyes and came even closer that our foreheads touched. "Prove it."


2. Chapter 2

~~I walked in the classroom. "Miss Dudley, you're late" Mrs. Lotter barked. "Yes, I know, Mrs. Lotter" I said, walking towards my desk. I sat in front of Sarah and across from Liam. I opened up my math textbook to page 166 and starting reading. I noticed Liam sneaking peeks at me, through the corner of my eye. "So class, we are reviewing multiplying and divide fractions-" Mrs. Lotter is annoying. I looked up at Liam who was smiling at me. I smiled back and looked back at my book, blushing. "Miss Dudley, please answer" Mrs. Lotter said, looking over at me. I felt my stomach dropped I looked around the room. "Question 10" Mrs. Lotter said. I looked at my book. "33/100" I said, almost whispering. She glared at me and said, "Correct." We already knew this stuff, she just likes torturing us. "Party. Tomorrow." Sarah whispered at the back of my head. I nodded. Today was Friday and Dean is throwing a party. He invited Sarah and she could pick one guest to go so she picked me. I looked up at Mrs. Lotter. Her gray, curly hair was dangling from her head and her glasses were glued to her face. "And that's why it equals 60/190" she said, looking at the clock. Suddenly, the bell rings. "Class dismissed" Mrs. Lotter barks as the whole class hops out of their chairs. I followed Sarah out of the class until a hand grabbed my shoulder and that stopped me. I turned around to see Liam. He was smiling and his hand was warm on my shoulder. "I just wanted to talk to you" he says. His British voice echoed my mind, again. I nodded and he grabbed my hand. We went the opposite direction from everybody else. He lead me to the boy's locker room. I stopped and stared at the door. "Don't worry. nobody's in there" he says and we went in. I sat on a bench and he sat next to me. "Listen, I wanted to talk to you" he said. I nodded and looked down at his jacket. It was red and it had in black letters, RH, ( Richmond High) in the right hand corner. "Start talking" I said, softly. I was shy when it came to guys. There is just one thing I don't understand, what was he going to say?

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