Not A Player (Liam Payne)

"Why are you afraid?" he asked, coming closer to me. "I-I'm not" I stuttered. He stared into my eyes and came even closer that our foreheads touched. "Prove it."


1. Chapter 1

~~Nikki P.O.V
"Nikki" mom says through the phone. "Sorry mom, Sarah asked me a question." I said, "And yes, school is doing....great." I can't tell my mom that I'm getting bullied, she won't understand, she's evil. "Mom, I gotta get ready, talk to you later" I said, "Bye." "Love you" she says and I hang up. She doesn't love me, she's just bluffing. I grabbed my backpack and went outside where Sarah was. "Ready?" she asked. "Ready" I replied and we hopped in Sarah's car. She drove as I thought. School- a place that is similar to prison except prison is better. I sat there for 10 minutes thinking about the jocks and getting bullied again. Sarah snapped me out of my thoughts. "Nikki, we're in this together." "I know, it's just the jocks hate me." I said. "Maybe it's because their jealous of you" she said. I ignored her. Jocks jealous? I don't think so. We finally arrived at the school and we both got out. "Okay, just stay by me" she said as we walked towards the school doors. I nodded as we entered. There were kids huddled up by lockers, some were yelling, some were being weird and some were just plain strange. I looked straight across the hall. I saw the jocks picking on a nerd. "Next time you don't do my homework..." Michael said as he threw him against the locker. "It'll be worse." He laughed and the group walked off. Michael is the "leader" of the jocks because he's the quarterback of our school's football team, big deal. My locker is right next to his. I tried to sneak behind him but he turned around and bumped into me. I fell onto the floor. "Oh, I apologize" he said, placing his hand out. I looked at it. "Don't be shy" he said. His British voice echoed my mind. I grabbed his hand and he pulled me up. "Well, your welcome by the way." he said, "What's your name?" I gulped. "N-Nikki" I mumbled and he smiled. "Well Nikki, see you around" he said and walked down the hall. Did Liam Payne the jock just help me up?

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