Rose has finally gotten over her ex-boyfriend, Harry Styles. She has been able to put the past behind her and move on. She now has a successful job, amazing friends, and a caring boyfriend. Her life seemed to perfect.

But her perfect life would soon be interrupted. After Harry returns home during a break, he and Rose run into each other. Will Rose push Harry away or will his mistakes be forgotten?


4. Three

Rose Harry Styles Spotted With Mystery Girl! Does he have a new girlfriend? Harry Styles was spotted leaving Victoria Infirmary with a mysterious red head. A witness tells us that Harry carried the girl in at around 12:03 and they left at around 2:45. The girl was wearing a cast on her right hand and had a black eye. Ouch!  So, do you guys think that yet another 1D member is taken? And what exactly happened to Harry's lady friend? Hit us up in the comments and let us know what you think. Don't forget to subscribe to Clevver News. I'm Deidre Behar and we'll see you next time. One thing about Harry and I was that we weren't very patient people. After the video started buffering, we immediately went to the description which conveniently had everything Deidre was saying. That was the one thing I loved about Clevver News. Harry was a slow reader so I had to hold my phone up for a few more minutes. My arm started getting tired and it was starting to hurt. "Harry! How much longer until you're done?" I was growing very impatient. He started murmuring as he read. "Harry carried the girl in at around 12:03..." I looked at him incredulously. "Are you kidding me? Ugh!" I dropped my phone onto the kitchen table and stood up from my seat. Harry took my spot and continued reading. I walked to the couch and sat down next to Anne, as she clicked through pictures on her camera. I leaned over to look at them with her. I giggled at one of the pictures where Harry and I were facing each other. He had his arm around my waist, holding me close while I had my hand on his chest and was trying to push him away. When he starting holding me, I didn't mind it at all. But it soon became very hot in the room and I couldn't bear the heat. I actually dreamed that I was inside a volcano.  In the picture, you could actually see little beads of sweat on my forehead and discomfort was very evident on my face. My eyebrows were drawn together. I started to examine Harry in the picture. That was when I noticed that Harry's eyes were slightly open. I had to squint to see it at first but it soon became clear to me that Harry was awake at the time. I could see a playful smirk on his face as he watched me struggle to cool down. I walked over to Harry and hit him in the back of the head. "Ow!" He reached up and rubbed the spot where I hit him. "What was that for?" I playfully glared at him. "You knew it was extremely hot in that room and you were gonna torture me like that? You're so mean to me." I sat across from him at the table and pretended to pout. He slid my phone over to me and chuckled. "Yeah, the look on your face was kinda adorable. I liked seeing you so troubled." I could see a tint of pink in his cheeks and I knew mine were probably the same. I snapped out of it and looked down at my phone.  "S-so, um, what do you want to do about these stories?" He rubbed the back of his neck with his hand. "I think we should just leave it be. I'm sure they'll just forget about sooner or later." I nodded my head slowly and started scrolling through my Instagram feed. Harry To be completely honest, the stories didn't bother me. I mean, why would they? There was no doubt in my mind that I was still in love with this girl. I know it sounds kind of weird. I mean, I didn't even recognize when I first saw her. She looked so much different. She was so broken. Not the way she was the last time I saw her, but way worse. It was heart breaking. I could barely stand it. Once I knew who she was, I replayed the events of the night. I pictured her scared face and how limp she as in my arms. Of course, that worried me. On the walk to her room, I was anxious. I didn't know how she would look.  She was awake when I walked in, and when I saw her, I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. She had a black eye and a cast on her right arm but other than that she still managed to look perky. I always wondered how she managed to stay positive. I pulled a chair up to her and stared at the gorgeous girl in front of me. I knew that I wouldn't be able to handle her returning to that place, especially not on her own. I had to keep her close and I wasn't going to let her argue with me about it. I wasn't going to let her slip from my fingertips this time.  So yeah, I wasn't bothered at all by the stories. They represented something that I desperately yearned for ever since that terrible moment.  Rose I needed to get my feelings straight. 3 years ago, I broke up with this guy. During the 3 years that followed, I tried to escape him and get over him. Flash forward to now, and I'm sitting across from him at his dining room table at his apartment, where I would be staying for who knows how long. Oi vey. A normal person would probably refuse to stay with their ex and even if they had to, they wouldn't sleep in the same freaking bed as them. I could definitely say that I was messed up. I was at odds with myself. Half of my brain wanted to dart out of their and get away from the guy that broke my heart but the other half knew that he was starting to fill the empty spaces that he left. The other half knew that I was still in love with him. Get a grip, girl! You can't fall for him again! He'll just make more mistakes, my mind screamed at me.  Yeah, but so have I. For example, I broke up with Harry in the first place. Another one was that I dated Aaron. Shall I continue? I argued back. I didn't hear anything else from that annoying little voice in my head. Look, I know you're upset that I'm trusting him again but I'm not getting back together with him. At least, not now. I'm still shaken up from last night. I knew that day would never leave my memory. I needed to find a way to get rid of it, or at least try to push it to the back of my mind. "Harry, is it okay if I go somewhere? I'll be fine, I just need to go get my hair done." I knew he didn't want me out on my own but I needed to do this, preferably alone. ~  "Alright, take a look." I turned to face the mirror and gasped. I looked so, different. It was exactly what I was going for. It took me a couple tries before I actually fully convinced myself to get rid of the red hair. It had always been a part of me and I guess I grew attached to the look. But it was time for a change. It reminded me too much of the past. I also added extensions because of the damage that the dye did to my hair. Whoops! I paid and then walked out to my car. I looked at myself in the car mirror, feeling better about my situation.  When I unlocked the door to Harry's apartment, Anne was gone and Harry was sitting by the front door, apparently waiting for me. "I like the hair. It's different." I smiled at him, my cheeks heating up. "How did you know I would be back so soon?" He picked his phone up from the ground beside you. "The paps saw you coming out of the salon with your new do. They just couldn't wait to release the pics of the new you. I figured it wouldn't take you long to get here." I giggled as I set my bag down on the couch and relaxed. Harry came over and sat down with me. I shivered slightly, the room being colder than it was outside. "Are you cold?" Harry looked at me, concerned. "Just a tad bit." He nodded his head before shifting on the couch. "Come here." He pulled me closer to him so that we were stretched out on the couch. My head was on his chest as he held me closely to his warm body. He began humming a tune that I didn't recognize. I really liked it. "Harry?" "Hmm?" He hummed in response. "What song is that?" He looked down at me with his beautiful green eyes. "Would you like me to sing it for you?" I nodded.  Harry I ran into my bedroom to fetch my guitar and pulled a chair across from the couch. Rose was sitting up, staring intently at me as I began to play Wait For Me by Shane Harper. I've written a thousand words I know Sorry I love you and please don't go I've waited so long I'm sure it shows I've written a thousand words I know   I'm wasting away A little more everyday Wait for me  Wait for me When I ask you to stay Are you gonna go on your way? Wait for me  Wait for me (Wait for me)   I saw a million lies you spoke Over and over until we broke I know that it means everything To you but do you really think? This time apart will mend and help us grow I told a million lies I know   I'm wasting away A little more everyday Wait for me  Wait for me When I ask you to stay Are you gonna go on your way? Wait for me  Wait for me (Wait for me)   Oh woah Oh woah Oh woah Oh woah Oh woah Oh woah   I'm wasting away A little more everyday Wait for me   We're wasting away A little more everyday Wait for me  Wait for me When I ask you to stay Are you gonna go on your way? Wait for me  Wait for me   Yeah   My love Don't tell me that its over My love Can't take it anymore My love You're staring at the future My love You're staring at the door Don't wait for me I finished the song and continued staring into Rose's eyes, the same way I did during the entire song. She continued staring right back and before I knew it, we were so close that our noses were touching. I had one hand carefully holding the back of her head while the other was gently placed on her back. She was touching my cheek with her good hand. I looked down at her lips, wanting so badly to cover them with mine. I looked back up into her eyes and I could just barely feel her nod, as if she was giving me permission to kiss her. I wasted no time in connecting our lips. I kept the kiss gentle and slow, wanting it to last as long as possible. It felt like my heart exploded when I kissed her. It literally felt like fireworks. I could feel her hand make its way up to my hair. She gently ran her fingers through my curls as I brushed my tongue against her lip. She opened her mouth in response and our tongues danced against each other.  The kiss was amazing and I never wanted it to end. The past 3 years of not thinking about Rose had vanished. My involvement with any other girl was irrelevant. The only thing that mattered was Rose. I knew from that instant that there was no way I would ever let her go again.  Unfortunately, we had to break the kiss. Darn our need for air. I stared down at her, trying to catch my breath. At first, we just stood there, embracing each other. But then, Rose's eyes widened and she ran into my bedroom. Rose You just had to ignore me, didn't you? After all of the warning bells and signs. you decided to kiss him.  Shut up! Look, an argument with myself is the last thing that I need. I thought to my annoying voice. I heard a knock at the door. "Look, Rose, we need to talk about this. I'm not gonna hide my feelings for you. I love you." I refused to open the door but I replied back.  "Harry, we both know that's not true. If you really did love me, you wouldn't have showed up drunk to one of the most important nights in our relationship. I put in so much effort to make everything perfect and you ruined everything." He sighed. "Babe, I messed up big time, and that mistake cost me the most important thing in my life. I've been regretting it for the past 3 years." I shook my head, even though he couldn't see me. "No Harry, you didn't. I don't know  how quickly it happened, but over those 3 years you found other people. You completely moved on. It took me a while but I did too. It shouldn't be this way. You stopped loving me a long time ago."  I heard the click of the lock and the door opened. He must have been picking the lock while I was talking. He quickly shut the door and blocked it. "How could you say that? I never stopped loving you and I never will. I know you still love me too. So stop fighting it." He grabbed my hand and held it tightly. I didn't pull away. I stood there and looked into his eyes, afraid to admit what was obvious. I sighed. "Harry, as much as I wish I didn't need you, you'll always be a piece of me. I know that I'm risking everything by putting myself out there but the truth is, I felt like I lost my heat and mind without you. It was like I was paralyzed when you weren't with me." Harry smiled. "I'm not exactly saying that things will go back to the way they were, but I am saying that I want to give it a try." Harry was grinning from ear to ear as I said that and I couldn't help but return the grin. "I love you," he said. "I love you too," I responded before kissing him.
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