Niall's Little Sister

"Who's that?"
"My sister."
"S-She's hot"
"Don't pull anything, Tommo, I know how you are around chicks"
"Oh, I'll pull something" I mumble to myself.


4. Chapter 4

~~Louis P.O.V

She came back with a few shots. "Vodka?" I asked. She nodded and sat on the opposite side from me. A few minutes later, I was drunk. "Harry fucking Styles fucked my girlfriend in the ass" I grumbled, angrily. I took another shot. "Louis, you're drunk" Alana said. I nodded. "Who gives a fuck?" I asked. "I have to get back to work but I'll come check on you every now and then" she said and gave me another shot. I smirked. "Well, be right back in 10" she said and walked off. I chugged the shot and watched the strippers on stage. El popped in my mind.
"Ouch" El whined. "Baby, what happened?" I asked. "I got a splinter" she said. "Let me help" I said. "NO!" she yelled. "Baby, it's gonna hurt if I don't pull it out" I said. She looked at her finger. "Fine" she said, putting her finger in front of me. I took the tweezers off of the table. She winced as I pulled. "There you go, wussy" I said. She frowned. I giggled and pressed my lips to hers. "I love you" she said. "I love you too" I said.
"She never loved me" I mumbled to myself. "WAITRESS!!!" I yelled. Some dirty blonde headed chick came to me. "Yes hun?" she asked. "More vodka please" I said and she nodded. "ALANA, MORE VODKA, TABLE 8" she yelled across the room. "OKAY HUN!!" Alana yelled back. A few minutes later, Alana came with more vodka. "Louis, this is your 20th shot" she said.  "Nah, duhh" I said, then laughed. She rolled her eyes. "We're gonna leave in a few hours" she said and walked off again. I saw a blonde familiar chick walk in Charlie's. "Louis?" Liam asked, walking over to me. "What?" I growled. "You're drunk aren't you?" he asked. I stuck my tongue out at him. "Yeah, you're drunk" he replied.  I looked over at the blonde chick. Why does she look familiar? "Yo Niall" I said and Niall walked over. "What?" he said. "Who's that?" I asked "My sister." Niall  said. "S-She's hot" I stuttered. "Don't pull anything, Tommo, I know how you are around chicks" Niall growled. "Oh, I'll pull something" I mumble to myself. "She's mine even if I have to kill a man" I mumbled to myself again.

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