Niall's Little Sister

"Who's that?"
"My sister."
"S-She's hot"
"Don't pull anything, Tommo, I know how you are around chicks"
"Oh, I'll pull something" I mumble to myself.


3. Chapter 3

~~I walked out of the house with my car keys in my hand. Harry thinks he can fuck my girlfriend. He's an ass. I hopped in my car and drove off. I'm not in the mood to be fucked with. I drove for what felt like years but it was really an hour. I parked the car and hopped out. Ahh, Charlie's always, my favorite pub\strip club. I walked in and saw Alana. "Hey you." Alana said, "What brings you here?" "Styles" I replied. I don't want to say his first name, I might punch Alana. "Well, you need a bitch?" she joked. I laughed. "Nope, no strippers today" I said. She frowned, "Oh well, you need a fr- friend?" she asked. Alana is a friend of mine and she's also a stripper. She doesn't use the word friend, she uses bitch too much. "Yeah, I need one" I said, "I'll pay you more as a friend then a bitch, but only for tonight" I said. She laughed. "Well, let me tell Charlie that I'm going on break early." she said. I nodded. "I'll be at the normal table" I said and she nodded. I sat at table 8, like always. Alana is sexy but I like her more as a friend than a lover. "Okay, he gave me 30" she said and sat on the opposite side of the table. "So hun, what exactly happen?" she asked, pulling her money out of her bra and counting it. "Well, Styles fucked El and lied to me about it" I said, watching as she placed her money back in her bra. "Ouch, he fucked her?" she asked. I nodded. Anger built up inside of me. "And when did this happen?" she asked. Her green eyes looking into my blue ones. "Saturday" I said. "You've been fighting for 5 days now" she said, "That's a lot" she said. I nodded. "Um Alana?" I asked. "Yeah, hun?" she asked. "I know this is kinda dumb but can I stay over at your place tonight?" I asked, "I don't wanna go back to that slut." "Oh..." she said. "I dunno" she said. "Let me see" she said, pulling her phone out of a black bag under the table. "Nobody sits at this table besides me and you" she said and looked down at her phone. "You can stay but only for tonight" she said, putting her phone back in the bag and putting it under the table. "Can you get me a drink?" I asked. "Sure hun, whatcha want?" she asked, standing up from the table. "Surprise me" I said and she walks off.

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