Niall's Little Sister

"Who's that?"
"My sister."
"S-She's hot"
"Don't pull anything, Tommo, I know how you are around chicks"
"Oh, I'll pull something" I mumble to myself.


2. Chapter 2

"Or Silly" Niall added. Jess glared at him and he chuckled. "Well, can I get you anything?" Zayn asked. "FOOD!!!" Niall yelled. "But Niall, we ate before we got here" Liam said. "So" Niall said. Zayn laughed. "How 'bout you, love?" he asked, looking at Jess. "I'll take a beer." Jess said. Zayn looked at her and smiled. "That's my girl" Niall said, kissing her forehead. "Jess is part Irish and part British" Niall said. I looked at Louis. "Hey dumbfuck, want anything?" I asked. "GO TO HELL!!" Louis yelled, not looking up from his magazine. "Asshole" I mumbled under my breath. "Bitch" he mumbled back. "I'm sorry guys, Harry and Louis have been fighting since Waliyha's birthday" Zayn says. "How old is she again?" Niall asked. Zayn laughed. "She's 15" Zayn replied. "Waliyha Malik is 15, ALREADY!!" Niall said. Zayn smiled. "Yeah, oh and Jess, here's your beer." he replied giving her a beer. "PINTS!!" Niall yelled, "AND FOOD!!" He's always a demander. "Tommo, you alright buddy?" Zayn asked. "I'm fine" he said, his nose still in the magazine. "YOU MUTHA FUCKER!!" Niall yelled, looking at his phone. "What?" I asked. "It's that Jess' ex boyfriend, Jeff" Niall growled. "It's okay, Niall" Jess said. "NO IT'S FUCKING NOT!!!" Niall yelled, walking into the house. "LET ME GIVE THIS MUTHA FUCKER A PIECE OF MY MIND!!" Niall yelled. "Or your fist" Jess mumbled. "Oh um Louis?" I asked. "What?" he growled. "Watch your back." I said. "YOU MANWHORE" Louis yelled, slamming the magazine on his lap. "YOU ASS FUCKER!!!" I growled. "FUCK YOU STYLES!!" Louis yelled. Louis got up, placed the magazine next to the hammer on the picnic table and walked in the house. "I still don't know how this started" Liam said. "It's a long story" Zayn said, "I'll tell you inside." Zayn said. "Well, I'm gonna get back, have fun" I said and walked towards the shed.

Niall walked downstairs to see Jess, Liam and I sitting on the couch. "Sorry 'bout that" he said, sitting next to Jess. "Okay, explain" Liam demanded and Zayn nodded.
"I'll get the cake" Niall said. "No Niall, you'll eat it." Harry laughed. Liam and Niall both went out to get the cake. Louis was playing with Harry's curls. "Harry, come help upstairs." I said, walking upstairs. "Okay" he said, getting up. I noticed as he was coming up, he dropped his phone next to Louis but Harry didn't seem to notice. I really didn't care and he followed me upstairs. "Shh, she's asleep" I whispered and he nodded. All of the sudden, Louis yells, "YOU BITCH!!" "Harry, what did you do?" I asked, running towards the stairs. "I didn't do sh*t" he said as we went downstairs. "SO FUCKING MY GIRLFRIEND ISN'T DOING SHIT!!" Louis yelled. "I DIDN'T FUCK EL!!!" Harry yelled back. "OH, SO THESE MESSAGES JUST APPEARED ON YOUR PHONE!!" he said, putting Harry's phone in Harry's face. "What!" he said, taking the phone from Louis. "I DIDN'T FUCKING SLEEP WITH HER!!" Harry yelled back. "FUCK YOU STYLES!" Louis yelled, walking out of the house.
"Oh, that's why Louis wasn't at the party" Liam said. Zayn nodded. "Good thing Waliyha is a heavy sleeper." Zayn teased. Louis ran back downstairs and headed outside. "Woah, where you going Tommo?" Zayn asked. "Out" Louis replied, grabbing his jean jacket. "Don't stay out too long" Niall joked. Louis flipped him off. "I'm not in the mood, Horan" he said, and walked out, slamming the door behind him.

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