Niall's Little Sister

"Who's that?"
"My sister."
"S-She's hot"
"Don't pull anything, Tommo, I know how you are around chicks"
"Oh, I'll pull something" I mumble to myself.


1. Chapter 1

~~Jessica P.O.V

"Ahh" I scream playfully as Niall chases me. "No....Niall....stop" I breath as he caught me and started tickling me again. "Nope, silly" he laughs and continues. Liam walks in the room with Wendy's. "Ooh, food!" Niall yelled and stopped. I giggled at his expression when Liam brought food in. "Jess, want some?" Liam asked. "Nah" I said. "Then more for m-" Niall started. "More for us" he groaned. I laughed and watched as they both tore the food up.  I knew Liam because he was Liam's best mate, they're real close. "So Jess, how about we go meet the other mates?" Niall asked. "Other mates?" I asked and he nodded. "Yeah, Zayn, Louis and Harry" he said and swallowed the rest of his burger. "When?" I asked. "When!?" Niall raised an eyebrow. "Now, silly" he said and Liam threw the bag in the trash. I guess Jess and Silly are my nicknames, okay. "Well, leggo" Liam said and we went outside. It was cool, fall weather that was always my favorite. "LOUIS!!" Niall yelled at the top of his lungs. "WTF NIALL, I COULD HEAR YOU FROM HERE!!!" a guy from across the street yelled back. "THANK YOU!!" Niall replied, sarcastically. "That's Louis" Liam said. "Nah, that's the Queen of England" I said, sarcastically. I get it from Niall. Liam chuckled.  "Where the fuck is Zayn and Harry?" Niall asked as we approached Louis' house. "In their somewhere" he points towards the shed. "Why the fuck are they in the shed?" Liam asked. "Harry's looking for monsters" Louis said, sarcastically and pulled a magazine up to his face. Niall kicked Louis' lawn chair. "WTF!!" I turned my head toward the shed to see a curly headed boy with a hammer walk out. "Shit" he swore. "Harry?" Liam asked, raising an eyebrow. "FUCKING LAZY LOUIS OVER THERE JUST SITS IN A FUCKING LAWN CHAIR!!" he yelled loud enough for Louis to hear. "WELL IT'S YOUR OWN GOD DAMN FAULT!!" he yelled back, slamming the magazine down on his lap. "WTF DID I DO?" Harry asked. "YOU'RE BEING YOUR FUCKING SELF!!" he yelled back. "OH, SO YOU'RE BEING LAZY BECAUSE I AM BEING MYSELF?" He asked. Louis nodded, angrily. "WELL, GO TO HELL TOMLINSON!!" He yelled, going towards the house. "I'm really sorry you had to hear and see that" Harry said. "Nah, it's fine" Liam said. "When did you guys start fighting?" Niall asked. "Well, it started Saturday" Harry replies, setting the hammer down on the picnic table. "Why did y'all start?" I asked. Harry smiled, hiding his anger. You could tell he didn't want to answer that question. "Well, Louis started it, he thought it was a good idea to build a little park right on all of my outdoor objects" he says and points to stuff like jump ropes and tools. "He wants me to move them so he could have a playground for no reason that little dumbf*ck" he said, angrily. Louis smacked the magazine back on is lap. "NO FUCKING WAY!! NOW YOU'RE LYING TO FOLKS!!" Louis yelled. "I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO GO TO HELL!!" Harry yelled back. "I'VE BEEN THERE AND BACK YOU DUMBFUCK" Louis stood up from his lawn chair and stomped over to Harry. "YOU LISTEN HERE, YOU SUCH A FUCKING SCREW UP, I NEVER SAID ANYTHING ABOUT A PLAYGROUND, OKAY, YOU'RE FUCKING RETARDED AND NEED TO LEARN HOW TO HEAR AND SINCE I'VE ALREADY BEEN TO HELL AND BACK, HOW ABOUT YOU GIVE IT A TRY!?!" Louis yelled, right in his face. "YOU FUCKING WHORE!!" Harry yelled and shoved him down. "Knock it off, Styles" Niall yelled. Louis stood back up, he was about to punch him until he saw me standing next to Niall. He sighed and put his fist down. He went around red faced Harry and went into the house. "ZAYN!! VISITORS!!" Louis yelled in the house and walked out. He walked back over to his lawn chair, sat down and continued reading his magazine. A guy came walking out of the house. "Hey mates" he said and then looked at me. "Hello, I'm Zayn" he said with a smile. "I'm Jessica but I prefer Jess" I said. "Or Silly" Niall said. I glared at him and he chuckled.

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