1. Where it all started

        I was walking down the streets of Seattle. I felt like an outcast. I saw a rapper on the side of the street rapping with his friend. They were really good. I grabbed a loose dollar out of my pocket and put it in the hat. "Hey thanks." I nodded. "Your not from here aren't you?" I shook my head 'no'. He was actually kinda cute. He had black hair that flopped over his left eye, icy blue eyes and a snake bite on his bottom lip. "You look lost. My friend and I have a spare bedroom at our apartment. You can stay with us for a little, but I should get to know you better." I nodded. "Uhh," he looked at my name tag that's on my bag. "Xalica. Beautiful name." I smiled and followed him into the restaraunt that they were standing infront of. "Hey Keeg, I'm gonna go to the house. I freaking tired." "M'kay." His friend was a bit shorter than "Keeg". He had a funny looking haircut and he styled it to look like a combover. "Where are you from?" I didn't answer. "You don't talk much do you?" I shook my head. "Are you from Washington?" I shook my head. "I-I'm from Russia." "Heh, so you can talk?" I blushed a little. "I never caught your name." "Keegan, or Keeg" *few days later* I finally got moved in to my own apartment. "Hey papa." I was talking to my Papa "Hey Sweetheart." "How's the military?" "Very good. How's it like in Sealtta?" "It's Seattle papa. And fine. Something called the Seahawks are going to someting called the Super Bowl against the Denver Broncos." * few hours later* I hung up with my Papa and Keegan called me. "Hello?" "Hey gourgeous" "Hi Keegan." "Can you meet me at the park?" "Sure." I walked over to the park and saw helicopters and tanks and military people. "Xalica get in!" I saw Keegan in the heli and jumped in. "Papa, what's going on?" "There's a war break out and we need to take you two to shelter before the breakout beats us. And Keegan never call my Xali gorgeous again, I can only do that." "Yes sir." "Good boy."

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