3. New Life

          "Xali, are you in there?" "Yeah." "Oh." "Why?" "Because Keegan is here." Keegan has been gon for a few days. Even though it sure as heck didn't feel like it. "What? Really?" "Yeah." I ran out the door and saw Keegan in the door way. "I was scared to death! I thought you said you would be here later on monday?" "Well.... I kinda got caught." "By who?" "Rorke." "Why the heck won't he die? I shot him twice." Keegan held his hands out and I saw a big black mark on his arm. "What happened?" "He branded me and told me to come and get you." "What?" "Yeah." "Ugh, He irks me. I can't stand him." "Don't we all. Hey, I thought you were his daughter." "I know, I hate him." "Why does he hate you though?" "Because he got my mom pregnant and he only wanted him and my mom, not me. So he tried to kill me for 19 years." "Then who was that guy who blew up the bus?" "My brother. His name was Pablo. I couldn't say his name when I was little, so I called him Papa." "I thought he looked a little young." I laughed a little. "It is so surprising that you can laugh during this war. It's amazing." "Well I do have a strong sense of humor." "And a strong heart." He wrapped his arms around my waist as I wrapped my arms around his neck. He lightly kissed me and gradually got stronger. I pulled away because humans need air. I breathed heavaly and rested my forehead on his. "I love you so much baby doll." "I love you too Keeg." I noticed a tattoo on his chest. "What's that?" "Nothing. Don't worry about it baby doll." "I just want to know what it was." I looked like a tribal stamp. It kinda looked like 2 4 point stars attatched with a red 6 point star round it. "Okay, it's a gang symbol." "Gang symbol? What gang are you in?" "Devil's Walker." My eyes widended when he said that name. "The Devil's Walker? That's like the most dangerous gang in the world!" I took a step back. "Baby doll. Don't worry, their all dead." "Why and how?" "Uhh..." "Did you kill them all?" He nodded his head friskly. I took another step back away from him. "Baby doll, don't be afraid of me. It makes me feel like a monster." "Does it, Keegan? Does it really?" I knew his secret, that he was immortal. "What do you mean?" "I know your secret." "What is it then? Tell me." He pushed me up against the wall. "You're not an average everyday young adult man. You are a monster. You're a vampire." Then it was a dead end conversation. "You don't seem to normal yourself." He said. "Well what do you think I am?" "Half girl, half Phoenix." "How'd you know?" "I felt them when my hands rode up your t-shirt." "Felt what?" "Wings." He peeled my t-shirt off and saw my torso. I spread my wings out. My wings are black, flecked with grey and with a gold accent. "You're so beautiful." I didn't even make eye contact with him I was so pissed. "Look at me Xali. I'm sorry. I guess we're even now. I didn't tell you that I was in a gang and you never told me that you were Rorke's daughter." "Your's worse than mine! You were part of the Devil's Walker. You seemed so innocent when I met you." "So did you! You didn't talk to me 'till we were in Red Robin!" "You remember that?" "Of course I do baby doll." I folded my wings back up and Keegan gave my shirt back to me. I put it on and walked over to the couch and plopped on it. I grabbed the remote to the tv and flicked it on. "Breaking News. 19 year old Xalica Rocxen has killed her father Rorke Rocxen and the war is now over. The Federation has surrendered. Xalica and her friends and family are rewarded $100,000" "You ended the war!" Keegan grabbed me and hugged me. "Too bad we have to leave this place." "Wait it said we were all rewarded $100,000. We could buy this place." "Welcome home!" "I have something to ask you." "Yeah Keeg?" 'Is he doing what I think he's doing?' He got on one knee and held out a black box and opened it. "Will you marry me? I know it's been only a year, but I'm ready for my life to start." My eyes once again let the flood gates flow. "Yes!" 'Yep' He picked me up by my waist and spun me around. "I gotta tell-" I remembered Zak, is dead. *flashback* "Zak you and Xali are needed." "Okay." He was shooting target after target after target. Then his gun needed a new clip. He was reloading when he was shot in the head.When I saw who killed him. It was Rorke. I finally killed him and I ran Zak with Keegan and Hesh by my side, my eyes full to the brim. "Zak!" Keegan hugged me while I was nuzzling my face in the crook of his neck. "I-I can't be-belive he's g-gone" *flashback over* "-Hesh." I continued. "Wow your excitement just escalated. Zak?" "Yeah, he was my friend Best friend." "Well he's in a better place now." "Yeah I guess." "Come on let's go break the news to everybody." We walked to the camp and I found Hesh and Logan. "Hey guys." I said as I held my hands behind my back. "Hey Xali." "Anything new?" "Mmmm.... Does my future count?" "What do you mean?" Hesh and Logan were like my big brothers to me. I showed them my left hand. "What?" "No way! You're kidding!" "Nope, serious." "Serious, huh?" "Yep serious as a shark attack." Logan hugged me but Hesh just stood there. "Hesh, what's wrong? Why aren't you celebrating?" "Because, you're like my little sister. You're growing up. I'm gonna miss you." "Hesh, I'm staying at the base. I'm just gonna go to Russia and Seattle for a few days. It won't be long." "Okay." He gave me a long and meaningful hug. "Promise you won't ever leave me and shut me out?" "Promise." I give him a little peck on the cheek and left with Keegan.

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