2. At the base

  *few months later* "Sir we found a casualty on the road. He's injured." "Let me have a look at him." He was a guy in about his early-mid twenties, had black hair and a trashed snap back. He wears the same kind I do. "What's your name son?" "Zak sir." "Zak...?" "Zak Bagans sir." "Ah." He sat him next to me and asked me if I could see what happened. "Where does it hurt at?" "My thigh." I looked at and saw that he was shot. "Does it hurt when I press on it?" I lightly pressed on his thigh. "Ow, yeah. A lot." I turned around and saw Keegan tense up when I was looking for a kit. "What's wrong?" I pat his cheek. "The way he looks at you. He's drooling over you." Keegan asked me to be his girlfriend a while back. "Don't worry. He's just the victom of a bullet to the leg." I went back to his leg and fix it up. "There you should be good for a while. Come back here in about 2 1/2 hours to change kay?" "Yeah, thanks." "Wild Cat! You and Fire are needed out on the field." I gear up and grab ol' Sparky my Red Dot Sight. I saw my Papa holding c4 and stuck by a bus. "Tell my Xali I love her." And the bus blew up. "NO Papa!" I screamed. I ran after him but he wasn't there. My eyes just let the flood gates open and flow. My partner Hesh came up to me and pulled me into a hug. "I know how you feel." "No you don't! You don't know how it feels." "Yeah I kinda do. My dad was shot and my brother was taken both by Rorke. I'm all alone." "Sorry, i didn't know." "It's al-" *BOOM BOOM!!!!* I shot my head to where the sound was from. "Rorke!" Then Logan jumped down and held me at gun point. "Logan! Leave her alone!" "I'm sorry, Hesh." I hit the gun out of his had and caught it and pointed the gun at both of them. "Woah little girl. Watch it-" "Shut up or I'll shoot!" They both had their hands up. He grabbed Keegan and had him in a head lock. "Try shooting and you'll end up shooting your little boyfriend." I aimed right at Rorkes face and pulled the trigger. He screamed in pain and stumbled back. Keegan dropped to his knees and started coughing. "Keegan!" I dropped next to him. "He's hurt!" I grabbed Keegan and helped him up. "Are you okay?" "Yeah I'm fine, baby." He lightly touches his shoulder and hisses in pain. "Don't touch it." He pulled his hand back. "Where is he hurt?" "His shoulder." Hesh pulls his sleeve up to look at his wound. "He need stiches." "What?!" Keegsn looked at Hesh in horror. "I'm sorry Keeg. It's the way it is." *few hours later* Keegan had to keep his shirt off. He had a nice 6 pack. "So," He grabbed my waist and crashed his lips on mine. I slid my hands up his chest and around his neck. "I love you." Keegan said. I looked at him in a surprised look and gave him a smile. He never said that to me before. "I love you too." He wrapped me in his arms. Then Hesh burst through the door. "Don't touch her." "What do you mean?" "She's part of the Fed." "What? That is a vicious steriotype. Just because I'm Russian doesn't mean I'm a Fed." "You have 10 seconds to run and get out of here before we do it old school and hang you." My eyes widen and took off, sprinting. "Why do you think Xalica is a Fed after like 8 months?" "Because we saw her background licence and said 'Part of the Fed'." They took off after me. I saw Zak and jumped into his arms. "Xali, what's wrong?" "Their gonna kill me!" I said tears running down my face. "What?!" "Help me." I heard Sparky. Zak grabbed me and ran. I felt a sharp pain in my leg and I screeched. I saw Hesh hover over me and I could see down the barrel of the gun. "Hesh! Stop!" Logan tackled him and told me to run. I got up and started hopping since I couldn't run. Then Keegan picked me up and ran out of the base. He set me down and made sure nobody was around. Then I heard Rorke's deep voice. "Well, well, well. Looks like we have Romeo and Juliet. Love, so innocent yet deadly. Just like Xalica here." "What are you talking about Rorke? She's completely harmless." "Not the way you think." "What does he mean Xalica?" I hesitated then told him "Rorke's my dad. But I would never hurt you!" "You lied to me? I couldn't care less if you would hurt me." "Keegan please! He blackmailed me! I couldn't have told you even how much I wanted to." Rorke pulled me up and held me at gunpoint. "Now time to put your love to the test. You can either save your precious life and get out of here and have her killed or the other way around. Your choice." "Kill me." "No! Keegan!" I slipped out of Rorke's grip and told him to let Keegan escape. "I can kill both of you. If you want. Or you can both leave here safely by giving me Sparky." "Why do you want Sparky?" "It has special bullets it requires." "Like?" "Full on diamond." I had Sparky strapped to my back and handed it to Rorke. Then when he grabbed the barrel I shot him in the gut. "Let's get out of here." We ran to the helicopter and flew off. "Wait! What about Zak?" "Screw Zak. He tried taking my girl." "We can't just leave him there!" I looked at him with a concerned look on my face. "Mmmm...." "Keegan!" "Fine." he dropped the rope ladder so Zak could climb up. "Thank you." He climbed into the heli and thanked Keegan. "I love you Keeg." "I love you too baby" He pecked my lips. "Why did you save me?" "Xalica made me." "Oh, Thank you Xalica." "Yeah no prob." Keegan stopped infrot of an apocalypse base. "Why are we here Keeg?" "Because this is the only place where you can be safe." He made me get out with Zak. "Will you come back?" "Of course. I wouldn't leave my beautiful girlfriend by herself." I blushed when he said beautiful. He kissed me on the lips and got back into the helicopter. I walked in the base and saw a modern, fully stocked underground base. "Wow." "You can say that again. But dont, please." "Hello! I'm Dalia. Welcome to the Clockwork Base." "Hi. I'm Zak, and this is Xalica." "Hello." I studied the woman's face. Something about her made my skin crawl. "Follow me and I'll show you your rooms. Yes Xalica you and Keegan have the same room but we have an extra one just incase." "Okay." I went into my room that had clothes, my style and my size. My clothes were bloody and dirty. I needed new ones anyways. I grabbed a heather grey off the shoulder sweater, black and white american flag skinny jeans and black Nikes. I took a shower to wash off all the blood and dirt. Once I was done there was a whole bunch of makeup selections and hair bows. I grabbed a black bow and put it in a braid. I didn't wear much makeup so I just put on mascara.

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