My Captivator

My heart raced faster, almost beating out of my chest. He was getting closer by the second. I should have looked away. If I had he wouldn't be after me. I didn't know I would see that happen when I looked out the window. How was I suppose to know? I raced on, my feet and legs growing tired and sore, but I couldn't stop, not when my life was in danger.


50. Chapter 46

Chapter 46


Perry isn't to bad. After Zayn introduced her to us, we took her under our wing. And now, she's part of the group. I mean team. Right now everyone is gathered in the living room. Liam told us we have to talk. My parents join also, they are doing so much better then when these spies first came into our lives.

"Alright, listen up!" Liam's yells. We all look his way. "I have an announcement..." His voice trails off.

"And...?" Harry asks.

"And...Diana, will you please come here?" Diana stood up and walked over to Liam. He held her hands and bent down on one knee. I knew exactly what was coming. "Diana...I've known you for so long. Ever since I've met, I've loved you. I hope you feel the same. I can't tell you how much you mean to me, I can't imagine my life without you, Ana. Will you marry me?" Everything was silent. Everyone was directed to the center of the living room.

As a tear slid down Ana's cheek, she spoke. "Yes..." We all cheered and Liam stood up and kissed Diana passionately. He picked her up bridal style and spun her around while they kissed. We all congratulated them and then had dinner. We have a bigger table now. We had to get one, I mean, with this big family...

I sat in my room that night. Liam and Diana got their perfect life. Zayn and Perry are perfectly happy. But what about me? I mean yes, me and Harry love each other. But...he, we...I and him...we aren't least he hasn't asked me yet. It's not official. Why isn't it official?! I can't help but feel like he doesn't want it to be. I can't help it...


I hear a noise outside my window. I walk over to it and look out. "Harry?! What are you doing?!" I ask confused. Why didn't he just come to my bedroom door like any normal person? But if course, what normal person has the life of a spy?!

"Come to your backyard!" I whispered loudly.

"Why?!" I asked.

"It's important!!" He says back.

"I'm sleepy! And I don't really want to get out if the house right now!" My voice is sassy.

"Come to the backyard and that's a government order!" He says back. Ugh! I hate it when he does that! I'm still under government supervision, I don't know why. I mean my parents are, too. But why? I will never know.

"Fine!" I spat out.

"Hurry!" He yells.

"Don't tell me what to do!" I say back. He just roles his eyes and gives me the look. I step back from my window so I don't had to endure the look.

I walk out the back door. But I don't see him anywhere... "Harry!" I whisper loudly. "Where are you?! I better not have come out here for nothing!" I say.

Suddenly hands wrap around my waist and one of them moves to my eyes. "Shhhh..." Someone says. "Trust me. I have a surprise for you." It's Harry.

While covering my eyes, he leads me around my yard. I smell something...a-candle?

"Keep your eyes closed." He says. He releases me and steps away. I can hear his footsteps moving away. ""

I gawk at the sight. Candles in the shape of a heart and a little picnic set up right in the middle. "Harry why-how did you do this without me knowing?! This is amazing!" I say happily.

He walks over to me and kisses me. I still feel the sparks but I'm not as excited. I'm not his. And he isn't mine. Not officially anyways. "What's wrong?" He asks. His eyebrows furrowed.

"Nothing, this is great..." I say. Hoping I won't have to explain myself.

"Kai...I'm a spy, I can tell when you lie to me." He smirks.

"It's great Harry honest." I smile. He walks over to me and sets his hands on my hips.

"Is it the way I kissed you?" He asks with saddened eyes.

"What?! No of course not! I just.." I paused. How was I suppose to say this? "I just...we aren't...real.." He steps away from me.

"What?" He asks. "Not real? Are you okay?"

"Harry, I mean...we aren't together.. We aren' aren't my boyfriend...I mean I want you to- I mean if you-"

Suddenly his lips touch mine. I kiss him back and feel a little more happier this time. "Kai," he says getting down on one knee, "will you be my girlfriend?" I giggle.

"Harry...I'd be delighted to!" He stands up and pulls me into his arms.

"Hhhhh, I finally have someone for myself. My girl." He grins and kisses me on the head. He squeezes me tight. And I squeeze back.

"And I finally have someone, too...." I smile and pull away.

"Your boy?" He asks smirking.

"Nope." I say. He looks down. I tilt his head up to look me in the eyes. "Not my boy," I say, "My Captivator."


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