My Captivator

My heart raced faster, almost beating out of my chest. He was getting closer by the second. I should have looked away. If I had he wouldn't be after me. I didn't know I would see that happen when I looked out the window. How was I suppose to know? I raced on, my feet and legs growing tired and sore, but I couldn't stop, not when my life was in danger.


44. Chapter 40

Chapter 40


"Stay down low..." Harry whispered. We were all crouched down in the smoky hallway. Apparently when the sirens go off, smoke detectors spray smoke throughout the building to make it harder for the intruders to see where they are going. Unlucky for us, Niall knows this place like the back of his hand. "Shh...there's something up ahead." He stopped us. "You stay here, stay low and stay quiet." He went up ahead and scoped the perimeter.


The smoke burned my lungs and I had sweat running down my skin. I inched further and bumped into what felt like a body. I moved closer and my throat dropped. "Louis!" I whispered loudly. "No, no, no! How could he do this to you!" I lifted him up into my lap.

"Wha..what, who is that?" He asked in a weak voice, slowly waking up.

"It's me, Hazza. It's alright mate I'm gonna get you out of here." I picked him up in one arm and dragged him towards he others while I scouted.

"Louis!" Kai gasped. "Oh no! Harry he's bleeding, his head is-"

"I know! I know...look, I need your guy's help. We have to get out of this building. And I need you all to try and stay behind me. Mr. Spearings, I need you to help me carry Louis." He then came over and put one of Lou's arms over his shoulder. The other arm was around my shoulder. "Good, now let's move out."

We walked through out the smokey building, down flights of stairs and around musty corridors until I could see the red exit sign above two giant doors. "The exit!" I said. We traveled further and grew closer to the door. Once there Kai tried to open it for us.

"It's locked!" She spoke.

"What?! Hhh, okay hang on." I gave Louis completely over to Mr. Spearings and took a few steps back from the door. In my head I counted. 'One, two, three!' I ran and rammed myself into the door.

"Ahh!" I heard Kai yelp. I figured she was just worried I would hurt myself. I turned around and then froze.

"Niall...please mate, please. Just hand her over and know one gets hurt..." I tried to sound calm.

"What kind if idiot do you take me for?! We are spies! Lies are our everyday life! And I know for a fact if I give her up you'll just pull your gun on me!" Niall yelled, pointing a gun to Kai's throat.

"Kai! Please Niall! Please mate! Just let her go!" I pleaded. I can't lose her!

"I can't Hazz! Can't you see what she's doing to you?!" He paused. "She's just messing with your feelings! Diana did the same to Liam and then left him! Kai is just going to do the same! And she's already done it once! She going to kill you slowly and painfully by leaving you heart broken and shattered!"

"No I'm no-ahh...." Kai's voice went into a panic when Niall jerked her back.

"Niall! She wouldn't do that! Just like she had to learn to trust us, we have to learn to trust her! Please Niall! Just listen to me!" I demanded with a panicked heart.

"Never!" He yelled then I heard the gunshot.

"NOOO!!" I yelled falling to my knees. "No! No! Niall! She was my life! Don't you see?! I needed her to live! With out her I'm nothing!!" I sobbed with my head in my hands. I felt like I was going to throw up or pass out. My life, my love, was gone.


I told Diana to wait outside the locked up building. Luckily I knew a way to get in. I crawled through the secret tunnel and found myself inside a dark smokey corridor. I ran throught the busing and looked through every room. "Uhmph!" I grunted as I ran into someone.

"Hand sip where I can see 'em!" I heard a too familiar voice yell.

"Zayn?!" I half yelled.

"Li-Liam? Oh man Liam!" He said pulling me into a hug. "Man I thought I was on my own. Listen I'm not the bad guy-"

"I know. I know. Niall is. Look we have to find him. Before he gets what he wants!" I said.

"Not what, who!" Zayn corrected me.

"What?" I asked confused.

"He isn't after something, he's after someone! Liam...he's after Kai.." Zayn's words stunned me for a few seconds.

"Kai? No....we have to find her before he does!" With that said we moved on through the building to find Kai.

It's been a while now and still no sight of Kai. She and Louis were suppose to be here. Suddenly we heard a scream. We ran towards the lobby of the great building. We stoppe and peeped around the corner. There he was, with Kai in his grasp. Harry was trying his best not to lose it. And Kai's parents were terrified and too stunned to do anything. I inched closer to Niall. Thankfully there was enough noise that he couldn't hear me coming.

"No! No! Niall please!" I heard Harry yelling. He was crying, his voice breaking. But he still tried to keep strong.

I inched closer. Trying to avoid listening to Niall speak. I loaded my pistol, and my hands started to shake. I brought the gun up and pointed to Niall. No, I can't do this! He's my best friend! I can't kill him! It took me years to get over shooting Diana....I can't do this-no, I have to. I raised my gun again, with shaking hands.

"Niall! She wouldn't do that! Just like she had to learn to trust us, we have to learn to trust her! ease Niall! Just listen to me!" Harry yelled sobbing.

"Never!" Niall yelled, then I heard the gunshot. Kai fell to the ground as Niall dropped her. I looked at my hands and dropped the gun. But I wasn't the one who shot the bullet. I turned around and saw Zayn standing there crying, with the gun pointed in Niall's direction.

Both were on the ground...Niall and Kai. "NOOO!!" Harry yelled falling to his knees. "No! No! Niall! She was my life! Don't you see?! I needed her to live! With out her I'm nothing!!" He sobbed with his head in his hands. I felt like I was going to throw up or pass out. Two people I loved were...were...wait.

I watched as Niall shuffled. He rolled over to his side and moaned. There was a blood spot on his left shoulder. But not close enough to the heart to kill him. Hope rises within me. But then dropped again as my thoughts went to Kai. She still laid still. I slowly made my way over to her as Harry did the same. The bullet had gone through Niall and hit her beat the heart.


"Kai...Kai please babe." I cried. "Please don't leave me.." I lifted her up into my lap. Cradling her in my arms, and rocking back in forth. "Please." I whispered softly. Liam came over and felt her pulse.

"Harry...she-...she's...g-gone.." Liam's voice cracked.

"What? No! No! Please! Kai don't leave me! I need you! Please!" I pulled her into the curve of my neck. I whispered in her ear. "Kai..." I paused, trying to catch my voice in the back of my throat. "...this will always belong to you..." I then leaned down and kissed her passionately. Tears fell down my face when I didn't feel her kiss back. She was gone.

Soon the ambulance arrived and carried Kai, Louis, and Niall away. I had to ride with Liam and Zayn to the hospital. It was the longest ride of my life. Knowing that when I get off, I won't see her again. She gone. Actually gone.

Once at the hospital, I run out of the car and head to the front doors. I run inside to the check in desk. "Kai Spearings please!" I yell in desperation.

The lady checks for her name on the computer. "I'm sorry, but she can't have any visitors right now."

"No please! You don't understand! I love her!"

"I'm sorry sir, please have a seat and I'll-"

"NO! Let me see her now!" I yelled without any patients left. The lady jumped and ran to grab a phone.

"Security please-"

"No!" I heard a voice behind me. "No ma'am please, this is government business. Here's our badges." Liam and Zayn pulled out their badges and showed the lady.

"Oh, well...fine but don't tell them I let you in." She said sighing.

"Thank you!" I yelled.

"She's in room A77." She said in an annoyed voice.

I rushed off through the doors and ran through the hallways. Liam and Zayn followed then turned down a different hallway. They must be looking for Louis. I finally found room A74. Room A75, room A76, and I ran into room A77. But she wasn't there. I ran out the door and looked in different directions. Then I heard a faint cry. More like a sniffle. I followed it.

I came to the noise, Mr. and Mrs. Spearings were sitting on a bench outside an ER room crying. She laid her head on his shoulder, and his head was resting on hers. "Where is she?" I asked, my voice cracking. Mrs. Spearings looked up and ran over to me, giving me a hug. I hugged her back then pulled away. "Please...where is she?" I asked once more. She looked down then looked over to a window. She looked back at me as a tear slipped from her right eye. I slowly let her out of my grip and walked over to the window. I peered in and saw something that will forever be embedded in my head.

There she was. Lying on a bed, she looked so pail. The doctors were using the cardiac defibrillator. Everytime they brought those down to her chest her body shook and jolted. She looked so helpless and small. A tear slipped from my eye and slid down my soaked cheeks. I pressed my hands up to the window, and leaned my head on it as well. I turned around and tried holding in my temper. I tried harder, and harder but the anger inside of me raged! "AHHHH!" I yelled, throwin a chair down the hallway, startling the Mr. and Mrs. Spearings. I came back to the window and peered on again. Only this time, my head started spinning. I stumbled and tried to grab the door handle for balance but missed. I fell and all I remember is someone catching me before so hit the floor. Her heart monitor started up.

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