My Captivator

My heart raced faster, almost beating out of my chest. He was getting closer by the second. I should have looked away. If I had he wouldn't be after me. I didn't know I would see that happen when I looked out the window. How was I suppose to know? I raced on, my feet and legs growing tired and sore, but I couldn't stop, not when my life was in danger.


39. Chapter 35

Chapter 35


Here we are sitting at the dinner table. Catrina and Chad, Kai's parents, have finally calmed down a bit. We don't fully have their trust but at least there's no more yelling going on. Zayn has been extra quiet lately. I wonder what's wrong.

After dinner I walk up to Liam. "Hey, have you said anything to Zayn lately?"

Liam scrunched his eyebrows. "No, but I understand what you're getting to. He seems really, uptight?"

"Exactly. I wonder if it's because of-"

"Hey guys!" I heard my favorite voice behind me. I turn around to see my girl standing there.

"Oh, hey love." I say smiling.

"Is everything okay? You seem stressed." She said.

"Oh, nah! Everything's great. I'm here with you, aren't I?" I replied, making her blush.

"Haha, I guess so." She giggled. "So, I was wondering if you guys wanted to go on a double date with me and Diana?" She asked.

"Yeah, but what will the other guys do?" Liam asked.

"Well, Louis and Niall are staying here to watch some movies and Zayn, well, hmm. I haven't seen him since dinner ended." She looked around. "I'll go look for him." But I grabbed her wrist before she could leave.

"No, uhm listen. I don't want you to, uh, talk to Zayn for a while, alright?" She frowned when she heard me.

"Why not? It's not like he's gonna flirt with me or anything. He told me himself that you are the best fighter on the team. He wouldn't risk his face for me haha." She laughed.

"It's not that, it's just well," I paused thinking of something to say. "-he is being very suspicious lately. Almost as if he's hiding something and I don't want you getting evolved."

"Hiding something?" She asked. "Like, hiding something or is it spy stuff?"

"More like Spy stuff." I replied.

"Oh. Is he okay?" Her voice filled with worry.

"Uhm, I don't know...but, everything will be fine. Don't worry about it." I gave her a grin, but she sent a fake one in return. I need to talk with her alone. I took her hand in mine and looked her in the eyes. "Come with me."


I don't know where he is taking me, but I do know I'm nervous. He turns into my bedroom and shuts the door locking it. "Harry! What's going o-"

" quiet. Listen. I know you're worried but you have got to trust me. I know Zayn is your friend, he's mine too but he isn't acting right. Give him his space and stay away from him." He said.


"Kai." His voice was no longer sweet and calm, but stern. "You heard me. Don't think you're off the hook from obeying us. I know you are home, but you still have government orders." This scared me a bit. He never spoke like this to me, except for the night I crawled through the vents in our old house. His eyes were no longer green again, but instead they were again dark. "You will stay away from him, understood?" I starred into his cold dark eyes. "Kai..." His voice softened, he must have noticed me slightly shaking. "Please? I want you safe. I wouldn't ever forgive myself if I lost you. So please, stay away from Zayn."

"Okay." Was all I said, not breaking the eye contact.

"Okay. Now let's go see what the others are up to." He said faking a smile. Even though I knew Harry told me to stay away from Zayn, I had to get a better explanation.

*next day*

I looked around but never could find him. I feel awful for lying to Harry by I had to talk to Zayn. "Oops!" I say when I run into someone. Guess who? Not Louis, or Zayn. But Harry.

"Hey love." He grinned at me. "Where do you think you're goin?" He asked me, pulling me into his arms.

"Uhm, just going for a walk. You know, cause it's a nice day out." He pulled away.

"You're not thinking about seeing Zayn are you?" He asked.

"Uhm, what? No psh! I just want some fresh air is all." I said cheekily.

"Well, then I'll go with you."

"No! I mean, no I want to go alone, to think."


"I'll be okay Hazz. Trust me, you taught me self defense, remember?" I playfully punched him in the stomach.

"Ugh," he grunted. "Okay, but be safe and if anything happens-"

"I know, I know. Run."

"That's my girl, be safe and have fun."

"I will." I answer. Then walk off to the front door.

I walk around a corner and finally see Zayn. I thought I'd never find him. "Zayn!" I called out. He looked over to me.

"Kai?" He asked. "Uh, what are you doing here?"

"I was needing to talk to you....who's this?" I asked looking at a suspicious looking girl.

"Oh, uhm...this is Perry. She uh, she's my-"

"I'm his girlfriend." She smiled.

"What?!" I asked with a wide smile.

"Kai! Don't tell the guys!" Zayn yelled. Why doesn't he want me to tell them?

"Why not? This is great! And she's so pretty!" This was adorable.

"Because! Don't tell them! That's an order!" What?

"What!! Why? She's just your-"

"Go home." Zayn said.

"Excuse me?" I said shocked.

"You heard me. And you will listen."

"You can't tell me-"

"Tell that to the government." He spoke rudely.

"What's your deal?" I asked him. "You aren't being yourself."

"Mind your own business!" He spat.

"Just wait until Liam hears-" I was interrupted by him grabbing me and pulling me close.

"Kai listen," he whispered.

"They think you're planning against them or something Zayn!" I told him. His eyes shot wide open and I pulled away.

"What?" He asked. Stepping closer to me. I took a step back.

"Uhm, they uh," I paused and looked at my wrist watch. "Oh, I was suppose to be home two hours ago. I'll just let you two have fun." I turned around to leave.

"Kai." Zayn said but I kept walking. "Kai! Stop!" He yelled. I started running this time. I heard him running after me. I could hear him getting closer as I reached my street. I ran harder until I reached my front door. I flung it open real quick and ran into my room where I ran into Harry.

"Whoa! Whoa! Slow down there love. Why Are you in such a hurry?" I don't answer him. I just threw myself into his warm embrace. "Kai, what's wrong?" His voice grew serious.

"I-I talked with Him." I said.

"With who- Zayn..." His grip tightened around me. "You saw him?! You know exactly what I told you!" He was getting angrier by the second.

"I'm sorry..." I spoke softly.

"Sorry? Kai you could have been hurt! Why don't you just listen?!"

"I wanted to know, so badly, if. he really has been acting w-"

"Weird?! Well, yes! He has! Why can't you- hhhh, look, we'll talk about this later...for now, let's go tell the others."

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