My Captivator

My heart raced faster, almost beating out of my chest. He was getting closer by the second. I should have looked away. If I had he wouldn't be after me. I didn't know I would see that happen when I looked out the window. How was I suppose to know? I raced on, my feet and legs growing tired and sore, but I couldn't stop, not when my life was in danger.


37. Chapter 33

Chapter 33


"But you can't go! You just got here!" I sighed. She had only been here for two days.

"I know. But my parents wouldn't be happy if they knew I was here without telling them." She looked down. "They'd be worried." She added.

"Well, they don't need to be, I mean I'm a spy! I'm protective and sweet, sneaky yet in a good way. Don't forget I saved your life. And let you go back home to- Kai...what's wrong love?" I asked when it noticed a tear slip down from her eye.

She sniffed. "Harry, what if they don't like you?" Her voice shook and her bottom lip quivered. I sat down on my bed, next to her, and wrapped my arm around her. She wrapped her arms around my torso.

"Well, then..they just, don't like me. You can't change their minds Kai. And besides you don't even know if they will or not. You can't worry about what could be if you don't know for sure." I felt one of her tears land on my pant legs. I leaned away from her and tilted her head up until we made eye contact. "Hey, I want to meet them." Her eyes glistened.

"What?" She asked as her eyes widened.

"I want to meet your parents. I feel like I need to. After all, I am in love with their beautiful daughter." I winked at her and she blushed.

"That makes me nervous." She said in a hushed voice. "That's really risky Harry. Do you know what my dad will do to you when he sees you?" I shook my head, but secretly I knew he'd be furious. Especially since I kidnapped his daughter.

"But I don't care, we have to tell them. It's wrong to keep us a secret behind their backs. And I feel like I owe them an apology, for taking you."

"Are you crazy?!" She scrunched her nose. "If they find out I'm dating...if they even find the slightest clue of us...they would, ohhhh they would-" I interrupted her with a kiss, which she took.

When we pulled apart she grinned. "You know I hate it when you do that to shut me up."

"Ha, yeah but I bet you secretly love it." I smirked.

"What?! No!" She playfully hit my shoulder. "I don't even like your kisses." She said, closing her eyes and tilting her head up.

"What?!" I say dramatically, putting my hand on my chest. "And to think I was going to give you a surprise.." She shot open her eyes and looked at me. "...but of course, if my kisses aren't good then I guess I can't take you there."

"Where?" She asked curiously.

"Oh just some place, it doesn't really matter." I said trying to sound like it wasn't a big deal. Which was getting to her.

"Wait, I was joking! I do love your kisses!" She spat out.

"But you just said-"

"I was lying! I mean joking! I mean it Harry, I do love your kisses! Now where was it you were going to take me?!" Her face was filled with curiosity to know where I was going to take her.

"Prove to me that you love my kisses and I might just tell you." I smirked. She rolled her eyes.

"But, how?"

"Kiss me."

"But, girls aren't suppose to kiss the guy's the other way around..."

"Well, then I guess you'll never know...." I said, lying down on my bed.

"No! Come on please? Please tell me?" Her voice was so soft and cute. It was so hard not to fall for it.

"Nope not until you prove it." I closed my eyes.

"Harry! Ple-"

"Nope!" I said popping the 'P'.

"Ugh!! You're so stubborn!" She yelled.

"Well, I am a spy so..." I then felt her warm lips press against mine, but I wanted to make this interesting, so I turned around.

"HEY!" She yelled. "Why'd you do that?!" But I didn't answer her. She walked around to the other side of my bed to face me. She pressed her lips to mine again, but I turned away again. "Uh! WELL FINE!" She yelled. I grinned knowing it was getting to her. But my smile faded when I heard her making her way to the door. I shot off my bed and grabbed her wrist before she could open the door. I pulled her close and smashed my lips against hers. The kiss was long and full of passion. She brought her hands up and started playing with my curls on my head as I cupped my hands to her face. A few seconds longer and we pulled apart. Both out of breath.

"'s that for a kiss?" I huffed.

"Not bad." She smirked then turned and walked out the door.

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