My Captivator

My heart raced faster, almost beating out of my chest. He was getting closer by the second. I should have looked away. If I had he wouldn't be after me. I didn't know I would see that happen when I looked out the window. How was I suppose to know? I raced on, my feet and legs growing tired and sore, but I couldn't stop, not when my life was in danger.


33. Chapter 29

Chapter 29


"D-Diana?" I must be hallucinating, that can't be her it's impossible.

"Hi Liam." Her voice was so soft. And I saw a flicker of hope in her eyes.

"How-but I....this isn't real.. I can't be real..." My thoughts are moving 100 mph.

"It is, Li. I know it's a lot to take in! But I tried to tell you! You just wouldn't listen!" Louis yelled. I felt my face turn white. My breathing slowed and the last thing I remember is Diana catching me before I hit the ground. Suddenly everything went black.

I woke up in my bed. My head was pounding, it must have been from that awful nightmare. "Hey Li how are you feeling?" I heard a very familiar voice. I turned my head.

In a hushed voice I spoke. "Kai..."

"Hi Liam. Are you alright? You would have taken a pretty good fall if Diana hadn't of been there." No...she didn't just say that name, did she? Diana's dead. I should know, it's my fault.

"Who?" I asked thinking maybe I heard her wrong.

"Diana..." Louis repeated Kai.

Just then Zayn ran in the room. "Hey! I heard him speaking, is he alright?!" He was out if breath.

"Yes I'm fine. Now, could someone please explain something to me?!" I raised my voice. They all looked at eachother as to say 'you tell him'. Finally someone spoke up.

"Uhm, Liam. The day you 'shot' Diana...she uh...faked the death. She has been alive all this time." Zayn said.

"What? That's not possible, I never miss a shot..." This was unbelievable.

"Well, we think maybe you were to much against the idea of killing her that you, just, missed." Louis said. He brought his shoulders up when he said 'missed'.

"Where is she?! Why didn't she come to me after everything calmed down?! Why didn't she ever come to see me?!?!" So many questions were running through my head.

"She was scared Liam! If someone tried to shoot you would you go back to them?" Kai said. "She's in my room. Trying to figure out what to say to you. She's terrified Liam, you have to be there for her."

Kai was right. No matter how scared I am I have to be brave for Ana. feels good thinking that name again. I stand up and walk over to my door. "She's in your room you say?" I asked looking to Kai.

"Yeah. In my bathroom. And Li....she may be crying." Kai's eyes were filled with sympathy.

"Hhhhh, it's okay. We'll work this out together." After that I left and walked into Kai's old room.


As soon as Liam left the room I went and sat on his bed. "Hhhh." I sighed. "Uhm, where's Harry?" I ask.

"He went out with Niall. Kai...he's hysterical. I've never seen him cry before, but when you left....he cried a river." Lou's words hurt. But there's no way that's what happened. I came here for Diana...and that's going to stay the reason.

"Louis, you don't have to Lie. It's okay, everything's fine. Just dandy and great!" I lied.

"Kai, we lived in the same house for four months. I know for a fact that you're not okay." Zayn said.

"Zayn's exactly right! You don't have to put on an act for us! You're like a sister Kai, family. And family sticks together." My nerves must have hit a breaking point or something because my eyes started to water and a tear slipped down my face. "Uh...oh dear...please don't cry! It's alright Kai! Everything's fine!...hhh, come here.." Louis pulled me into a hug and Zayn wrapped his arms around me too. I love these guys but..Harry wouldn't want me to stay.

"You guys are the best.." I said quietly.

"Haha, nah...well..yeah I guess we are." I felt Louis elbow Zayn after he said that. I couldn't help but laugh.


I stood outside Kai's room. My head hurt and I felt sick. I walk into the room and hear a faint cry and sniffle. 'Man she's crying' I thought to myself. I walk over to the bathroom door, which was closed, and knocked. Suddenly the sniffling goes away and everything is silent. I knock once more. Another moment of silence until I hear her faint voice. "Who-who is it?" Ugh she was trying to be so strong.

"Uhm, it's Liam. Will you please open the door?" My heart pounded as I heard shuffling and then the door knob turn. Pretty soon the door was opened and there stood a teary eyes beautiful girl, my girl.

She just stood there silent. I looked her in the eyes and then reached out for her, but she backed away slightly. I took a step closer to her. We never dropped eye contact. Suddenly I had an adrenaline rush and I quickly pulled her into my arms. She quickly did the same and wrapped her tiny arms around me. Tears began to flow down my face and I could feel my shirt start to feel damp because she was crying as well. I squeezed her tight and gently rubbed circles on her back. "It's okay." I whispered. "I'm so so sorry..." She only squeezed me tighter.

"Diana, my sweet Diana, is there any possible way you can forg-"

"Of course!" She cried. "I love you Li Li."

Those words...I've waited years to hear her say what I thought I'd never hear her say again. "And I love you to the moon and back." I replied after kissing the top of her head. She was mine, and I'll never let her go again. Never.

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