My Captivator

My heart raced faster, almost beating out of my chest. He was getting closer by the second. I should have looked away. If I had he wouldn't be after me. I didn't know I would see that happen when I looked out the window. How was I suppose to know? I raced on, my feet and legs growing tired and sore, but I couldn't stop, not when my life was in danger.


13. Chapter 13

Chapter 13

"Hmmm, what to wear for my date.." I said grinning at the fact I had a date. Then I froze. Date...last time I went on a date....I witnessed something that would change my life. What if..NO! I can't think like that! Harry's with me, he'll keep me safe.

I walked to my closet and looked through my clothes. Man these boys had a good taste in clothes. I pulled out a black spaghetti strapped dress. It was about mid-thigh length. I laid it on my bed and picked out a pair of black flats to go with it. I walked into the bathroom and took a quick shower, I was so nasty and sweaty from training today. After my shower I walked back into my room and started changing. I put on a tank top and some spandex. After getting the dress on I started curling my hair. When it was curled I pulled it up into a loose bun, leaving a few strands to the side of my face. I put the shoes on and walked over to my mirror. I spun in a circle as the dress flew around and around. For once, I was pleased with the way I looked. I then heard a knock at my door.


After taking a shower and getting dressed I walked into the hallway to Kai's door. I thought about how Liam didn't like the idea of me taking her out on a date. He thought it wouldn't be safe. I mean, with her not having to take the test now...Liam made a deal with the government, Kai wouldn't have to take 'The Test' as long as she obeyed our every command. And so long as she doesn't try running away again.

I finally gained the courage and knocked on her door. I heard shuffling then the door opened. My insides twisted as I saw her. She looked beautiful. Her hair was beautiful. Her clothes her face her body...she was so beautiful. "Take a picture it'll last longer." She grinned. I felt my cheeks heat up.

"Kai, you look beautiful." I said smirking with wide eyes. She smiled and looked to the ground then back up at me.

"Thank you." She said sweetly.

"Uhm, are you ready to go?"

"Yes." She said happily. I took her hand and led her to Liam's room.

"Hey Li we're leaving. I have my phone with me."

"Alright mate. Be on guard okay. And be careful. Watch out for her." He grinned and we were off.

"Wow! Harry this place is beautiful..." Kai trailed off.

"I know that's why I chose this place." I smiled. Out waitress came to our table and we ordered our food and drinks. When she returned with our food we dug in!

"Oh my goodness?! How can you afford this Harr...wait nevermind...government work, you must get paid a lot." Haha she was smarter than she appeared.

"Yeah, that's why we have so many places to stay." I paused for a minute. "Hey Kai, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, of course." She smiled.

"You trust me right? I don't scare I?" I couldn't read her face. She sort of just sat there quiet for a moment.

"Harry, I trust you. I trust you with my life. I know what you do for a living and I know you have to be merciless if you want to survive. But, you were merciful to me. Instead of hurting me you let me live. So, no I'm not scared of you...even if you are my captivator." I smiled. She did trust me, I saw it in her eyes. She was telling the truth.

Pretty soon the waitress came back and took our empty plates. When she left something caught my eye... A man across the room was starring at me. I looked closer and realized who it was. The man who kidnapped Diana. "Kai we need to go." I quickly stood up and grabbed Kai's hand.

"Why? What about-"

"Please, I'll explain later." She obeyed and followed me out of the restaurant. I took a quick glance through the restaurant window and tried to find the man. But he was gone. We got to the car and got in. I locked the doors and quickly put the car in reverse. I zoomed out of my parking space only to run into another car making Kai scream. I looked at he driver and my heart raced. He was after us! I sped up and shot out of the parking lot and onto the freeway. "Buckle up Kai!" I yelled.

"Harry what's going on?! Who is that guy?"

"Don't ask questions! Just stay down! And don't take off the seat belt!" I look at my mirrors and saw him driving after us! I zoomed into an ally and broke through a fence at the end! I kept driving and pulled out my phone. I gave it to Kai. "CALL LIAM!!" I yelled. She jumped and scurried to call him.

"Liam!" She yelled. "No! We are being chased!....I don't know!....Here he is!" She then gave the phone to me.


"HARRY WHATS GOING ON?!" He yelled. Sounding worried.

"The guy that kidnapped Diana is after us! I noticed him at the restaurant and he closed in! I ran Kai out to the car and we took off!"

"How much gas is in your car?!" Liam asked.

"About 3/4 of a tank!" I replied.

"Alright...keep driving! Me and the boys are on our way! Try to meet us at The old cottage!"

"Roger that! On our way!" I then hung up and gave the phone to Kai. "Kai turn the GPS on and find 1352 Slick Snail rd!" She looked through it and finally found it.

"Okay take a left!" She yelled. I took a sharp left almost tipping the car! I drove in further and she told me to take a right. We drove forever still being chased by the man. We drove until we came to a toll bridge that was lifted up. "Oh no! Harry! What now?! He's gonna kill us!"

"KAI!! STOP! What have I been teaching these past few days?! Self defense! If we are caught you will be okay! Just calm down! You'll never win a fight if you're panicking!" Just then I came up with an idea. I backed up the car and looked at Kai. Her eyes grew wide.

"Harry? Please tell me we aren't gonna-"

"Ohhhh yeahhhh..." I geared the car into drive and stepped on it. We blasted forward and towards the bridge.

"Harry!!!!" Kai screamed.

"HAAANG OOOON TIIIGHT!!!" We shot up the bridge and off the edge! We flew through the air and towards the other side of the bridge. Kai threw her hands to her eyes and turned her head. All of a sudden we hit the other side and the car crashes down on the concreted bridge. I stomp on the brakes and we glide in a circle. The tires squealing on the pavement. Then everything stopped. I looked up at Kai and she still had her hands in her face. "Kai..." She pulled her hands away and looked at me with fear in her eyes. "It's alright, we made it.." I sighed with relief and pulled her into my arms. She breathed heavily into my chest and I squeezed her tight. "It's alright love. We're gonna be okay." I heard a crash and pulled away. I looked to the area of where the sound came from and floored the car and drove off as fast as it would let us go. He was still after us! We drove faster and faster down the road and Kai told me to turn left. I did and came upon a gravel road. We kept speeding through the gravel until we came to an abrupt stop. The cabin was now in front of us! We quickly got out of the car and shot into the house! "Run to the basement!" I yelled. Kai hesitated and I didn't have time for that so I grabbed her arm and ran for the basement. We locked the door behind us and sprinted down the stairs. I flicked on the lights and Kai froze. Fear inclosed her and I could feel her start to shake. "It's alright Kai I'm right hear. Please try not to look at them okay?" In the basements of all our homes we keep all our equipment, which consists of switch blades, guns, body bags and more. Kai didn't take it too well. I know she saw the other basement but now she was stuck and had to stay in here.

"Harry..." She said. I walked over to her and pulled her into my arms.

"It's gonna be okay love. The boys will be here soon alright?"

"What if the man gets in here before the boys-"

"He won't. He can't! We are spies Kai, our homes are safer than the protection programs. And you, you are more protected than our homes. I'm not going to let anything happen to you Kai alright? I swear on my life. I will protect you." Just then the ceiling ramp came down. I jumped in front of Kai ready for anything, but before I could shoot the boys ran down. Before anyone else could get in they shut the ramp.

"Guys." I said.

"Harry." Louis said mimicking my tone. What a nut!

"So who is this guy? Have you found anything out about him?" Liam asked.

"No but he has powerful cars. There cars almost matched ours at speed. And ours are government cars." I replied. We then heard the front door break in.

"We don't have much time!" Zayn yelled. "Quick get the weapons and get in your stations!" We all dispersed and I took Kai with me.

"Harry I'm scared." She said in the most innocent voice. I kept walking and ran into a dark gap between the wall and a large wooden wardrobe. I pushed Kai into the corner and I stood in front of her. I then felt these little arms wrap around my waist. I turned around and wrapped her into my arms.

"It's alright love. You're safe with us. Just stay back relax and enjoy the show." I slightly chuckled. She looked up at me and a tear escaped her eye. I wiped it away and pulled her close. I leaned down and our lips touched. As we pulled apart I whispered, "Feel better now?" She grinned and nodded. "Alright, now stay low and stay quiet." I turned around when I heard a noise and backed up into the corner. Trapping her between me and the wall. I stood there waiting, quietly and patiently, for the enemy.

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