My Captivator

On her way home from a date with a friend, Kairyn (K-EYE-RIN) Locksley finds herself captured in the arms of the dangerously handsome Merrick Stone, a secret agent that will risk everything to save the woman he has grown to love, even if it means killing her own father. Will love triumph trial while forgiveness steps in and heals wounded hearts, or will hearts become triumphed by hatred and greed?


2. Chapter 1


“Wow . . .” Caleb smiled. “That was an awesome movie! It’s crazy how real they can make the graphics and the aliens look. And when the ship was destroyed by the-”

“Yeah it was pretty cool.” I sputtered. Sarcasm traced my voice but thankfully Caleb didn’t catch it. He was a nice guy and all, but he was casted as a nerd, a serious, stereotypical nerd. High socks, nice shoes, glasses, button up, high voice, the whole shebang. His demeanor didn’t fit him, though. Yes, he was a nerd, but he was also tall and muscular. If he hadn’t been so . . . Caleb . . . I might have thought about dating him. It sounds so mean for me to put it like that but it was true.

“Cool? Nah, it was way better than just cool! It was unreachable by any other effects of all kinds! The graphics and all unified the whole movie into-”

“Caleb.” I interrupted him. He stopped and glanced over at me from the driver’s seat.

“I’m doing it again aren’t I?” He was referring to his nerdy quirks.

I gave him a sympathetic smile. His blonde hair was just out of reach of his green eyes.

“Awe, I’m sorry Kairyn. It kind of just comes out sometimes.” His shoulders fell, meaning I had hurt his feelings. “So, did you have an awful time tonight?” He didn’t make eye-contact with me.

“Caleb, I had a great time tonight. I just . . . am not into sci-fi. I enjoyed the night though!” I tried to cheer him up. His shoulders lifted and I swear I saw a ghost of a smile play on the edge of his lips.

“Next time you can pick the movie.” His voice sounded lower.

I breathed out and closed my eyes. “Yeah, next time.”

We continued down the road as the car became silent. It wasn’t awkward, just quiet. I turned to look out the window and smiled at the star filled sky. I never knew, or understood why but the stars had always calmed me. They caused me to relax, even if I was stressed to the max. I lived out in the middle of nowhere so stars, grass, trees, and dirt were my very existence.

We came up to the stop light near my road and waited. There was no one else around. Few people drove around at 12:30 a.m. in the small town I lived in. Nixa, Missouri was not large but it continued to grow every year. It was a quirky little town with more things to do than my family or I needed.

The stop light continued to shine red and I was starting to get antsy. There were no other cars so why was it taking so long for the light to turn green?

“Good gravy, how long must this light be red?” Caleb huffed under his breath. His high voice was almost annoying to listen to.

I looked out my window to stare back up at the stars and that’s when movement caught my eye. Two men stood between two buildings. One of them had blonde hair that waved down to the end of his ear. He had on what seemed to be all black and he held something in his hand. What really caught my eye was that his movements seemed almost aggressive. It was then I realized what was happening. He was threatening the other man. And the object in his hand was none other than a gun. My heart pounded. I opened my mouth to speak but only silence came out. I didn’t know what else to do, so I grabbed my phone and turned on the camera. I took a picture for proof and evidence and before I even realized what had happened, the flash went off. Suddenly everything flew into slow motion. The man turned to look at me and his face became furious. He turned around, and I heard a loud thunderous bang. Then, his next mission was me.

“Caleb Drive!” I screamed, making Caleb jump.

“Kairyn the light is red! I know we’ve been sitting here a while but-” I didn’t let him finish. I moved my hand over and pushed down on his leg, causing him to step hard on the accelerator. “Kairyn what are you doing?” He yelled. “Are you crazy? We could have just been killed!” His voice was lower than usual.

“There’s someone after us!” I yelled. Caleb turned to see the man running after us and his face grew serious. If I hadn’t known him I would have been afraid.


“Hang on and make sure you’re buckled in.” His voice changed. It went from high and squeaky, to ghostly low. Lower than I’d ever heard him speak. He drove faster and I grabbed tightly to the side of the car.

“Your voice . . .” I narrowed my eyes at him. He ignored my observation, as I continued to stare.

Caleb watched in his rear view mirror as we continued driving. His hands grasped the steering wheel so tight that his knuckles were white. The murderer was running after us, and he was gaining speed. “He’s fast.” Caleb spoke. I was still stunned by his sudden deep voice. “But we are faster!” He floored it and the car jumped up to seventy miles per hour instead of forty-five. My head was filled with thoughts of the night I was researching and logged onto the ‘UOC’ blog. I told myself that wasn’t why this was happening; that this was just a coincidence, but I knew better.

Suddenly we felt the car hit a bump. We started swaying back and forth. We felt the car jar once more and then it started wobbling. The guy after us was shooting the tires. We felt another jolt and I shook in dread as I thought of the future possibilities. I began praying. If this was the end, I wanted to be ready. Fear engulfed me as he lost control of the car and we spun off the road. I felt as if I was being spun in circles in a carnival ride. My insides churned and I felt my stomach tightened as I let out a scream.

Finally, everything sat still. I coughed as smoke invaded my lungs. Glancing over, I noticed Caleb slightly moving. He was breathing but his eyes were closed. I tried to speak but nothing came out. My throat was dry and I had the urge to throw up. When I finally did, it seemed to splatter upward, spitting across my forehead. That’s when I realized we were upside down. I reached for my seat belt and for the ceiling and braced myself for the fall. I unbuckled myself and hit hard against the roof of the car. A small whimper escaped my throat. “Caleb.” I squeaked. He slightly budged and I was relieved to see his eyes flutter open. “Oh, thank you Lord.” I breathed out a breath I didn’t know I had been holding.

“Kairyn,” Caleb whispered in a deep voice, “I need help.” I slowly reached over and held him up with as much strength as possible as he unbuckled himself. He fell to the roof with a thud and I winced. “My foot is stuck.”

“I’ll call 911.” I assured him.

“No!” He yelled, threw gritted teeth.


“What? Why? This is dangerous Caleb, nothing we want to mess around with, trust me!” He had no idea who we were dealing with; I had no idea either.

“We can’t call the police, Kairyn. We can’t.” His eyes held a secret I couldn’t figure out. “Trust me.” I shivered at his low command. He wasn’t nerdy Caleb anymore. Something was different.

“Fine, I’m going to crawl out and then crawl over to the other side of the car to help you out.” I explained to him. He nodded.

My muscles ached as I crawled out the shattered window of the upside down vehicle. Once I felt the grass, I did my best to stand and I noticed that nothing felt broken. I hoped that was the case and that I wasn't just moving off of adrenaline. Walking carefully, I made my way over to Caleb’s side of the car. Crouching down I spoke, “Okay Caleb, I need you to start pushing with your legs. I’m going to pull you from under your shoulders. Alright?”

“Got it.” He heaved out.

“On the count of three. Ready?” He nodded. “One . . . Two . . . Three.” We then gave it our best and I felt him starting to ascend from the tattered vehicle. “Good, almost there. One . . . Two . . . Three.” We pulled and pushed once more and I felt the weight of him leave the car. I sat back and breathed hard. My thoughts caused my memory to jog and I quickly jumped to my feet. I helped Caleb up and we started on our way.

“Kairyn, set me down, go on without me.” He spoke seconds later. I ignored him and kept on going. “Kairyn.” He repeated. “Please, I’m only slowing us down. Put me down that way you can get away. If he only gets one of us, then the other can get help. We can’t let him get both of us Kairyn.” My heart broke. I couldn’t leave him. Why did I need to? “Kairyn,” he repeated.

“No Caleb. I’m not leaving you alone on the ground with a criminal!”

“Fine,” He turned our direction to a tree with limbs close to the bottom. “Help me up there then,” he pointed to a tree, “and you go on.”

“Caleb I . . .”

“Now!” He half yelled. I turned to look behind us then did as he said. I lifted him up as much as I could to help him into the tree. Using his right hand, he pulled himself up and kept going. He was about ten feet in the air when I heard a twig snap. “Kairyn, run home,” Caleb whispered. I barely heard him but I trusted his eyes in the sky.

“Be safe!” I whispered out to him, making sure only his ears could hear me.

I then ran as fast as my legs would go. I heard heavy footsteps behind me and that only caused me to run faster. My heart continued to pound and I was no longer worried about the cuts and scrapes from the trees. Each slice reminded me that I was still alive.

As I continued to run I heard his footsteps growing closer. He was almost as fast as Caleb’s car. He had to have been faster than me. Gunfire interrupted my thoughts. I turned fast to see how close he was behind me and when I did, my foot hit a stump and I fell hard to the dirt and rock infested ground. I immediately tucked my legs to my body and covered my head and face with my arms. I felt as though I would pass out from all the fear bottled up inside of me.

The grass shuffled next to me and I heard deep breathing from above. I waited for what seemed like hours for a blow or a gunshot to be fired . . . but nothing happened. I took a deep breath and peeked through a space between my arms. A dark figure shadowed over me. I wanted to scream but something inside of me told me that wasn’t a good idea. Instead I slowly took my arms away from my face and sat up. All I could do was stare at him. The young man in front of me was handsome. Chiseled chin, tall, stout yet thin, and built.

Movement brought me out of my thoughts as he started to squat next to me. I wanted to run, to hide, but I didn’t dare move a muscle as he studied me face. He tilted his head a bit as my eyes roamed to the gun on the inside of his dark leather jacket. “You’re quite the runner.” He finally spoke. His voice was low and raspy, almost like he just woke up. I remained quiet. Afraid that anything I said would be used against me. He glanced at my forehead then reached out to touch it. I flinched but did my best to stay still. He rubbed a spot above my right eye and I let out a small whimper. I must have busted my head open when the car rolled. “You’re also quite the escapee.” His eyes brightened and I swear I saw a hint of a smile on his lips. I was confused. He wasn’t being mean or violent in any way. “Can you walk?” I didn’t answer. “Look, I know you’re scared but I’m not going to hurt you. Can you walk?” He asked again. This time I gave a soft shrug then nodded my head. He stood up then held out his hand for me to grab. I rejected it and stood on my own. “Alright then,” he took a deep breath then glanced around, “I guess we should go.” My stomach churned at his words. He said ‘we’ as in ‘us’.

“We?” I asked. He looked down then back up at me. He was at least a foot taller than me.

“Yes, we,” he paused, and I felt fear swell up inside of me. “You have to come with me.”

The words were almost a whisper but I heard them. I regretted hearing them. I could try to run but what's the use? He would only catch up to me and make matters worse. “Where?” I questioned, not wanting to hear an answer.

“Some place safe.” He held out his hand and I took a step back. “Kairyn, please don’t make this harder than it already is.”

I froze. Every ounce of blood in my body was ice and I felt my adrenaline kick in as chills brushed down my spine. I had never met this man before, so how did he know my name?

He reached out again and I glanced to my right. “I wouldn’t try to run. Just give me your hand and we can get going.”

I started to reach for his hand, but paused. I have never been a quitter nor will I ever be. I decided then that this would be a fight and it would be a hard one at that. I turned fast and sprinted for an opening in the trees. I knew those trees. I was close to home. I ran hard and ran fast. My life depended on how fast I could go. I heard him running behind me and I knew he was gaining on me. I ran harder and a single tear escaped my left eye.

I felt a hand grasp my wrist and I was flung to a halt. I fought and fought to get free of his grip but no matter how hard I pulled his hold only tightened. “Whoa there, whoa!” He yelled as if I were a scared horse. “Calm down!”

“You’re going to kidnap me!” I yelled as I hit him and kicked him. He was like a steal wall, never breaking down. “Please just let me go! I won’t tell anyone what I saw! You have my word!”

“It doesn’t matter what you saw. What matters is that you’re . . .”

“Please? Please! I’ll pay ransom, I’ll do anything, just please let me go!” I cried. Tears streamed down my flushed cheeks only to be dried by the cool, chilling wind.

“I’m sorry.” The look on his face was torn between pure disgust, and determination. He reached into his back pocket. “You’ll learn to trust me.” He spoke then lifted his hand to my nose and mouth covering them with a cloth. I remembered seeing this before on T.V. He was using a chemical to make me pass out. I held my breath and tried not to breath but the pressure in my lungs was too much. I took one breath and that’s all I needed. My muscles relaxed and my vision spurred as I slowly began to fall into the arms of my captivator.



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